Marketing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

My love for this company started in 2006. I was still in high school and apparently was too young to work at a store. I started lurking the brand on the website almost everyday. I would go to the store in Vancouver every weekend to just look at in-store graphics, check out their new items, and just feel the fabrics. I was too poor to buy anything at that time, but my mom bought me the nylon school bag as a gift. I almost died.

In college, my friend’s friend scouted me to work at American Apparel and I almost died again. After working at the store for two years, I moved to Montreal to help out with the flea market and that’s where I met Dov Charney. I had an interview with him. I was nervous, but I really wanted to introduce myself to him in person, because I wanted him to feel the vision and passion I have for the company. I was sweating my ass off. I kind of screwed up at the interview. I couldn’t answer his questions like I wanted to somehow. Maybe because I was so intimidated by all the pretty girls at the interview. I thought he would never contact me ever again after. I was ready to live in Montreal forever with my boyfriend…… Next day, I get a call from Dov, he says “”Pack your stuff. You are going to Los Angeles tomorrow.”” I broke up with my boyfriend right after the call. American Apparel over EVERYTHING. That was what Dov and I had in common I think.

Last year in California, I saw the craziest human being in my life. Dov Charney in La Mirada. It was insane. He did not sleep. He never ate. He took showers though (maybe not.) He was running around the distribution center 24/7 in his Orchid Billionaire Pants. That month just showed me what passion really meant. He did/does not care about anything, not even himself, but American Apparel.

I am still not entirely sure what’s going on, but things are different without him now. I feel like the company is missing the heart. We need it back. We need the crazy man who truly sees what the brand really is and what it really needs. It’s like looking at an Iphone 6. It’s not… real. Something’s missing. It’s missing itself.