Esme, Senior Designer, Cranston, NY Feb 10 2015

We have designed and manufactured jewelry with American Apparel for several years now. As a 60 year old company who also believes in the Made in America mission our jewelry and American Apparel were a perfect match.

Being a designer and product developer I had the fortune of complete access to the Creative Director and Buyer at American Apparel, who had the ear of Dov at all times, and as a team our jewelry business was growing together.

We received orders consistently and got paid in a timely fashion. Dov personally did sign our checks. We employ over 30 people here who depend on our business, and since Dov was removed we have not been paid for product we shipped.

I’m not sure what this says about the professional corporate takeover, but I know it puts jobs here in RI at grave risk. Something must be done. Bring Dov back!