Store Manager, Montreal Dec 17 2014

I have been working in the two downtown Montreal locations of American Apparel for almost 2 years, and believe that my personal and professional growth is directly attributable to the company and community that Dov Charney has fostered. Mr. Charney has an ability to place trust in young talent and allow them to grow as strong assets in the community that he has built. Wherever he was, whatever he was doing, he ran a huge corporation as if it was a grassroots operation – he made us all felt heard.

The policies and philosophies that have been put into place are rooted in Dov Charney’s personal beliefs. Without him leading us as CEO these philosophies seem like empty words and promises. Without the passion that he exudes I feel a lack of confidence and reassurance that these policies will be followed in the long term.

It is difficult to see a definite future for the company that I, and so many others I know, respect, and admire has devoted a good amount of our time to without the leadership of Dov Charney. His illustrious career has been a driving force for our team and is so deeply intertwined with the set policies and philosophical beliefs of our company.