Rudy Rupak, Former CTO, Goleta, CA Jan 26 2015


Ever since I watched you peddle t-shirts outside the Montreal Forum after each concert, and the passion and craziness that you put into doing I told myself that you are the kind of person that I would go to battle for. Well four years later, I found myself moving to LA to be your CTO and what an amazing adventure it was to make a contribution towards making your vision real. Furthermore, I was moved by your passion for causes above profit. You dared to pay people a “living wage” way before that word was a talking point with politicians, even if it hurt your cash flow tremendously. You were vociferously vocal with gay rights back when people were getting arrested for being gay, and I will still remember you delivering a broken chair to the board room of a bank to prove a point about why their lack of interest in funding you in your early years was breaking the back of your workers. In fact, I don’t think my wife and I would be together today if you did not make me move to LA.

It is a bloody travesty to see you get manoeuvred out of the company that your passion built. It is horrible that some of the women with whom you bared your sole to and took care of turned against you so viciously. Well, Steve Jobs was once sent packing from his company and you know what, just as Apple could not be Apple without Steve’s passion, the same goes for American Apparel. They can throw the CEOs of “BigFuckingDeal” at AmApp all they want but they will not be able to replicate the essence that you brought to the company. Something tells me though that you will be back, just as Steve Jobs was back. Till then I know you are going to have your own version of Pixar but for the apparel industry and should you decide to do so, you have my sword. We (Val and I) love you mean. Peace and grooviness.