Mia Zhang, Former Sales/Cashier, Beijing, China Jan 30 2015

The founder of American Apparel Dov is the spirit of this brand, he is irreplaceable.

I used to work at American Apparel Beijing store as a sales and cashier. Although I’ve never met Dov in person, we, our employees in China could get what Dov wants to express to us about the brand image and energy! This is very meaningful to us; we can even feel that his dedication and HIS LOVE for this brand!

In this indirect interaction where you can feel the most nuance point is: Dov really is a charismatic person and he has the leadership that everyone wants to follow him. Very few people in the world could do that, which is nearly a religious worship.

In the days of working for American Apparel, I realized his persist of the brand image; caring for employees; and maverick personality have a great impact on our employees. We want to convey his ideas to the customers. we want to maintain a good brand image for HIM and American Apparel, we are willing to fight for his man and his career!

His hard work and love for the brand is not a stepmother CEO can replaced. Because he is the real mother, and he has work ethic! The most important thing is: He is a maverick, someone special! He can give the brand amazingly beautiful colors, this is not everyone can do.

I would like to ask the board to think through it. We do not want to become a cheap street brands. Please give American Apparel back to his mom!

American Apparel的创始人Dov是这个品牌的精神所在,是无可代替的。

我曾在American Apparel做过Sale和Cashier,虽然没有见过Dov, 但是我们员工都能感受到他要传达给我们的品牌态度及精神!这一点对我们来说意义非凡;我们更能感受到他为这个品牌在做的努力和他对这个品牌的爱!

在这种间接互动离你能感受到最微妙的一点是: Dov真的是一个有人格魅力且有煽动力的人,史上极少数人能做到这样,这是一种近似宗教式膜拜。

在American Apparel的工作的日子里,他对这个品牌风格定位的坚持(哪怕不和大众口味面临资金方面的问题);对员工的关爱;还有特立独行的个性都对我们员工有很大的影响,我们想把他的意愿传达给顾客,想为他和American Apparel维护好品牌形象,我们愿意为这个人和他的事去拼搏!


请你们三思,我们不想American Apparel变成烂大街货,把American Apparel还给亲妈吧!