Graphic Designer, Photo Retoucher, Los Angeles, CA Jan 26 2015

Spent 10 years working for Dov. Things were getting strange right before he was let go in April 2014 so I left the company shortly before that. It’s the best job I’ve had so far. I went to school during my time at AA. Dov allowed that opportunity. I learned a lot on the job as well. He is often misunderstood. His desire to be involved with the grand gestures as well as the minute details is both his strength and perhaps his downfall. One person can only do so much. But, no one will doubt his passion for the brand, the philosophy behind it and his support for the people who helped him deliver his vision. Those of us who believed in that would be there long hours, working from home or on the road because he too worked around the clock. We believed in that ethos because he made us part of his vision. Aside from some management issues in my department in recent years, the graphic design team we had from 2004-2009 was amazing. We were firing on all cylinders. Dov pushed everyone and some couldn’t handle it. He got the best work out of those who thrived in that environment just as any good CEO would. If given the opportunity, I would work for Dov again in any business venture including a return to AA.