Stacey M, VP of Apparel, Southern CA Jan 29 2015

I have known Dov for about 25 years and I have been a friend, fan and wholesale customer from the very beginning. When I first met Dov he was still living on the East coast and that’s when he first shared his dream with me. His passion and personality was so contagious there was no way I could not get on the bandwagon. I loved that he was so real and what you say was who he was! So refreshing!

I was working for a very large merch company as the Head of Sourcing and I think I wrote him one of his first million dollar orders… guess what he delivered and continued to do so for years! Then he moved West and he was so excited to show me his new spot… and in Dov style, he found so space under the 10 freeway off-ramp. What impressed me the most was the energy in the room, it appeared that everyone in the room had also caught the Dov fever! There was so much passion and creativity under the freeway that day it all but guarantied this was the beginning of something big! I guess the rest is now history.

I remember a story Dov told me about an old man he met while standing in line in a bank who also caught the fever (those who know Dov well know the story).

It is very rare to be fortunate enough to meet and call a friend like Dov. His generosity, passion, talent and his ability to keep it real have been something I have admired for over 25 years.

You can have a board of directors, you can have executives, you can have workers but you cannot have American Apparel with out Dov!