Julie Grosso, Educator, Las Vegas, NV Jan 19 2015

I support Dov for several commendable reasons. Foremost, he is a man that lived the American Dream as an immigrant who took a dream and made it a multimillion reality. The people that want to take this from him are Opportunists. I am aware of Dov’s “in the news” media. Secondly, I a parent of one of Dov’s past employees, who dedicated herself to the American Apparel Company through retailing, merchandising and modeling was treated with respect by Dov. My daughter’s professionalism, dedication and self respect gained her success and still the respect of Dov today. She was not an opportunist (as mentioned above) to gain his wealth or position. Dov to her knowledge is the only CEO that personally came into his stores and inspired employees, asked for input from employees and supported their ideas. Point being to clearly state, company success is achieved through trial and error, persistence and keeping it afloat, NOT by the condemnation of someone’s personal life. ie, “harassment lawsuits” from legal aged money grabbers. Dov, I wish you the best; live life commendably.