Director, Los Angeles, CA Jul 28 2015

Dov breaded entrepreneurs and hard working loyal workers. I know because I came to the company through the CFO’s office and clearly found out who was not qualified to be the CFO. Dov never interviewed me but he found me very early on and we struck it off. Dov and I worked for the betterment of shareholders and employees at all times.

It was me with Dov’s backing who made the CFO accept a Business Transportation Assistance Program contract with LA Metro that lowered the monthly transportation cost by over 15 dollars a week for employees with a nominal weekly pre tax payroll deduction. Over 1300 employees signed on to this program that LAMetro had tried to offer to AA consistently for 5 years. Only because of Dov’s willingness to give me the green light to implement this program was it ever done. Dov loves his employees. He once came out to Los Angeles before Christmas just to be with his employees.

He stuck up for me with his CFO who hated me countless times as I was going through the company identifying rampant inefficiencies, internal control deficiencies and cost savings.

At all time Dov was loyal to his shareholders and employees and did nothing that damaged American Apparel Shareholder Value.

The only hope for this company is for Dov to come back and bring back his management that have been fired or quit.

The current board has brought the company to its knees financially and there is no hope left for them.

Dov is the only hope as he has rescued the company before.