Employee, Los Angeles Feb 12 2015

The leather and shoe departments have been shut down. The sewers used to receive $4 lunch coupons to help pay for lunch, but the new CEOs have put an end to that. All of the industrial workers have seen their hours drastically cut without warning or any promise that there will be a possibility of more hours in the future, which means all of these skilled workers that the company spent money training are looking for other jobs. The company has also stopped paying their bills to vendors for supplies. This week, there were only a few teams on the sixth floor even sewing at all….. In the entire company. Now I would like to ask the executives of this company how they managed in seven months to take the largest manufacturing operation in all of North America and whittle it down to about thirty sewers working part time? This is hurting the most vulnerable social class. Many of these sewers have families and will be forced to look for other sewing jobs in an industry where sweat shop labor is the status quo even in the US. You’ve made a real mess. Now are you sure you’ll be able to dig yourself of it? Considering the company is liquidating all inventory, refused to pay outstanding debts to suppliers, losing skilled workers, and creating a very hostile work environment for all, how do you expect to succeed?