District Inventory Manager , Canada Mar 04 2015

I often think back to the last time i worked closely with Dov, the summer of 2013 when he had camped out at the distribution center and was virtually running the place himself. I was there for three weeks and i remember watching him the first few days and thinking “this is crazy the man doesn’t sleep”. Dov as a person and his work ethic is not based in anyway around making money or sitting in a huge house on the top of a hill, I remember thinking “this is the CEO of my company, someone who most people at my level in other companies never even come into contact with and he’s folding t-shirts with me on the floor of a warehouse at 3am in the morning”. The overriding thing you take away from this man is that he has ultimate respect for the people who show the same drive and compassion he does, it doesn’t matter who you are. Never have i called him or text him and not received a response, the level of attention he dedicated to all aspects of the business was incredible. This help foster our vertical integration, there was no-one i was afraid to call and our opinions could have huge effect, When i left La Mirada that summer Dov was having a meeting with several people in his office, he saw me with my case in the lobby and stopped his meeting to say thank you to me and the staff i had brought with me. That is the mark of the man, he instilled a loyalty and confidence in everyone at AA that meant we fed of each other and our combined ideas helped create some of the most intelligent and forward thinking solutions i have ever seen in the retail sector.

I can already feel this slipping away, we are becoming a company where orders are sent from above and non-compliance results in discipline, we used to be able to use this as a forum for discussion. I have grown with this company not because i have a number on a piece of paper but because people like Dov believed in me and my character. Yes it was chaotic at times but our core values are built around him and his vision. I no way do I, nor any of the incredibly creative people i deal with on a day to day basis, find inspiration and drive from someone we have never met and aren’t likely to.