Former District Manager, LA/Midwest Feb 06 2015

The overall theme as I read these post, as without the guidance and opportunity that Dov provided each of us we would not be where we are in our careers. I started as a visual merchandiser and was then promoted by CEO Dov Charney and worked for him for six years.
The first thing I noticed as an associate that leadership is not asking anyone to do something you wouldn’t do. From scraping gum off the floors to having pristine bathrooms, these mundane tasks were actually business lessons by Dov. I had worked for other Ceo’s but Dov was so knowledgable about every aspect of the business.
From every flight plan we used to ship goods to our retail stores, to the smallest details of every fabric we use, Dov is a walking encyclopedia Bratanica of American Apparel. That can’t be replaced. The stories of Dov picking up every call is indeed true.
I am Sure he gets hundreds a day. Even if busy you get a polite, call me in five. How many Ceo’s are that connected to their business and employees. For those that say it’s about money and business only. The day my mom passed away he was the first to call and I will always appreciate that.
For anyone reading this for all the stories sensationalized in the media these are the real stories about Dov as a person, his vision and knowledge as possibly the only person able to grow AA back to where it should be. This is not one or ten
People sharing their stories, this is a movement so the world of business sees that American Apparel is and always will be Soc Charney.