Ram Sareen, CEO & Founder, Tukatech, Los Angeles, CA USA Jan 12 2015

So sad to see how corporate culture attempts to destroy the spirits and future. All great companies are started by Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Chemists, Engineers and destroyed by accountants who can never understand the VISION and Commitment of founders.

I still remember 1999 when American Apparel or their partners didn’t have money, credit was absolutely terrible but Dov still wanted to automate the sewing room to get better productivity from LA Based workers. The Unit Production System was going to cost $250,000 and to build a custom system to fit in old building, we needed all the money paid up front. Dov wanted to lease as it was a no brainer, the savings were so high that after paying monthly instalment there was positive cash flow.

Since leasing companies were going to take time, Dov gave a $25,000 PERSONAL CHECK that was covered by his father so we could start building the system. Long story short, the lease was not approved, the system was built and we all lost including Dov’s $25,000 deposit.

7 years later, we meet again and Dov evaluated our CAD systems, our Automatic Marker making systems, did his comparison with his systems and ran few markers he was cutting regularly. he saw the savings of fabric and quickly brought all the team members. I must say, his understanding of process and his commitment to make it happen is absolutely his best quality.

NO ONE is more passionate about making things better than Dov, NO ONE, PERIOD.

He sat there in the cutting room, he got fabric planners, he brought in knitting planners and went back all the way to the yarn so he could get best possible utilization.

There were days which turned into long nights when we all were working almost until 3.00 AM to 5.00 AM, Dov, My guys, his night shift people. he spent days and nights, monitoring the markers, sitting the cutting room, checking every lay to make sure ALL BAD HABITS are changed.
Very soon, we were able to save over $5,000,000 in fabric, the styles were the same but plan and execution with changes in Software and processes, HE MADE THE DIFFERENCE.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he can NEVER BE REPLACED, no one can be as committed as he is, anyone who has sacrificed his life, his sleep, his last penny can never even think of hurting his dream.

I wish his return to the company, if not for Dov, at least for the sake of all the employees who adore him, depended on him and will give anything for him.