Marketing, San Francisco, CA Jan 08 2015

There are no facts, only interpretations. Quoted from a pocketbook I once read. I am here to say that the greatest teachers on earth have made a lot of enemies, I have had a lot of great people in my life and the moment they weevil-wobble, its like everyone is in a power-grab to destroy their hard work. My Journalism Professor, the late, the great Mrs Linda Mook, may she Rest In Peace safe in heaven dead, had left so many stories behind. Dov is the only person I have met with similar extraordinary teaching qualities. The kind of person you wanted to follow around like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, all judging and everything in real-time, you did not want to miss a second. I already wrote my support for him on and reddit, read it and discern for yourselves. I am the guy who deleted the blogs and came up with the way to manage the PR of said bad publicity. He gave me the chance I needed in life to prove to myself I could fix anything or destroy the situationist boat that I came to truly love. I will never be the same with out it. Many people cut there teeth there. I am a lifer or once was. I fired 6 months before his last troubles as a way to protect me from the troubles ahead. I want my French Jacket back Dov, but thats all and if you left in the factory. Text me where I’m going to send a bus of kids to the flea market to scatter and run the guards on a wild goose chase and free the samples from Mr Chang.

Oh Captian, my Captain. I live in the same time as you, 1986. Your best line and there are many;  I’ll never forget I wrote it down as fast as you said it: “”You are either a precursor to time or a reflector of time but you cannot be both.” We all want you back DOV. AA will go under like ESPIRIT without you. Let it melt down on itself, the beauty in watching an old Victorian house burn in San Francisco is captivating and quickly leaves a plot open for new developments. “When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong, says Buckminister Fuller. “Real wealth is ideas plus energy.” And you have more controlled Ideas than any one I have ever met in my life. Most of my collaborators are geniuses. You are a sure-fire genius with a scandalous sense of humor.

We are in the times that are crazy. This is the time of disappearance in philosophy. The internet has caught up with the French theorists and described it to be correct.  At a time when you are most relevant in actual Art history, found in the bounds of MIT Press Semiotext(e), as a signifier of Conceptual Art; at the forefront of art, advertising and manufacturing. Chris Kraus explores American Apparel and your achievements expand from the underground to the last black Andy Warhol” in her essay inside Where Art Belongs. Most of my collaborators are genius but fail before they begin. You let so many succeed. Take us with you on a new ride. The future needs to change, and American Apparel is now part of the past. Because you are not able to touch the sky in the public sector, and you know it. We all know it in business. The day of an IPO is the day that felt like a LAGGER you don’t need.