Eli Kerr, Former Employee (Canadian Operations), Montreal, Quebec Feb 01 2015

Dov is a visionary, and is one of the hardest working and most passionate people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Though I have not interacted with him for some years now, the opportunities and experience he gave me as a young kid have been formative and have left a lasting impression on my current pursuits and approach to my work.

Dov taught me much about commerce, design, work ethic and how to make something happen. He is the core of this company, it is his life’s work. It would be foolish not to reinstate him you will not find someone else who eats sleeps and breathes this creation 24 hours a day.

He inspires his team, builds a company around people, and disrupted the status quo of marketing and fashion retail by delivering an ethical and exciting product with a company built around an unmatched creative energy and hustle. Dov is the Robert Evans of the tee-shirt business, the kid will stay in the picture.