Store Manager, Camarillo, CA Jan 21 2015

I Want To Share My Appreciation To Dov For Allowing Me To Grow In The Company, Working For Dov From 2005-2010, I Want To Say Thank You, I Learned A lot Working For American Apparel, In Those 5 Years I Understood How To Run A Business And Its Not Easy, I’m Still Learning.
He Was Always Their To Answer Any Concerns And Support You In Any Way He Could To Make Sure That You Succeeded In Your Job, I Called Dov After 4 Years From Leaving The Company Due To Personal Reasons, I Wanted To Let Him Know How Much He Has Impacted Me And If It Weren’t For Dov I Don’t Know Where I Would Be Probably A Police Officer, I Would Have Never Found My True Passion For Business, Impacting Customers In A Positive Way And Learning From Someone That Has Inspired Me Everyday To Be The Best At My Job I Can’t Stop To Think And Thank You Dov Charney. Thanks Again.