Manager, Los Angeles, CA Jan 20 2015

As written to the NY Times & Wall St Journal upon news of Dov’s firing:
I am a manufacturing manager at American Apparel in downtown LA. While I am not part of the group that purportedly sent a letter to the Board yesterday, I had numerous opportunities to work closely with Dov Charney and “see him in action”.

Without doubt, Dov is an iconic figure in apparel manufacturing and retailing on a global basis. His passion, drive, energy, work-ethic, clarity of thinking and creativity are remarkable and rarely seen. I know Dov can be harsh, blunt and occasionally offensive, but his goal was always to motivate, to be great in everything we did, to turn good products and processes into great ones.

Dov demands a lot of his co-workers but demands even more of himself. No one works harder, longer hours or is more singularly focused.

Day to day our company needs his passion and creativity at all levels. There are some great and highly creative people at American Apparel, but only one Dov.