David Huber, Key Holder, San Francisco, CA Jun 21 2015

I sign this in support of Dov Charney.

He has created an exciting, creative and modern brand/company.

Since learning about the company in college to saying hello and meeting him at the Fisherman’s Wharf flea market sale in SF, I felt he was a strong and perfect leader for American Apparel. I feel comfortable around him and would do 300% for him.

Similar to what another person wrote I am supportive of the company’s creative and edgy spirit which was Dov’s. I do not want this to change! Dov’s creative and edgy vision for the company is why I wanted to work for American Apparel. It has been my best job.

Without Dov providing guidance and support- like he always did- the soul and life of the stores have suffered!! It is hard for me to not sound negative and feel dull but there is a void that must be refilled.

The employees support Dov. I support Dov.

Thank you for my position in such a unique and real brand. Dov, I look forward to having you as my boss again soon.

David G. Huber