Store Manager, New York & Texas Jan 23 2015

I have worked for the company since 2008. I have seen this company grow and expand over the years successfully, all under the leadership of Dov. His vision and eccentric personality is very unique and powerful; this is what helped propel the company to what it has become today. He has shown me so much more then I could have ever imagined and helped me grown into the knowledgeable leader I am today. I have worked with other retailers and no other company has made me fell as proud to work for them as Dov has with American Apparel. You’re not just some number stuck in a box like everyone else when you work here. The weekly conference calls would give everyone a voice and direct interaction with him. He takes so much initiative with every single store and every aspect of the company. I am a woman and having worked with him one-on-one I cannot see any of the negative press he has had to battle against to be true. I am saddened to see people taking advantage of him, his kindness & willingness to listen to everyone. I can’t see American Apparel being the same company without Dov.