Retail Logistics, Los Angeles Feb 03 2015

When asked by my friends & family about who the real Dov Charney is, the one thing I can always say is “You’ll never beat Dov at passion.” He has such an energetic work ethic that some people find it hard to keep up with him but I personally love the way he challenges everyone to constantly push forward and do their absolute best. If hard work was on Olympic sport than Dov would be a gold medalist every 4 years, it wouldn’t even be a contest. Dov is the only person with the dedication to be there day and night, on the phone grinding it out on every single point, ironing out each fabric, solving each piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is American Apparel. I personally wouldn’t bet my money or trust anyone else to do a better job at running American Apparel than Mr. Charney. Passion wins in the end, and like I said you’ll never beat him at that game.