Alexandra Chavez, HQ Sewing Office Administrator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 22 2015

Working for Dov at HQ downtown Los Angeles for 4 years were the best work years of experience I’ve ever had! There are so many opportunities to grow in that company! The most wonderful experience I ever had was able to travel with Dov and his team to Las Vegas, Miami and New York for the temporary pop up flea markets! He gave me the opportunity to help him create a store from an empty warehouse space in each location! He gave me the opportunity to travel and see new places I’ve never been to while gaining all that amazing work experience!

There is NO American Apparel without its founder! Bring Dov back! If he wasn’t a little crazy, he wouldn’t be able to make things work! I’ve never known of another CEO who has personally visited all of his retail stores world wide and still managed to stay at his own HQ and take the time to meet and greet with his valued sewer employees! He gets them all excited and always provides exceptional benefits for each employee! I don’t know of any corporation who has their own clinic on grounds with a personal doctor and nurse who provide exceptional medical care no matter the occasion. From a simple check up, to a flu shot.