Chris Loney, Store Manager, Kingston, Ontario, Canada Dec 20 2014

I was completely shocked at the news of Dov’s firing. I’ve worked for American Apparel for the past 5 years, and with Dov Charney as CEO I felt like I was part of something unique. Dov’s passion, vision and integrity all played a huge role in molding this company, and inspired me to work hard and feel good about coming to work every day and giving my all.

Without Dov as CEO for the past couple of months, things have significantly changed. There is no real direction. Things are not as streamlined. Listening to Dov on the weekly conference calls, talking directly to store managers, you could tell how much he cared about every single person on the call. You could tell how much he cared about every single store. He can tell anyone the store layout of any location worldwide, and can describe employees from around the world because he was so involved. Never have I worked for a company where I could personally talk to the CEO. I’ve never wanted to leave the company during my time here because of how much of an inspirational leader he is. His leadership, determination and integrity are very much missed on a daily basis.