Rachel, Retail, New York Sep 02 2015

I started working here almost 3 years ago. I wanted to work here so badly! I am a photography student and I appreciated the imprint that American Apparel left in the art/fashion world.

Now I see that the company is using superficial looking models and photographing them in poor taste. Pity. I miss the real girls in the photos…I identified with them.

I no longer feel proud of this company’s artistic output. What a shame.

Working in stores right now sucks too. Its no longer the special environment it once was. We used to see Dov at least once a year and that created excitement for my co workers and I. Now we are lucky if we even see our district manager…and that’s not that exciting.

I really hope someway somehow Dov comes back or I hope to work with him again at an American Apparel version 2.0.