Jihan Kim, Former Executive, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

I have known Dov for over 15 years now and he gave me my first job straight out of college. In the 5 years since I worked with him to help build American Apparel, his dream, his life and his everything I got to know him very well as a Boss, man and especially his friend. Dov Charney lives for only one thing and that is the company he started 25 years ago, the only thing on his mind 24/7 is to how to improve it. No one is perfect but Dov does not deserve to have his everything taken away from him, it took him 25 years a third of this life to get Amercian Apparel to where it is today. American Apparel is Dov and without Dov it will cease to exist this is how I got familiar with Dov 15 years ago an article in the New Yorker ,no one can come close to having the drive, passion and vision Dov has for this company.