Headquarters , Los Angeles, CA Jan 02 2015

For the past six months, I’ve watched from headquarters the constant stream of new corporate suits filing in, utterly confused and too arrogant and ignorant to learn about the how to run this company. With Dov at the helm, AA was the last uncorporate corporation, not to mention one of the last companies to manufacture anything in the US. Don’t even get me started in the vital role AA plays in the manufacturing industry (supply chain, craftsmen, talent) as the US garment industry dwindles to nothing. How unfortunate that the company is now being run by greedy corporate officials more interested in lining their pockets with money. (Don’t forget that the only original board of six men that ousted Dov were attempting to personally profit enormously from breaking up the company and selling it overseas to China. Hello private jet! ) It’s sad to see all the people, especially the young people that made the company so successful are being mistreated and not even properly compensated while these greedy old white guys in suits that never had anything to do with the success of the company just get insanely wealthy.