Special Projects Manager, Montreal, QC Jan 31 2015

I first met Dov in Montreal when I was finishing my degree and working in cell phones. He saw some talent in me that I didn’t know I had and he gave me opportunities that I didn’t even know I wanted. When I accepted, he didn’t just hire me, he let me finish school and moved me to the West Coast. He let me live with him until I felt settled in LA and mentored me every step on the way. He introduced me to the most incredible group of people at American Apparel, each hand picked and an extension of the brand. He gave me every opportunity to help him develop the business while I developed some business acumen, and when I chose to walk from the company, he stood behind me and supported me in my next venture. When his business was booming and I needed a job reference, he still took the call and his time to sing my praises. He is unique and eccentric but the company is built from his DNA. American Apparel won’t survive without its heart and it doesn’t deserve to be striped of its visionary and driven into the ground. It is sad to see what he worked so hard to build be systematically dismantled. I hope that the shareholders of the company will help to right the wrong before the new management tries to turn it into the Gap.

Much love Dov.
-Smoked Meat Shtettle Boy