Hayley Wood, Retail Operations, Los Angeles, CA Jan 13 2015

Dov Charney changed the fashion industry with his vision of American Apparel. The scrutiny he has received is nothing new, he has been a victim of unnecessary criticism for years. He is a creative genius. Intelligent, compassionate and an animal lover. His mind for business is superlative and not only has he been an inspiration for many but he has also given so many the tools for survival. Dov Charney has given jobs to thousands of people. Thousands! He has taught and educated hundreds of thousands. That alone is incomparable Sure, he is an eccentric and his way of operating may not follow societal normalcies. But is that alone a reason to use him as an example ? To destroy a reputation of not only himself but the legacy the company was founded on is in a word, disgusting. American Apparel is not a sexy t-shit brand, It’s a lifestyle brand, and that lifestyle was founded on Dov Charney’s vision. I know I do not have all the facts and I am almost certain that few do. What I do feel for certain is that what is happening publicly with American Apparel and Dov Charney is a shame. The integrity of American Apparel will lose it luster with out Dov. I will use my voice to support him in any way possible and I hope others will for him as well.