Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jul 21 2015

公司的同仁心情和我一样总希望自己的公司能创益给工人带来福利,也希望上司能关心,爱护员工,有一个人他做到了 ——那就是Dov。他是一个受人拥戴,光芒四射,非常有亲和力的老板。

来American Apparel已经有近12年头了,亲眼目睹和亲身感受到了怎么才算是个真正的好老板,那我简单的讲两个例子:

1) 我刚进来的时后,华人为数不多,老板及他的公司就跟我们说,要多一点中国人,要看到华人,于是不断地出现了华人,接着老板体贴我们的民情,我们每个人都不是很懂英文,然后Dov给我们配备了多个翻译,我们无论发生什么事情,有困难的时候,这些翻译都会帮助我们,然后把这些信息反馈给老板,从各个方面真正的帮助到我们——我们心存感激他。

2)在Dov的领导下,我们公司在不断扩大,成长,创效益,我们工人也得到利益,工作5天,甚至有时候还能加班,我们经常有人愿意加班。加班奖金按时发,他常常亲自带着他的团队下基层小组,跟我们工人一起举双手欢呼,给我们加油,打气,与工人汇成一片,我亲眼目睹了,真的非常感受那个场面;但是每年你们也知道,我们有淡季,在淡季的情况下,Dov依然还是鼓励我们,带着他的团队下小组,不停地鼓励大家,继续努力。他会履行他的诺言,说不久的将来,我们会有工作的,然后真的兑现了。不像现在,说会有,但我们看不到希望。 Dov说1-2个月就真的是1-2个月,我们工作就恢复运行正常,让我们工人看到了希望。我们会为公司,为自己努力挣钱。这是我们所有的人都看到的。Dov一次一次地来,我们都是一片欢呼声,他的心和我们的心是紧紧联系在一起的。真的,这就是我们的好老板。工人们非常地感动,这个场面至今还在我眼前。



With all my colleagues here today, our frame of mind is one and the same, we hope that our company can bring in profits and reinstate our workers’ wellbeing. We hope our superiors would care and cherish their workers, but there is only one person who has done so — that person is Dov. He is supportive and radiant, a boss who is very close to us and strong.

My name is Linda, I’ve been at American Apparel for close to 12 years, I’ve witnessed and personally experienced what it takes to be a truly great boss, and I’d like to highlight two very simple examples:

1) When I first started working, there weren’t many Chinese workers. Our boss and his company told us, we need more Chinese people, let’s see more Chinese workers. Steadily, the Chinese workforce grew, it showed us that our boss cared for our people. Every one of us couldn’t understand English, so Dov would help us translate. No matter what happened, even during difficult times, translations would be provided to help us, and we in return could give feedback back to him. He truly helped us from all angles — we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

2) Under Dov’s leadership, our company kept on expanding, growing, creating successes, and us workers would receive benefits such as 5 days of work and even overtime sometimes. We frequently had people who wanted to work overtime, and our overtime pay was paid timely. He often brought his team to the production floors, raised his arms and cheered us workers on, told us to keeping going, keep motivated, and work as one. I saw this with my own eyes and was very grateful for this scene. But as many of you know, every year we’d have an off-season and during the off-seasons, Dov still encouraged us. Along with his team, they never stopped motivating everyone to continue to strive. If Dov said it would only take a month or two, then a month or two later our work levels would return back to normal and this made us hopeful. For the company, and for ourselves we put a great effort into earning money. This is something everyone could witness. Every time Dov would come, we would cheer along, his heart and our hearts are connected together. Truly, he is our amazing boss. All of us workers are very touched that this experience had happened before our eyes.

Dov’s achievements span far greater than this! I’ve just given two examples. Seeing our current situation with limitless despair, we hope our true leader can return, we must have a better future, so we must vocalise our heartfelt wishes — WE SUPPORT DOV.

The company needs him! The workers need him even more!