Linze Mason, District Manager, Southwest/Rockies Jan 06 2015

I have been a traveling employee that has worked for Dov Charney for over eight years.

I began working with American Apparel in 2006 as an assistant to a senior employee while we traveled store to store throughout the US. We would re-vamp and focus on store design at American Apparels firsts years of expansion and growth into retail. I immediately fell in love with the company and met Dov within a few months of working. Dov instantly intrigued me with his knowledge and passion for his company and motivated me to look out my job and the company through new eyes. I worked along side Dov for many months and I decided then I wanted to have American Apparel be my career choice because I knew my boss would be the type of employer who would do anything to ensure the success of his business and the happiness of his employees.

Over the years the job took me all over the world. I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan, Canada, Australia and the all the US. I have been in almost every store we have today! I began to work alone and it was Dov that saw my potential and dedication to the company and allowed me to maintain my career journey. Dov dedicated his time and guidance to ensure I had his full support and right training to begin to oversee an entire district.

The amazing part about Dov is he lives and breaths the company and is reliable and available whenever you need him for any questions or concerns. His involvement with his employees in the field is everything that you could need. He knows areas of his business that allows you to quickly get the the task at hand done and see an fast turn around for his store sales. Dov can identify with the frustration of running out of shopping bags, the wrong kind of hangers for certain garments or the importance of burnt out light bulbs. Some people might say he is too hands on with such little details, but his passion to have his stores successful and his employees who are day in and day out in the stores is refreshing. That quality about him is what makes American Apparel motivated.

I could go on and on with other areas and details Dov helps the stores and myself as a field employee, but the main drive I have with this company is knowing the heart beat of this company is Dov Charney and without it so many areas of the company and his employees are at a loss.