Vendor, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Dov Charney is American Apparel not only nobody else can understand this company nobody else can possibly run such a company to dedicate his or her life to it 24/7.

It needs a HERO, a visionary HERO who went against all odds and won.

DOV CHARNEY did it, and he deserves the highest civilian medal for bravery not criticism

Dov Charney does not just think about making money he could have made the same or even more if he manufactured in the Far East, but he did not, he created 10,000 jobs, health insurance and benefits for his employees, he gave youngsters, new graduates looking for jobs an opportunity to start a carrier.

Every ex AA employee found new job in no time, all this is because of Dov and nobody else.

Dov is a human being, who has feelings, not a heartless opportunist executive who has no idea what is going on in this company, who does not care about the employees, just trying to make big money on account of others.

As the saying goes
If You Can Not Do It CRITICIZE it
Which is exactly what they are doing, criticizing Dov.

Without Dov there is no Vibe in the company, it is no longer American Apparel, it is just another company.

We want Dov back to run the company not to be sold to a heartless corporation where people and employees are just numbers and nothing else.

Dov Charney, You are a legend, you have everybody’s support and we want you back, regardless.