Christophe Chobeaux, European & UK Marketing Director, Paris Dec 18 2014

Dov Charney has created the most remarkable fashion brand of the last 15 years.

He hired, trained, inspired, motivated and promoted hundreds of people shaping this company around his vision. He built a manufacturing made in USA business, developed an artistic direction and created marketing strategy to make the most innovative brand in the clothing industry.

During this period, American Apparel successfully managed employment for thousands workers and with its activism, supported many minorities.

High-quality products at affordable pricing, manufactured with fare wages is an ideal. This is an ideal that consumer embrace. This is an ideal that many brands try to achieve looking up at Dov Charney’s work.

Dov Charney has worked like no one to make American Apparel’s profitable with a new business model in this industry.

American Apparel was, is and will be the brand of a new “couscious consumer” generation and all fashion lovers.

Design, art direction, marketing, wholesale, retail stores, online stores, new department such as third part… All of this need a person that fully understand the aspects of the vertical integration business. Dov Charney’s skills and knowledge in the fair clothing industy era are priceless. This is why I am convinced that Dov Charney is determinant for the future of the company.