Photographer / Creative (former), Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

I worked at American Apparel as a photographer and creative for almost 6 years, and have many fond memories of the place. Dov Charney, I am sad to say, was the only person who took the time to consistently give me constructive feedback on my work, good or bad, even though you would think he’d be too busy. His intentions were always to help me grow. I have no personal relationship with this man. He never made sexual attempts at me or models I worked with. His goal was to always improve, in turn making the company more successful. I learned more about business from Dov than I did getting a Bachelors Degree in business school. Yes his method is a little bit unconventional, but I have found that almost all passionate CEOs who have built empires like American Apparel are usually a little bit unconventional. I will always appreciate Dov for respecting me and viewing me as a smart and hard-working young woman, and taking the time to invest in whatever way he can in building my future.

Right before I resigned in July, Dov was fired. At that moment I knew that whatever else was going to come after his removal was going to be an unpleasant and unsuccessful environment. And after months watching from afar, I was right. I think the board made an utter mistake in firing Dov. If this board was truly trying to fix the company to make it as profitable as it should be, firings should have taken place in lower levels where there are unqualified individuals in charge of important areas, e-commerce for example, and those people are frankly killing the company whether Dov is there or not.