Christina Lovejoy, Jewelry Manufacturer, 1928 Jewelry Co, Burbank, California Feb 10 2015

I have had the honor of saying that I manufacture the jewelry for American Apparel for the last 3 years. I worked closely with Dov and his product development team to create a new collection of colorful jewelry basics. He had a laser vision about what the program could be, how it would grow and instinctively knew what would work. He made decisions quickly and he supported them fully to allow for the largest potential success of a new product launch. He created a program with us to keep his basics in a semi-finished state at all times so when a re-order was placed, we could ship finished goods in 3-5 days. As Dov predicted, the jewelry category thrived and the volume was beyond any of our expectations. Since June of last year our business with American Apparel has come to a halt and the process of taking new products to market is painfully slow and seasonal opportunities have been missed like Valentines and Christmas. Dov was always on top of the next opportunity and he supported it.