Multi-Store Manager, Miami / NYC Jan 20 2015

Dov Charney reinvented sex appeal when the US was going through a really bullshit stage. I had lived in foreign countries where billboard ads showcased half-naked women sprawled across them to promote the latest movie, but nowhere in the US could you find such straight-up attention to the fact that sex is fucking fun and a natural part of youth culture. His liberation has become his own demise. I have known many women that were not his type by any means, proclaim he mishandled them in some capacity. Most of these women, in my opinion, were looking for money. Everyone knew he was a winning lottery ticket and sadly in our stupid American ways, a moving target for a lawsuit. I can’t say that I’ve spent every waking moment with him and therefore have no idea if these claims are true, but as someone who spent a great deal of time working with him between 2004-2005, he did nothing of the sort, and actually took great care in making sure that I wasn’t carrying on an illicit relationship with another coworker that would be to my detriment. The man is a genius, far too ahead of his time, and ultimately being punished for being a free-thinking radical that just wanted to make clothing at a decent wage and bring manufacturing back to where he could best have control over it. If we had an idea for leggings, 48 hours later, they were in his Miami shop in multiple colorways, ready to be purchased. If I ran out of black scarves, I could tell him and next day there was a delivery. That is part of what it means to manufacture locally, and Dov understood that very early on. For all the haters out there, I have only ever seen a sometimes beat-down man who just wants to express himself, and never forcefully. He was a team player, he listened to our opinions, rewarded us with money when we were smart, and ultimately inspired those who cared about learning from him. I hope he goes on to great success. He deserves it, and by the many people who have contributed to this site, I am not alone in that sentiment. I will defend him until I experience otherwise, but this man made my life something different. He taught me a lot about business and getting ahead in a legit way, and about life. I hope one day he gets to do this again.