Lin Zhu, Merchandiser (Former), Beijing, China Jan 30 2015

我无法想象American Apparel没有Dov会变成什么样子,至少我觉得他对整个品牌的定位和设想是很棒的,这点别的人是无法做到的。也许他在公司运营方面有一些不足,但是经过这次危机,他一定会找到更好的方式来管理这个公司,没有人比他更知道要怎么做!

让Dov回来,不要让这么好的品牌消失,没有Dov就没有American Apparel!

I can’t believe what American Apparel will become to without Dov. At least I believe his vision and creativity are great, at this point no one can do it as he does. Perhaps he had some weakness on management before. But after this crisis, I trust him will find a better way to manage the company. No one else knows better than him what to do with the company!

Please let Dov come back. Please do not let this such a good brand get to vanish, because there is no American Apparel without Dov.