Researcher, San Francisco, CA Jan 11 2015

Dov Charney is a conceptual artist and an inspiration to the future business leaders and conceptual artists of the Americas, and the world. A leader in every aspect, with a keen eye for design and a sharp wit for a story, Dov has stepped into the void, is doing what no other will dare to do, and for that we respect him. He is ahead of his time with a vision for a better future for the youth. He understands the kids of the contemporary world, AA is a reflection of today’s youth, a youth full of desire and an agenda booked year round.

My career at American Apparel began at the store on the Melrose strip. Within a few months transferring to the Factory I had the opportunity to train under the leaders of the company in all aspects of design, marketing, advertising, management, and fashion. This idea of vertical integration allowed for a curious kid like me to learn about worldly affairs and histories.

That is what is amazing about Dov Charney’s American Apparel, you could do what you wanted to do there as long as you worked hard and inquired. It is a business model that favors human beings over the machine. It is a symbol of progress.

The company has taught me valuable lessons that I would not have the same abilities nor awareness had I not worked at American Apparel. It is an accepting and welcoming community of young artists and thinkers, ultimately training me in leadership and design.

And it is his enthusiasm, his excitement that drives this radical machine
From the very Kelvin temperature of a light bulb to the textures of fabric, Dov Charney involves himself in every aspect of the company, like no other CEO currently does.

Thank you Dov. You have my full support.

We need you back.
American Apparel is nothing without you.
No one else can do what you do.