Chris Blaich, Regional Manager, Retail Facilities, New York, NY Jan 25 2015

I worked at American Apparel in NYC for nearly 8 years, from 2003-2011, watching it grow from two retail stores into over 200 by the time we parted ways. While not turning this into a history of my own career, the one thing I will say is, without question, Dov Charney cannot and should not be be separated from American Apparel. He is the creative blood behind every stitch, every color of every fabric, every store and every product produced. He deserves more after growing and sustaining the largest DOMESTIC clothing factory in the country, after marching with his garment workers for immigrant rights and after giving a sh*t for so long, not just about the bottom line, but about the people that made it all possible.

He taught me more than I can capture in this brief post, but I am happy to know the man and to have been a part of the company’s history. I sincerely hope he becomes integral to its future.

With Love,
Chris Blaich