SR VP of Real Estate and Legal Counsel Retail Leasing, NYC Jan 02 2015

I worked for Dov for 10 years and together we opened close to 300 stores in 20 countries. Dov, is the hardest working CEO anywhere. Always on the front line and in the trenches. He has an amazing working knowledge of every facet of the business from product production and design to marketing and sales. He is a great leader – not a “blamer”. not passive aggressive, — tough but with smart expectations. He focused on the big goals and let me do my job as autonomously as possible. He trusted me implicitly and this led me to give him the utmost of loyalty and dedication. He did not micro manage but rather saw we were making progress and let me do things my way. This was refreshing and exciting. Working for Dov at American Apparel was the best job of my life. If Dov was back in control at American Apparel I’m sure the company would turn around and be a major wholesale and retail player once again.