C Diamond, Backstock Associate, Sales Associate, Backstock Manager, Model, Tallahassee, FL Aug 14 2015

When I think of Dov Charney I think of his strong character comprised of such virtues as rationality, productivity, industriousness, frugality, honesty, sincerity, transparency, creativity, ingenuity, imagination/visioning, consideration, strategic intelligence, tactfulness, independence, courage, determination, enthusiasm, passion, tenacity, graciousness, compassion, kindness, wit, dignity, and confidence.

With his rationality he gained immense knowledge of entrepreneurship, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, world cultures, world trade, retail, production, manufacturing, distribution, aesthetics, art, design, advertising, merchandising, leadership, and more. Combined with his productivity, he founded American Apparel and expanded the company faster than any other retail company in history, grew it into the largest clothing manufacturer in North America, and made fashion history with his company’s clothing designs and advertising that other companies are still appropriating and profiting off of today.

The man is great at starting up companies, growing them, forming and executing a vision, spotting and starting trends, sales, innovating, inspiring people to do their best, creating a prolific company culture, and much more. If I was a start-up in the retail business or a tenured company aimed at youths to young adults, I would want him on my team.

He is a major asset to anyone he works with, it was an honor to work with him, and there is no one who can run American Apparel as good as him.

C Diamond