Shipping Manager, Los Angeles Dec 17 2014

I have been working for American Apparel for over 10 years. As a Manager involved with shipping, I am one of the people that oversees everything that happens to the garments produced in American Apparel’s factory once they are finished.

In my experience, Dov Charney is primarily responsible for the growth and success of the company. I know that I work hard, but he works 24/7 and never stops, and he is detail-oriented in every aspect of the company.

One of the principles the company is founded on is that Dov wants the American Apparel brand to stay in the US and to create jobs in the US. He believes in the American dream for workers as well as for business owners, and he would like American workers to dominate the world economy. As someone who came to this country from Mexico with nothing, I have seen and experienced this myself. He supports immigration laws, and the company works with illegal immigrants to legitimize their status here.

As a result, you have not only the factory and the retail store, but many other businesses that benefit from American Apparel, whether American vendors who provide material for the company, or accounting offices, lawyers and all the other support structure.

When Dov’s removal as head of the company was announced in June, there was widespread fear within the factory. No one knew what was going to happen, and there was no reassurance given by management that American Apparel would continue to manufacture its goods in the US and in its own facility.

This has been the situation for the past couple of months, and in that atmosphere of uncertainty, it is impossible for workers to keep focus and produce goods effectively or efficiently. I know that both speed and quality have suffered.

Even in times of crisis, Dov never projects fear. He is a leader who gives his employees confidence. As a result, the workers at the factory would like to have him back: they feel he represents their interests. And I too wish to state my desire for the reinstatement of Dov Charney as CEO.