Director of Merchandising, HQ, Los Angeles Dec 18 2014

Dov Charney is a retail & manufacturing genius that lives and breathes American Apparel. He is a vital and key opponent to our organization and brand. Never before have I met someone with the knowledge, devotion and passion for retail and its business as much as Dov Charney. He is a true leader, visionary, entrepreneur and role model to all of us.

Dov Charney has built this company from zero to an international well-established fashion brand. Dov is American Apparel and American Apparel is Dov. This brand runs through his veins and he will continue to use all his resources, skills, time and energy to only further expand and improve the companies’ performance.
Without his guidance I do not believe in a positive outcome for our company and its stability within the high street competition of Today’s market.

Dov is also the reason as to why most of us are with this company. He has mentored and trained us up to a level that has allowed us to gain access to high-level position within the retail industry. The amount of experiences and expertise I’ve been able to gain by Dov’s faith and support in me is tremendous. I am proud to have been able to participate in helping Dov and American Apparel into what it is today. Together we were on a mission, a mission that has now been put to a stop, a mission that could easily be reinforced again by the support and ability to work with the person we all respect so much.

This is why it would only be in the benefit to all stakeholders, including American Apparel employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers and its board to reinstate Dov Charney as a part of this organization.