Nadia Boukina, Store Manager, Ottawa, Ontario Dec 17 2014

Working for American Apparel is synonymous to working for Dov Charney. Dov founded and built this company. He is a driving force, motivator, and inspiration to many employees. His hands-on involvement is a rare and valuable quality. Not only was he involved at all levels of the company, but he defined this company’s vision. There is no one that will fight as hard as Dov to ensure American Apparel succeeds.

Personally, I think Dov’s ability to guide the company and foster a shared vision while also remaining very involved at the store level is the kind of leadership we need to succeed. As a Store Manager, having Dov as the CEO of American Apparel was very motivating because I felt the sense of working toward a shared vision, but with his departure this common goal seems to have vanished.