Sisiria Kwong , Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jul 18 2015

我在这个公司工作超过11年了,看到公司今日这个状况,我和我的同事都很痛心,回想多年来,Dov主持公司,不断壮大,给了我们稳定的工作,给我们中国人工作的机会,我很感恩。原来我在另外一个做泳衣的公司,一此偶然的机会,我听到广播,关于 Dov的事迹,他的其中一个普通的工人因为家里父亲去逝,他得回国去办后事,Dov不但给他了1个月的假期,并且给了他$300美元。我就知道他给体贴工人,刚好公司在招人,我原来公司的工资是$5.75,American Apparel的工资是$8,我就带着我的妹妹们一起进到了American Apparel,当时公司的华人很少,才27个人。 Dov知道华人来应召,他很喜欢看到华人来,我们就一直愉快的在这个公司工作着。有时候我们遇到不公平的事,我们可以直接跟他反应,然后他亲自派人来为我们解决问题。




I have worked at this company for over 11 years, seeing the company’s current situation, mine and my colleagues’ hearts hurt. Thinking of all these years, with Dov leading the company, it steadily grew and gave us guaranteed work, gave us Chinese employees the opportunity to work, and for that I am grateful. Originally I was at another swimsuit company, I came across a chance and heard a broadcast about Dov’s deeds. One of his regular worker’s father had passed, he had to return to his home to take care of things, Dov not only gave him one month’s leave, he also gave him $300USD. I knew he was considerate of his workers, and coincidentally the company was recruiting, I was making $5.75 at my old company, and American Apparel’s hourly wage was $8. I brought my younger sisters immediately to American Apparel. At the time the company had very few Chinese workers, around 27. When Dov knew Chinese people had come to the open call, he really liked seeing Chinese joining, and we’ve been very happily working at the company since. When I’ve seen unfair things happening at the company, we could directly discuss them with Dov, and he would personally send people to help us resolve issues.

On our birthdays, Dov would give us a birthday card and gift cards for us to buy clothes, at Mid-Autumn festival there would be moon cakes, at Chinese New Years there would be red envelopes, at Christmas there would be presents and there were years where he’d give as a bag to take as many clothes for Christmas that we could fit in the bag. We’d even receive name-brand Japanese toiletry sets.

I want to tell you that Dov treated us very well, I’m very touched and I have first-hand experience of his goodness. I hope Dov can return and lead our company, and help us reinstate stable work.