Tracy, Merchandiser, Canada Jul 07 2015

The press release that went out yesterday shows the lack of passion, innovation, creativity and LOYALTY that the current management and board have.

To openly say that they are not sure they can come up with needed funding in the next 12 months essentially means they are throwing in the towel. Really? This is how you keep your customers, your employees, your share holders believing in your company?

Can someone please get someone qualified in that building?!

They thought they could kick the man-child out of the building and MAN it but all they have done is fire anyone with the needed experience and expertise to at least continue the momentum Dov created and replaced them with a bunch of losers with no talent and no capabilities of success.

It’s not that I want to see Dov back going crazier than ever. It’s that I want the company that I and so many of us believed in for so long to stay in business because we will always need it.

How sad would it be to show up to a new city and realize you forgot to pack your favorite F497 and not be able to uber to the closest AA for a new one?

How much would it suck to be on your way to meet your Tinder date and realize your feet stink and not be able to run into an AA to get a fresh pair of socks?

How weird would it be to have American Apparel be a thing of the past?

BRING HIM BACK. He’s the only person we can trust to make sure the company stays alive. Paula, Cynthia, Benno, Standard General could care less if this thing goes under and that is really sad and scary. Dov would NEVER allow the company to go bankrupt…EVER. Let’s keep this beautiful thing going with the only person who would kill himself over it. BRING DOV BACK.