Franck Cohen, Head Of Operations, France Jun 17 2015

I found a great ad in a magazine in 2003 about all the steps involved in the process of making of a t-shirt.
This ad was so fresh and different from all that you could see in fashion that I needed to know more and find out who was behind
It was Dov Charney
I sent him an email telling him that if he wanted to expand in France then I would be up for it.
He sent back an email with a few questions, I answered and few weeks after he flew me to L.A for a meeting.
We opened 6 stores in Paris alone that are still great performers for most of them or excellent performers for some of them
All of that happened because the boss of a company who at the time was making 200 M$ answered a mail from a complete unknown

Who today would do that?

Dov is this kind of person, a visionary and a VERY hard working person willing to take this company higher , providing many jobs to people everywhere young or old

My deep and sincere respect for him