Tong Li, China RFID Trainer, St. John’s, NL Jan 24 2015

As for me, Dov is a visionary decision-maker. While I was in the MBA program, I started to pay attention to the company’s business model. How could a newly start-up compete in the highly competitive apparel industry with only 0.3% of market share in the U.S. What about other giants? GAP:More than 10%. I woudn’t know the answer until I started work for AA. Under Dov’s visionary, AA became the first adopter of the RFID system in the apparel industry so that AA would operate more efficiently in its e-business model. With the help of the system, retailing stores around the world could identify its customer needs in a timely manner so that customer of AA would get what they want even faster than ever. I believe this is the future of retailing industry. This is only a small part that showcase Dov’s visionary. The company was built under Dov’s blueprint which makes him the core value of AA’s products and brand. Dear investor: the only reason for American Apparel to stay competitive in the market is not because it is “normal” (driving by profits), but because it is so “unique”. And the driver behind its uniqueness is Dov’s orientation.