Stacy Flynn, District Manager, Western Canada Dec 18 2014

To begin, I am aware of the financial suffering American Apparel has sustained over the past year. This is not what I will argue. Instead I will make a case for why Dov Charney should be involved with the company in a creative and leadership role.

Dov may seem unconventional in his management style – akin to the style in which he coined the term “Sweatshop Free” and began a clothing manufacturing factory in Downtown Los Angeles in a time where no one thought it possible.

In my 4+ years with American Apparel I have worked harder and learned more about retail and business than I thought possible, and have been treated with leadership, respect and given support by my boss, Dov Charney. This is what keeps me on the hunt for new challenges.

It seems a mistake to dismiss the visionary and founder of a company that is so deeply rooted in human creativity and collaboration. Removing Dov from his company may increase the stock price for now – but assuredly will not improve the brand image, company culture, or even the same store sales.

We are not only working for American Apparel, we have proudly worked for Dov, and stand behind him now.