Isa Jia, Former Back Stock Manager, Beijing, China Jan 28 2015

Dov是American Apparel的创始人,是品牌的灵魂,没有他也就没有现在的AA。世界上没有完美的人,Dov的不足也并没有影响他对AA的奉献与热爱,他是我见过的工作最努力的老板。


希望American Apparel的介绍前永远都是Dov.

Dov is the founder of American Apparel, the soul of the brand. Without him, there is no current American Apparel. There is no perfection of anyone, what Dov’s weakness didn’t affect the fact his dedicate and passion for American Apparel. He is the most hard working boss I’ve ever been.

If anyone think they can manage the company better than Dov, why don’t they start their own brand instead of stealing from others. (It’s like they don’t have the ability to have a baby, so they steal from other people’s baby. Beside all the legal parts, the baby won’t be healthy with the step parents because after all he/she is not your baby.)

I hope Dov will be always the first to mention before introducing American Apparel people.