Maks Akter, Traveling Merchandiser, Los Angeles Dec 18 2014

I am a first generation Bengali-American woman, and a Traveling Merchandiser for American Apparel. I started over four years ago and have been a fan of the company since the beginning.

Ever since Dov Charney has been ousted as CEO, there have been many changes at the headquarters which cause issues to arise in production, allocations, and maintaining an organized creative direction for the company which have negatively affected us at the retail level.

Dov Charney founded an empire built around passion, innovation, creativity, sustainability, and a new vision for ethical practices in the clothing industry. He transformed American Apparel into a creative institution that nurtures, teaches, and cultivates its employees into leaders.
Once such an empire like that is built, the ideal way to help maintain and expand it is with the man that started it, and that is Dov Charney.