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District Manager, Las Vegas, NV Mar 30 2015

Keyholder, Tokyo/Japan Mar 03 2015


Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Isa Jia, Former Back Stock Manager, Beijing, China Jan 28 2015

Dov是American Apparel的创始人,是品牌的灵魂,没有他也就没有现在的AA。世界上没有完美的人,Dov的不足也并没有影响他对AA的奉献与热爱,他是我见过的工作最努力的老板。


希望American Apparel的介绍前永远都是Dov.

Dov is the founder of American Apparel, the soul of the brand. Without him, there is no current American Apparel. There is no perfection of anyone, what Dov’s weakness didn’t affect the fact his dedicate and passion for American Apparel. He is the most hard working boss I’ve ever been.

If anyone think they can manage the company better than Dov, why don’t they start their own brand instead of stealing from others. (It’s like they don’t have the ability to have a baby, so they steal from other people’s baby. Beside all the legal parts, the baby won’t be healthy with the step parents because after all he/she is not your baby.)

I hope Dov will be always the first to mention before introducing American Apparel people.

Store Manager, Arcadia, CA Dec 19 2014

Personal Friend, San Bernardino, CA Feb 20 2015

I have worked and known a colleague of Dov’s for quite sometime and everything I know, have seen, or have heard has shown that Dov is a dedicated, hard working, and deserving indiviual. Not to mention a kind hearted and fully excepting person. Dov has my full support, his vision has my full support, and if Dov is brought back then, AA, the company has my full support. But, without Dov, the visionary, the genius, can you really say that anyone should even support AA?

Team Service, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

SR VP of Real Estate and Legal Counsel Retail Leasing, NYC Jan 02 2015

I worked for Dov for 10 years and together we opened close to 300 stores in 20 countries. Dov, is the hardest working CEO anywhere. Always on the front line and in the trenches. He has an amazing working knowledge of every facet of the business from product production and design to marketing and sales. He is a great leader – not a “blamer”. not passive aggressive, — tough but with smart expectations. He focused on the big goals and let me do my job as autonomously as possible. He trusted me implicitly and this led me to give him the utmost of loyalty and dedication. He did not micro manage but rather saw we were making progress and let me do things my way. This was refreshing and exciting. Working for Dov at American Apparel was the best job of my life. If Dov was back in control at American Apparel I’m sure the company would turn around and be a major wholesale and retail player once again.

President, Eastern W. Co. , Los Angeles, California Feb 10 2015

Our company has been working with Dov/American Apparel since last 8 years, Dov has brilliant ideas on how to design the watches and make it appealing to his customer’s.
Dov has been an excellent partner in selling watches and we appreciate his charismatic enthusiasm and in fact we have learned a lot from his business ideas.
We wish him well and hope he comes back to manage the company.
Best wishes.
Ali Rahim

Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Isla Return, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Serge Babayan, CEO, Central Carolina Hosiery, Charlotte NC Jan 26 2015

Dov built a vertical integrated facility with manufacturing capabilities to produce almost every category in-house and sell in its own AA retail stores.

Nobody will operate a factory and retail stores better than the founder of this model.

Global Inventory Analyst / Transfers, USA Dec 17 2014

May 1985 – Steve Jobs

Dec 2014 – Dov Charney

We can easily dominate the retail industry with a simple, yet effective strategy.

American Made Product.

There’s only one person that can bring us back to where we need to be.

Lloyd Brown, Former Consultant and Advisor, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Jan 25 2015

A visionary who took a dream, realized it, and then made it the most successful ” MADE IN AMERICA” company that anyone has ever seen!!!
His creativity, design, marketing, branding and photographs are second to none.
AMERICAN APPAREL was and still is his vision.
It is ONLY he that can captain this ship into the future.

Graphic Assistant, Berlin, Germany Jan 03 2015

Joshua White, District Inventory Manager Western Canada, Vancouver, BC Dec 17 2014

Dov is the reason this company is what it is, without his vision and charisma we would blend into a retail market that lacks soul, passion or integrity. I have always been incredibly proud of working for American Apparel, I love my job and most of that reason is because of what Dov has built. He has always made himself available and his help, support and guidance has pushed me to be what I am today with American Apparel.

Leather Dept, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

Nick Hickling, Assistant Manager, Vancouver, BC Jan 20 2015

Assistant Manager, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Bring dov back.!!!

Store Manager, Victoria, BC, Canada Jan 28 2015

With the decline of Dov’s involvement in the company, there has been a sure decline in American Apparel. Without Dov’s visionary leadership this brand is beginning to look like a cheap department store. This is not the company I wanted as a teenager, or the company that I started working for almost 5 years ago. If I wanted to work for a target, I would.

Cashier, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

I support Dov! Hope he will come back soon!

Natalie, Visual Merchandiser, San Diego, CA Feb 12 2015

Rahja Benhadi, Store Manager, Paris Jan 21 2015

“American Apparel is Dov and Dov is American Apparel”

Now you can judge the man but not the leader!!!…
American Apparel is a really special and unique brand in many level, as Dov is…
So I really don’t think it will stay this way without him. What a pity!

Good luck Dov, we are all waiting for you to come back

Operator, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Former District Manager, LA/Midwest Feb 06 2015

The overall theme as I read these post, as without the guidance and opportunity that Dov provided each of us we would not be where we are in our careers. I started as a visual merchandiser and was then promoted by CEO Dov Charney and worked for him for six years.
The first thing I noticed as an associate that leadership is not asking anyone to do something you wouldn’t do. From scraping gum off the floors to having pristine bathrooms, these mundane tasks were actually business lessons by Dov. I had worked for other Ceo’s but Dov was so knowledgable about every aspect of the business.
From every flight plan we used to ship goods to our retail stores, to the smallest details of every fabric we use, Dov is a walking encyclopedia Bratanica of American Apparel. That can’t be replaced. The stories of Dov picking up every call is indeed true.
I am Sure he gets hundreds a day. Even if busy you get a polite, call me in five. How many Ceo’s are that connected to their business and employees. For those that say it’s about money and business only. The day my mom passed away he was the first to call and I will always appreciate that.
For anyone reading this for all the stories sensationalized in the media these are the real stories about Dov as a person, his vision and knowledge as possibly the only person able to grow AA back to where it should be. This is not one or ten
People sharing their stories, this is a movement so the world of business sees that American Apparel is and always will be Soc Charney.

Visual Merchandiser, Rome, Italy Jan 05 2015

Dov is American Apparel, he is more than the founder is the vision, the meaning, the spirit. He is the only person who can motivate the store’s teams with his speeches.
I hope the #TeamDov helps him to come back where he’s needed.

Creative, Los Angeles Dec 17 2014

All my support to Dov. This brand wouldn’t be the same without his vision and love to this company.

Visual Merchandiser, Vancouver Feb 05 2015

Ricardo, Contractor, Brooklyn, NY Jan 27 2015

Para todos los que no conocen a Dov Cherney déjenme decirles q es un gran amigo y un buen hombre muy trabajador y justo.
El iso de Americam Apparel una compañía revelde y única otras compañías se dedicaban a explotar y abusar de los empleados el les dio un salario digno y si visitan 747 la fabrica veras q ninguna otra compañía hay en usa como American apparel
en el tiempo q lo conocí me di cuenta q yo quería ser como el si!
El fue mi maestro de el aprendí a ser un buen jefe por eso y muchas cosas mas yo estoy con Dov. No hay taco sin carne y tampoco hay American apparel sin Dov espero pronto tu regreso gran Amigo. 

Michael Yu, Back Stock Assistant, Beijing, China Jan 28 2015


Edgardo Lopez, Custodian, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

Backstock Coordinator, Canada, East Coast Jan 27 2015

Bundling, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Assistant Manager, Beijing Feb 17 2015

加油 Dov! 中国AA员工需要你的帮助!快回来吧

Sales Associate, Los Angeles Jan 07 2015

An integral -and in my opinion, the most wonderful- part of American Apparel is the belief that everyone should be treated fairly. Not only through sweatshop free manufacturing and generous benefits to employees – but treated fairly through interpersonal relationships. I thoroughly enjoy my job because of the camaraderie and respect I feel from those with – and I believe that respect should be extended to the man who gave all of us an opportunity to work in such a great environment, Dov.

Photo Editor, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

I do not know much about Dov but I feel like the company was built on it’s edgy and creative spirit. I am supportive of this ultimately and do not wish it to change.

Headquarters , Los Angeles, CA Jan 02 2015

For the past six months, I’ve watched from headquarters the constant stream of new corporate suits filing in, utterly confused and too arrogant and ignorant to learn about the how to run this company. With Dov at the helm, AA was the last uncorporate corporation, not to mention one of the last companies to manufacture anything in the US. Don’t even get me started in the vital role AA plays in the manufacturing industry (supply chain, craftsmen, talent) as the US garment industry dwindles to nothing. How unfortunate that the company is now being run by greedy corporate officials more interested in lining their pockets with money. (Don’t forget that the only original board of six men that ousted Dov were attempting to personally profit enormously from breaking up the company and selling it overseas to China. Hello private jet! ) It’s sad to see all the people, especially the young people that made the company so successful are being mistreated and not even properly compensated while these greedy old white guys in suits that never had anything to do with the success of the company just get insanely wealthy.

WanPing Song, Labor Chain Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Jesus Miranda, Machine Operator, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Cecilia Berries, Distribution, Los angeles Jan 19 2015

Sales Associate, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Come back, we support you.

Former Controller, Los Angeles, CA Jul 07 2015

I fully support Mr. Dov Charney! American Apparel is a leader in the industry and had the creative marketing and designs to attract a worldwide following. Strong leadership is needed to get back on track and it requires the founder’s return.

Daniel, Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Siempre va ser alguien muy especial porque él siempre ha apoyado a todos los operadores de costura él nunca descrimina a sus operadores y nos trata como sus amigos. a mí siempre me motivaba cuando él caminaba el piso y gritaba hola cómo están y todos se ponían emocionado cuando él pasaba saludando a todos los operadores. yo siempre le ha dado las gracias por siempre apoyarnos a mí y a mi familia en el problema de inmigración gracias a él tengo este trabajo y tengo mi hogar. gracias le doy A Dov porque sin su ayuda yo ya hubiera regresado a mi país muchas gracias y yo voto por él

Raymond Radi, Owner , 1344 W. Sunset blvd. Los Angeles, CA, 90026 Jan 30 2015

After 20 years in Hollywood, I decided to relocate to Echo Park in 2001 which is when I first met Dov Charney. He has since been a loyal customer and a man of his word. He is a dynamic and honest businessman and always the cheerleader!!!

Esme, Senior Designer, Cranston, NY Feb 10 2015

We have designed and manufactured jewelry with American Apparel for several years now. As a 60 year old company who also believes in the Made in America mission our jewelry and American Apparel were a perfect match.

Being a designer and product developer I had the fortune of complete access to the Creative Director and Buyer at American Apparel, who had the ear of Dov at all times, and as a team our jewelry business was growing together.

We received orders consistently and got paid in a timely fashion. Dov personally did sign our checks. We employ over 30 people here who depend on our business, and since Dov was removed we have not been paid for product we shipped.

I’m not sure what this says about the professional corporate takeover, but I know it puts jobs here in RI at grave risk. Something must be done. Bring Dov back!

Kevin Belk, Small Business Owner, Charleston, SC Jan 25 2015

I met Dov in 1996. I was cutting his hair here in Charleston South Carolina when American Apparel was very young. Even at that early stage I was impressed by his journey. The sacrifices he had made and dedication to learning the textile industry. He had a vision and focus. I knew he was going to do something big. He moved and I didn’t see him for many years.

Then out of nowhere, American Apparel became a top brand. In my opinion the American Apparel brand is on the level of Nike and Apple except it’s made in America. Our country needs more people like Dov. I am fourth generation in my family to work in textiles. Over half of my home town worked in textiles. At the time Dov was building his textile business here in America, other leading textile companies was literally taking all the manufacturing jobs out of the USA. I worked in a dye house in a textile factory after high school on the third shift. I had been told my whole life how horrible it was to work in the cotton mill. I have heard slave labor labeled to the textile industry in the southeast decades before Dov said it to Vice. Then in 1992 over half of my hometown was unemployed. Nearly every mill in South & North Carolina closed over a few years. I have wondered why our political leaders here in the southeast could have invested in Dov to save the industry that provided for almost everyone. Our country needs more people like Dov.

He has revolutionized the textile industry and has inspired so many to bring their own made in America ideas into fruition and create affluence and jobs. He inspired me to start my own business and I am proud of the jobs I have created and who I have hired. He from the beginning has been a pioneer and activist modern day cultural and civil change. In my opinion he was the first voice anyone could hear speaking on labor practices, gay marriage, immigration post year 2k. Now our country is making progress on theses issues and no one is giving him credit for that.

It’s obvious when there is success and affluence there is vultures and hyenas and snakes and lawyers and lawsuits. No one was suing him before the major successes he’s accomplished. Most peoples problem with him seems to be self inflicted. Why invest in him and American Apparel if you can’t be accountable for your own actions and decisions? Investing is a risk business. You can’t turn and blame others to the extent of making them extinct. You can’t separate Dov Charney from American Apparel. It’s like a butterfly without wings. A unicorn without a horn. Try it with out him or do it with him. Copy his plan and move on. It absurd to separate the two. He’s a genius. That’s why people invest in him. His journey, vision and success is inspiring. Hard as it is to create something on AA level, it hard to see this activity as only another disincentive to create something great that ultimately helps people and creates jobs. Let’s hope this can be obvious to all that is another flaw in how the USA can’t have large business function successfully here. It’s sad to see investors and lawyers extort a great American brand.

Kevin Belk

Supervisor Shoe Department, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

We love Dov. He is a great leadership for company.
We want him back.

Back Stock Coordinator, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014


Melanie Rodrigues, Boston Apr 04 2015

I’m a customer of American Apparel and I hope that the company comes to a realization that they Dov, the one who started this company because if it wasn’t for him American Apparel wouldn’t be what it is today. He is the heart and soul of American Apparel and hope people can see that. #TeamDov

Assistant Manager, Paris, France Dec 17 2014

Back Stock, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014


Assistant, Los Angeles, CA Jan 02 2015

Dov has built American Apparel from the ground up. He deserves to accompany his vision of American Apparel to the Fullest.

Justin Watson, Keyholder, Orlando, Florida Aug 28 2015

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 12 2015

Nadia Boukina, Store Manager, Ottawa, Ontario Dec 17 2014

Working for American Apparel is synonymous to working for Dov Charney. Dov founded and built this company. He is a driving force, motivator, and inspiration to many employees. His hands-on involvement is a rare and valuable quality. Not only was he involved at all levels of the company, but he defined this company’s vision. There is no one that will fight as hard as Dov to ensure American Apparel succeeds.

Personally, I think Dov’s ability to guide the company and foster a shared vision while also remaining very involved at the store level is the kind of leadership we need to succeed. As a Store Manager, having Dov as the CEO of American Apparel was very motivating because I felt the sense of working toward a shared vision, but with his departure this common goal seems to have vanished.

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014

DOV!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!

Backstock, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Sales Associate, Düsseldorf Jan 08 2015

what is the company without its founder?

Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Sales Associate, Montreal, QC Feb 17 2015

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Come back. He was a great supporter. Thank you

Visual Merchandiser, Berlin Dec 19 2014

Sweatshop free! x

German Employee, US/Germany Jan 19 2015

In Germany we had an old historical saying: Der Lotse ( Bismark ) geht von Bord – Dropping the Pilot – and what happened after that …..!!!

” The pilot leaves the ship ” was translated into German caption of 1890 in the British newspaper ” Punch” appeared cartoon.

It is to see how the Chancellor Otto von Bismarck ( * ° 1815 to 1898) goes down the gangway of a steamer and thereby of Kaiser Wilhelm II . (* ° 1859 to 1941) is observed from above. At the beginning of 1890 there were between Kaiser Wilhelm II and his chancellor to differences in terms of heightened social laws . The conflict escalated . In March, d . J. Bismarck received his discharge certificate

ISLA Returns, Los Angeles Jan 16 2015

Ruben, Sales Associate, Los Angeles Feb 18 2015

Machine Operator, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Back Stock Coordinator, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014


Sales Associate, Los Angeles Feb 11 2015

Retail Logistics, Los Angeles Feb 03 2015

When asked by my friends & family about who the real Dov Charney is, the one thing I can always say is “You’ll never beat Dov at passion.” He has such an energetic work ethic that some people find it hard to keep up with him but I personally love the way he challenges everyone to constantly push forward and do their absolute best. If hard work was on Olympic sport than Dov would be a gold medalist every 4 years, it wouldn’t even be a contest. Dov is the only person with the dedication to be there day and night, on the phone grinding it out on every single point, ironing out each fabric, solving each piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is American Apparel. I personally wouldn’t bet my money or trust anyone else to do a better job at running American Apparel than Mr. Charney. Passion wins in the end, and like I said you’ll never beat him at that game.

Pacific Northwest District Manager, Portland, OR Jan 07 2015

Stock Manager, Paris Jan 09 2015

American Apparel is Dov’ u change Dov’ u change American Apparel

Customer and employee love the spirit AA in 1 or 2 years AA die sure .

thanks Dov i come AA ,3 years ago because AA’s not a society AA is a Family .

my dream is work in montreal with the real spirit AA


Tsai Hsing, Labor Chain Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

I’ve been working for the company longer than 10 years. I like being an american apparel employee. Dov has been very happy and good to us.

Account Executive, New York, NY Jan 31 2015

Inventory Manager, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Stephen Stickler, Photographer , Los Angeles, CA Jan 23 2015

I’m the original photographer for American Apparel, and Dov is an old friend of mine. There is no American Apparel without Dov, and I support him professionally and personally.

Christina Lovejoy, Jewelry Manufacturer, 1928 Jewelry Co, Burbank, California Feb 10 2015

I have had the honor of saying that I manufacture the jewelry for American Apparel for the last 3 years. I worked closely with Dov and his product development team to create a new collection of colorful jewelry basics. He had a laser vision about what the program could be, how it would grow and instinctively knew what would work. He made decisions quickly and he supported them fully to allow for the largest potential success of a new product launch. He created a program with us to keep his basics in a semi-finished state at all times so when a re-order was placed, we could ship finished goods in 3-5 days. As Dov predicted, the jewelry category thrived and the volume was beyond any of our expectations. Since June of last year our business with American Apparel has come to a halt and the process of taking new products to market is painfully slow and seasonal opportunities have been missed like Valentines and Christmas. Dov was always on top of the next opportunity and he supported it.

Wholesale Sales Coordinator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

Don’t change AA. Dov=AA<3

Shoe Department Manager, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Architectural Designer, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Dov is American Apparel.

Service Team, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Quality Control, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Store Manager, Los Angeles Dec 24 2014

Dov is the man and everyone needs to wake up and remember why they have their job in the first place. Although we should close sooner on Christmas Eve #teamdov

Store Manager, Paris Jan 26 2015

Hi! I worked from 2005 to 2010 in Paris as a store manager, and I really trust Dov as the best person to support and push this company! He is the spirit, the groove of the brand! Even if he is a provocative character, we shouldn’t forget that he created thousands of jobs and opportunities, given chances to build something, a carreer to people like me! He incarnated a different kind of business, built on arts, culture, lifestyle, an alternative way that didn’t understand the right-thinking people!!! Go Dov and don’t believe all rumors, he’s the legend, and that’s the power of this great company!!!

Brent Pielech, Manager, Canada Jan 19 2015

He gave me opportunities no other would. He inspired me like no other could. He challenged me mentally and physically. I would not be the employee I am today without Dov and my carreer in this industry is what it is because of him. I owe a lot to this man and I believe that without him American Apparel will never reach its full potential. Bring back Dov! He IS American Apparel!

Retail Markdowns, Los Angeles Dec 18 2014

No one else knows the company as well as Dov. He is the only one with the passion to save it. I’ve never met a more passionate, hard working, and sincere person other than him. One night when my team stayed late in the office, working on requests from Dov, he called to personally thank us and tell us how much he appreciated the long hours we were putting in. I don’t know many CEOs who would do that.

Elvia Cabrera, Fabric Supplies, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Andrew Richardson, Founder Richardson Magazine, New York, NY, USA Jan 31 2015

Dov Charney has supported Richardson whole heartedly and unconditionally for the last 5 years. With out that support there would be no Richardson Magazine. I know many other independent publishers and artists that say the same of Dov.
Apart from his support of youth culture he also seems to be the only mass market fashion retailer/manufacturer that is making clothes here in America.
There are certain individuals who have had an impact on popular culture and Dov Charney is undoubtedly one of those people…

Ivan Cruz, Fresh Air Freight, La Mirada, CA Feb 05 2015

The distribution centre here in La Mirada, CA has become very totalistic, something that never happened when Dov was around. With Dov around work actually got done, we had merchandise to ship on a daily basis. Now, “new management” would rather focus on the color of shoes employees wear than put any thought what-so-ever into even TRYING to make shipment on time. It is getting ridiculous. WE NEED DOV BACK!!!!

Visual Merchandiser, New York City Jan 28 2015

Dov created the American Apparel we all love. The company is moving in the direction we all don’t like. This needs to change or else we will see the fall of a company we all care about. American Apparel was about teamwork and passion. Let’s bring that back with Dov Charney as CEO again.

Leroy Hicks, Distribution, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

We wish for more hours.

Consumer, Los Angeles Feb 03 2015

Key Holder, Amsterdam Dec 20 2014

Machine Operator, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Purchasing Manager for Display/Fixtures, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Keyholder, Amsterdam Jan 16 2015

No one understands a company’s vision better than its founder.

Rosalba Corona, Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 15 2015

Hola me llamo Rosalba Corona.
He trabajado en Sequoia y aquí en el centro de Los Angeles por 2 años.

Yo primero vi a Dov en la televisión antes que trabajara aquí en la compania y el estaba luchando por los bienes de la gente imigrante.

Pensé y dije quiero trabajar para es compania, yo quiero conoser a ese hombre.

Y cuando tube la oportunidad de aplicar lo hise.

Gracias por todo Dov!

Sales Associate, Los Angeles Dec 24 2014

Sales Associate, Shanghai Dec 27 2014

Lisa Simmons, Social Media, Clarity Wellness, Los Angeles Feb 27 2015

I emailed Dov directly when I was trying to get a job at AA a few years ago. To my delight and surprise, he himself wrote me back. He had no idea who I was – but he knew I loved his company and that was enough for him. I didn’t end up pursuing a job with AA, but the fact that a CEO and founder would reach out to an unknown is… really fucking cool… and I think says a lot about why AA has become so overwhelmingly popular. I wish him all the best.

Visuals, King of Prussia, PA Feb 16 2015

Backstock Coordinator, Los Angeles, CA Dec 19 2014

Bring DOV BACK!!

Fabiola Guertero, Quality Control, Los Angeles Feb 16 2015

Is the best owner. And boss forever. American apparel SI SE puedo. DOV. I love you forever

Kevin, Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 15 2015

yo siempre lo voy a apoyar siempre voy a estar de su lado como usted siempre ha estado apoyando unos a los otros usted sabe que siempre cuenta con nosotros y muchas gracias por toda su ayuda y lo extrañamos. ojalá que pronto nos volvamos a ver. yo voto por Dov

Country Manager, France Dec 20 2014

Keyholder, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Back Stock, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014

保佑Dov, 他不是坏人,不要伤害他!

Jules, Company Photographer, Paris Jan 14 2015

Dov created such an inspirational company, with a truly recognizable DNA and a ethical statement.
It was a pleasure to collaborate with him.
Bring him back!

Damage Control, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Sales, MOD, Wellington, Florida Feb 11 2015

I only met Dov once and for just those few minutes I could see how much he cares about this company and the employees who work for it.

Assistant Manager, Los Angeles, CA Jan 10 2015

Sales Associate, Pittsburgh, PA Feb 14 2015

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Great man

Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Gisela, House Keeping, Los Angeles, California Feb 16 2015

Dov was, is, and will be the best boss in American apparel. He is and will forever be the best boss, and owner of American Apparel.

Keyholder, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

支持 Dov 回AA,我觉得他在公司的时候明显比较有动力。

Store Manager, Montreal, QC Dec 18 2014


Store Manager, London Jan 29 2015

Backstock Employee, Amsterdam Dec 20 2014

American Apparel needs its founding visionary.
Dov is very commited and excellent in motivating ALL the employees.

Sales Associate, Shanghai Dec 27 2014

Backstock Manager, Amsterdam Dec 19 2014

We need him back, there’s no other person in the world, who can lead AA like Dov.

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Need you to come back. To help us benefit in our job. Thank you

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 15 2015

Me llamo marisela y yo siempre voy apoyar a Dov a mí me encanta su forma de pensar acerca de sus trabajadores él siempre se preocupa por todos y siempre está pendiente con lo de inmigración para poder ayudarnos a nosotros y a nuestras familias yo voto por él porque él siempre ha luchado por nuestro bien venir

Waldo Ayala, Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Me llamo Waldo Ayala y trabajo en el área de OAK para American Apparel.

En el poco tiempo que conocí a Dov siempre fue muy amable conmigo y todos mis compañeros de trabajo.

Muchos de mis compañeros de trabajo me dicen historias del apoyo que les ha brindado y yo pienso lo mismo.

Estoy muy agradecido de la ayuda que nos ha dado con imigración. Con mis papeles en proceso estoy agradecido con todos los que me apoyan con mi situación con imigracion.

Y quisiera que regresar a trabajar para American Apparel. Fue un gran jefe y le agradezco todo lo que ha hecho por nosotros.

Team Dov

Stacey M, VP of Apparel, Southern CA Jan 29 2015

I have known Dov for about 25 years and I have been a friend, fan and wholesale customer from the very beginning. When I first met Dov he was still living on the East coast and that’s when he first shared his dream with me. His passion and personality was so contagious there was no way I could not get on the bandwagon. I loved that he was so real and what you say was who he was! So refreshing!

I was working for a very large merch company as the Head of Sourcing and I think I wrote him one of his first million dollar orders… guess what he delivered and continued to do so for years! Then he moved West and he was so excited to show me his new spot… and in Dov style, he found so space under the 10 freeway off-ramp. What impressed me the most was the energy in the room, it appeared that everyone in the room had also caught the Dov fever! There was so much passion and creativity under the freeway that day it all but guarantied this was the beginning of something big! I guess the rest is now history.

I remember a story Dov told me about an old man he met while standing in line in a bank who also caught the fever (those who know Dov well know the story).

It is very rare to be fortunate enough to meet and call a friend like Dov. His generosity, passion, talent and his ability to keep it real have been something I have admired for over 25 years.

You can have a board of directors, you can have executives, you can have workers but you cannot have American Apparel with out Dov!

Hosiery, Los Angeles Jan 08 2015

Great guy. Please bring back

Backstock Coordinator, Boca Raton Dec 17 2014

Keyholder, San Francisco, CA Jan 29 2015

I sign this in support of Dov Charney.

He has created an exciting, creative and modern brand/company.

Since learning about the company in college to saying hello and meeting him at the Fisherman’s Warf Fleamarket Sale I felt he was a strong and perfect leader for American Apparel. I feel comfortable around him and would do 300% for him.

Similar to what another person wrote I am supportive of the company’s creative and edgy spirit which was Dov’s. I do not want this to change! Dov’s creative and edgy vision for the company is why I wanted to work for American Apparel. It has been my best job.

Without Dov providing guidance and support- like he always did- the soul and life of the stores have suffered! It is hard for me to not sound negative and feel dull but there is a void that must be refilled.

The employees support Dov. I support Dov.

Thank you for my position in such a unique and real brand. I will do what I can to make your company successful this year. I also look forward to having you as my boss again soon.


Xxxxx Xxxxx

Inventory Manager, Vancouver Dec 17 2014

KIDS Division, Los Angeles Dec 18 2014

American Apparel is an innovative and unique company. These qualities are tied to the unconventional methods and personality of a founder who has fought tirelessly on the company’s behalf, steered it through a difficult economy and set it on a course to regain profitability at pre-recession levels. It was a dire mistake for the Board to remove him, and I support without reservation his reinstatement him back.

Sales Floor, Japan Mar 06 2015


Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

señor Dov
ya tengo mucho tiempo que no lo veo y solamente le quiero decir que yo siempre lo voy a apoyar para que se regrese a la compañía porque gracias a usted mi familia ha salido adelante.
gracias a usted, yo ya soy Residentes de los estados unidos mi esposa ya se hizo residente y mis hijos también gracias a usted toda mi familia puede estar en este país legalmente.
yo nunca he tenido un jefe como usted que se preocupe por todos sus empleados de costura
le estaré agradecido por el resto de mi vida lo que usted hizo por mí y mi familia nunca se me va olvidar.
usted es un gran hombre
muchas gracias lo extrañamos y ojalá que todo se arregle yo voto porto. yo voto por Dov

Sales Associate, Düsseldorf Jan 08 2015

Montreal, QC, Canada Apr 05 2015

We Love Dov !!

Maria Cabrera, Former Operator, Downey, CA Feb 23 2015

Yo fui una de las personas que tuve qhe dejar, aa por mi estado migratorio.yo fui testigo decomo el nos apoyo hasta que ya no pudo. Siento tristeza al enterarme de su situacion, por que el siempre lucho incansablemente hasta lograr una linea de ropa reconocida mundialmente,……. Aun anoro regresar a aa cuando legalice mi situacion migratoria pero con dov a la cabeza, con nuestro lider, de otra forma aa no sera lo mismo sin el….. Sr Dov ruego a dios pronto regrese a aa donde usted pertenece, …. Mis bendiciones para usted.

Supervisor, Los Angeles,CA Jan 06 2015

#teamDov He always knew what he was doing when it came to American Apparel as a company and nice to his employers. AMERICAN APPAREL needs Dov!

Keyholder, Los Angeles, CA Dec 20 2014

i lov dov

Guadalupe Cano, Distribution, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Marissa, Former Store Manager, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Feb 18 2015

Dov is American Apparel! The absence of his passion and enthusiasm will soon prove to be a huge detriment to the company and for the brand. His vision of AA is unattainable without him, and it will be clear in the end that this was a big mistake – Go Dov!

Art Manager (former), Brooklyn, NY Dec 24 2014

Keyholder, Edmonton, Alberta Dec 19 2014

Medical/HR, Los Angeles, CA Jan 13 2015

I wholeheartedly support Dov. He has a great heart and cares so much about his employees. He is very hard-working and passionate about what he does. The place is not the same without him.

Store Manager, Los Angeles Dec 19 2014

Back Stock Manager, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

I support Dov.

Greg Lorber, President, Lorber Enterprises Feb 05 2015

Packing, Los Angeles Jan 20 2015

Cashier, Liverpool Jan 23 2015

Gavin Elliott, Partner, Amsterdam Apr 15 2015

Store Manager/Transfers, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Commitment, dedicated, motivational, and unique. These are just a few words that describe Dov Charney, both as a leader and as a person. When no one could help with issues, Dov would be there. He is on the ground day in and day out to make the company as successful as possible. You cannot name one company executive that is as hands on as he is. His loyalty and drive is unmatched. Like Steve Jobs without Apple. Its simple, Dov Charney is American Apparel. Without Dov, there is no American Apparel.

Former Manager, Newfoundland Jan 02 2015

Dov is American apparel. His passion and drive is what built this company. Lots of love and support from around the world <3 #teamdov

Melissa Gross, Multi-brand Buyer, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

This letter is in support of the reinstatement of Dov Charney as CEO of American Apparel:

Without bias, or any ounce of doubt, I believe Dov Charney must be reinstated as CEO of American Apparel, for the betterment and success of the business, community and culture he seeded, nourished, and bloomed.

How can I describe life before I began working with Dov? Its simple. It wasn’t life as it could have been.

It was late August 2012, and I had just rejected my acceptance to graduate school. My Bachelors of Science degree didn’t exactly land me the greatest opportunities in the entry-level job market; so I found myself working at a telemarketing agency, selling trade show tickets and essentially trade arrangement opportunities over the phone. I was smart enough to get into medical school, but I could barely qualify on paper to land a relevant and interesting job in the corporate world, but that’s what I wanted. I wanted to work, and let my intelligence and curiosity strive in another field of work.

So there I was, a young lady entrepreneur, with a whole lot of energy and passion, love for science and equations, art, history, fashion and culture, sitting at a desk all day, simply cold calling high level executives, hoping their gatekeepers let the call through.

I woke up everyday at 6 am. I felt as though I gained nothing, made barely any connections, learnt slim to no skills asides for smooth talking personal assistants, and left work at 5 pm on the dot. I made just as much money as I made upon entry at American Apparel, yet I left with no incentives, no added “bonuses” from being so involved, and no satisfaction. I was just one more person living a cookie cutter corporate life, filled with typical everything. I needed to get out of that life, and mentality that only a degree, age and experience is needed on paper to get a chance to do bigger things, or learn from the best.

One evening after leaving that office demotivated and disheartened with the nature of the position I was in, I walked over to the Montreal American Apparel Headquarters to go see Dov. This was not the first time I had met him, yet this was the first time I truly met his world. The world I have come to call my own, and share with many others I have met and connected with since that very first day.

I walked right into a boiler room of American Apparel Employees, dressed in my business suit attire. I looked around and was envious of the young adults, wearing relaxing fashionable attire, creating an amazing vibe and creative setting, while appearing to also have jobs they love, and appreciated for everything they were worth. Granted they had to work more hours than me at the time, but it was evident they knew they were getting a huge chance at doing something bigger than they could have imagined, and sat together like a true pack working on a unified mission.

He introduced me to the team of staff in his whimsical way, toured me through the office and led me to all the cool places in the building, the store, and eventually his home. He was so vibrant, intelligent, and most of all intriguing. His smile, vivacity and energy kept me alert and running until 3 am, even after leaving for work at 6 am the previous day. He was so amazing to me. I was so impressed, and immediately felt like I had learned so many things about business, life and really just everything.

I knew right then and there, I wanted to work for Dov, and be a part of his drive for success and imagination he shared with anyone who was open minded, willing to learn, and appreciated his presence. It wasn’t the brand first, even though some may think it should have been, it was Dov as a leader and boss that was the main point of attraction to me. Over the years of meeting colleagues from around the world, I realize that desire to work for Dov first and not just a brand, was shared with many others. It was what he brought out in all of us that kept us moving, making, growing and hustling.

What Dov Charney brings to any table, especially his own, is 100% passion, brilliance, experience, and most importantly direction. His ability to lead any number of people to greatness more than just once is very strong and consistent and has never been seen in any other light. Even throughout this past few months, Dov to the majority of us remains our leader. It says a hell of a lot that a man on the outside can still remain as impactful as he can. He is the essence of the beauty between those four walls. He is what drives thousands of people to pledge allegiance to the company he has built and shared so equally with us all in the most generous and honorable ways.

I wouldn’t trust any other man or woman than Dov to drive American Apparel to success, as he truly understands what motivates individuals and his employees to greatness. He always is the first and last man standing, and there is no one on the globe who would be able to say anything to contradict that notion. This man, takes all accountability, would learn every step of any trade if needed in order to benefit his business, and would forever know how to share the huge corporation he built with others, making them truly feel as though a piece of it was theirs. To me, and most others, that is a true CEO, a true leader who will always have followers. He is a man who is willing and powerful and would never back away from the everyday struggles of owning and operating a business. He is greatness. He is what these four walls will forever need to soar and maintain its ultimate powers and beauty.

So much of this beauty has already been interrupted, yet is being held onto tightly by all those who have been entrenched by his vision. We will all stand together as he always had it, and remain confident that this man will be honored for all he deserves and be reintegrated into the community he built.

Because of Dov, and the American Apparel Dream he instilled so greatly in me, I can now say I know what kind of environment ensues real life. A life filled with raw passion, focus, creativity, success and ultimate freedom. He led me to see the raw beauties of the world, being human, and shooting for the stars.

I love him. I trust him. I would forever fight for him as an employee and I am proud to say, I do not stand-alone with these feelings. We all want to work for this kind of CEO.

Herman Zegermann, Sales, Germany Feb 05 2015

Lutsch Schwänze in der Hölle, Dov!! xxx

Former Assistant Manager, Montreal Jan 31 2015

Dov = American Apparel


American Apparel – Dov = 0

Manuel Luna, Fabric Control, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Please come back, a better opportunity for pay would be amazing. Thank you

Sales Assistant, London Jan 29 2015

Photo Curator, Los Angeles Dec 17 2014

Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

District Manager, Benelux Dec 19 2014

Back Stock Coordinator, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014


Keyholder, New York Feb 16 2015

Honestly never knew who he was until I began at AA and I must say the reputation I heard was not a good one. It wasn’t until reading this that I realized that yes he did some crazy shit. Yes he got into aloy of trouble, but at such a young age to create such a revolution. Have to had it to him. Dov ur AA. 

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Come back Dov, thanks for everything

Rurika Klausen, Model, Japan Mar 18 2015


Ram Sareen, CEO & Founder, Tukatech, Los Angeles, CA USA Jan 12 2015

So sad to see how corporate culture attempts to destroy the spirits and future. All great companies are started by Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Chemists, Engineers and destroyed by accountants who can never understand the VISION and Commitment of founders.

I still remember 1999 when American Apparel or their partners didn’t have money, credit was absolutely terrible but Dov still wanted to automate the sewing room to get better productivity from LA Based workers. The Unit Production System was going to cost $250,000 and to build a custom system to fit in old building, we needed all the money paid up front. Dov wanted to lease as it was a no brainer, the savings were so high that after paying monthly instalment there was positive cash flow.

Since leasing companies were going to take time, Dov gave a $25,000 PERSONAL CHECK that was covered by his father so we could start building the system. Long story short, the lease was not approved, the system was built and we all lost including Dov’s $25,000 deposit.

7 years later, we meet again and Dov evaluated our CAD systems, our Automatic Marker making systems, did his comparison with his systems and ran few markers he was cutting regularly. he saw the savings of fabric and quickly brought all the team members. I must say, his understanding of process and his commitment to make it happen is absolutely his best quality.

NO ONE is more passionate about making things better than Dov, NO ONE, PERIOD.

He sat there in the cutting room, he got fabric planners, he brought in knitting planners and went back all the way to the yarn so he could get best possible utilization.

There were days which turned into long nights when we all were working almost until 3.00 AM to 5.00 AM, Dov, My guys, his night shift people. he spent days and nights, monitoring the markers, sitting the cutting room, checking every lay to make sure ALL BAD HABITS are changed.
Very soon, we were able to save over $5,000,000 in fabric, the styles were the same but plan and execution with changes in Software and processes, HE MADE THE DIFFERENCE.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he can NEVER BE REPLACED, no one can be as committed as he is, anyone who has sacrificed his life, his sleep, his last penny can never even think of hurting his dream.

I wish his return to the company, if not for Dov, at least for the sake of all the employees who adore him, depended on him and will give anything for him.

Transfers, Los Angeles, CA Dec 22 2014

Dov is a awesome leader and very motivational!

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014


Multi-Store Manager, Los Angeles Feb 19 2015

EVERYBODY WHO CAN SEE THIS POST-READ THE ARTICLE IN THE LINK! We need Standard General out of American Apparel!

Oscar, Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 15 2015

Me llamo Óscar y trabajo en el departamento de corte.
Yo tengo trabajando para la compañía casi 19 años. Me siento orgulloso de ser parte de esta gran compañía. Y eso se lo debo a Dov. Porque sin su apoyo yo no estuviera en esta compañía. Gracias a el soy residente de este país. Y gracias a eso yo y mi familia por fin podemos estar tranquilos viviendo en este país.
Siempre voy a estar muy agradecido con el. Y yo siempre lo voy a apoyar en todas sus decisiones yo voto por Dov.

Dov lo extrañamos…..

Rene Garcia, Supervisor, Los Angeles, California Mar 08 2015

Herminia Avalos, Labor Change Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 16 2015

El senor ara bueno, siempre se preogupaba por sus empleados. Quiro que regrese. Su asuntos personales no nos ofende. Para nosotros es bueno.

Store Manager, Los Angeles, CA Feb 09 2015

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Diego Suarez, Sales Associate, New York City Jan 27 2015

He’s devoted years to getting this company started and it’s not fair to him that he now has no say in something he felt passionate about, regardless of the circumstances. #TeamDov

Past Employee, Montreal/Los Angeles Dec 17 2014

Without American Apparel and my experience with Dov, I wouldn’t have been given such great opportunities. I worked for American Apparel for nearly a decade, and he is the reason for my strong work ethic that I encompass today.

Michael Pozner, Director Real Estate, NYC Aug 12 2015

Been watching Dov’s posts in social media as of late and they caused me to reminisce about how great a person he was to work with. Brilliant, funny, insightful – never a blamer. Rolled with the punches. Hard, hard worker. We had our ups and downs like any Odd Couple but in the end we were there for each other 🙂

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Sales Associate, NW, Washington D.C Feb 14 2015

President of Vendor Company, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Everyone needs to understand that Dov started this company from scratch and that without him, there would be no American Apparel at all. The company has always needed him to steer the business in the right direction as he understands modern fashion trends more so than anyone. He is an honest, trustworthy, and reliable person and I cannot imagine a better American Apparel than one with him as CEO.

Former Employee , Los Angeles, CA Jan 26 2015

American Apparel was my first job almost 4 years ago and it was one of the funnest experiences I’ve had!

The company wouldn’t have been what it is without the founder Dov Charney and I don’t think it will ever be that sexy cool fun brand without his presence in the company. American Apparel needs Dov Charney!

District Manager, France Mar 03 2015

Logistics/Pre-Production, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

I find people lost, confused, disarrayed and chaotic without Mr. Dov Charney’s leadership and guideline. Dov’s creativeness, passion and the energy input to the company out weighs his weaknesses. Dov is not replaceable. Dov is the back bone of American Apparel.

Store Manager, Aix en Provence, France Jan 24 2015

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Cashier, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

为AA 的创始人祈祷!

Back stock, Beijing Dec 18 2014

Shipping Manager, Los Angeles Dec 17 2014

I have been working for American Apparel for over 10 years. As a Manager involved with shipping, I am one of the people that oversees everything that happens to the garments produced in American Apparel’s factory once they are finished.

In my experience, Dov Charney is primarily responsible for the growth and success of the company. I know that I work hard, but he works 24/7 and never stops, and he is detail-oriented in every aspect of the company.

One of the principles the company is founded on is that Dov wants the American Apparel brand to stay in the US and to create jobs in the US. He believes in the American dream for workers as well as for business owners, and he would like American workers to dominate the world economy. As someone who came to this country from Mexico with nothing, I have seen and experienced this myself. He supports immigration laws, and the company works with illegal immigrants to legitimize their status here.

As a result, you have not only the factory and the retail store, but many other businesses that benefit from American Apparel, whether American vendors who provide material for the company, or accounting offices, lawyers and all the other support structure.

When Dov’s removal as head of the company was announced in June, there was widespread fear within the factory. No one knew what was going to happen, and there was no reassurance given by management that American Apparel would continue to manufacture its goods in the US and in its own facility.

This has been the situation for the past couple of months, and in that atmosphere of uncertainty, it is impossible for workers to keep focus and produce goods effectively or efficiently. I know that both speed and quality have suffered.

Even in times of crisis, Dov never projects fear. He is a leader who gives his employees confidence. As a result, the workers at the factory would like to have him back: they feel he represents their interests. And I too wish to state my desire for the reinstatement of Dov Charney as CEO.

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Cutting, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Tiana Petrullo, Multi-Store Manager, Los Angeles, California Jan 08 2015

Dov’s motivational capabilities and personal accessibility have been directly influential to retail stores. He is the driving force behind us. Passion for this company is contagious and it’s difficult to believe that anybody else could have a stronger spirit and willingness to push us forward.

Former Employee, Los Angeles, CA Jan 26 2015

I’ve worked for American Apparel when I first moved out to Los Angeles from South Carolina. I worked at the Promenade store almost 4 years ago and have still remained friends and in contact with the people I started with.

The company that Dov Charney created is a resemblance of him and is unlike any other retailer or company, it’s more special, it has personality and a lot of it.

I love American Apparel but the company needs Dov Charney to help it keep going, there can’t be American Apparel without the man that IS American Apparel.

Ernesto Ramirez, Cutting, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Label Change, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Yo siento bien trabajar aqui. Quiere que Dov regresar.

Sandra Martinez, CEO, In Play Showroom, Los Angeles, CA Feb 26 2015

Dov is one of the hardest working people I know that has been a champion of human rights within the working force. I have had the pleasure of working with this passionate, innovative and incredibly caring human being and this is in fact a company he created with the help and support of many similar minded people. In my opinion this is his company and he should continue to lead it.

Samuel Pablo, Sewer, Los Angeles, CA Jan 25 2015

I learned that having faith and being a hardworking person you can be successful in life… that’s MR.DOV.

Rachel Saunders, Online/Visual Merchandiser, Victoria/LA Dec 17 2014

I’ve got a lot of love for this crusader. His passion and connection to people is not in any way normal or typical, easily accepted or easily forgotten. It is of something I have never seen before. Unlike most figures in power, he bares no masquerade and is unapologetically himself. He flaunts his flaws and fights for what he believes in. He is not a saint by any means, but has profoundly impacted the world by going against the grain for the cause of greater good. Something rare and important in this day and age. Thank you Dov.

Store Manager, Kelowna, BC, Canada Dec 17 2014

I am concerned about the future of American apparel without Dov on board. I cannot imagine anyone running the company with as much passion and drive as he did. He started this company from the ground up and has fought to ethically manufacture sustainable product throughout the years.

I’ve worked for the company for a long time now, and have had the pleasure of meeting Dov on several occasions. I respect that as a CEO of such a large company any time he saw me, or even heard my voice on the conference calls, he knew who I was, where I was from, and the what was going on with my stores.


Cutting, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Mark Chen, Back Stock Manager, Shanghai, China Jan 24 2015


Sales Associate, Miami, FL Dec 18 2014

Womenswear Designer , Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Without Dov Charney’s contributions, American Apparel loses its authenticity, its essence, and along with it the appeal it has to its customer base.

Transfer Team/Former District Stock, Toronto, ON Dec 17 2014

Lots of love for Dov!

Keyholder, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Store Manager, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Feb 28 2015

Manuele Christophe, Sales Associate, Orlando,FL Feb 19 2015

I respect his vision for American Apparel and I don’t think it should be “re-invented” because the new ceo is middle aged and a mother. I think the company is known worldwide with the vision Dov imagined.

Keyholder, Michigan Feb 18 2015

Backstock Manager, Köln, Deutschland Feb 03 2015

Dov ist die essenz der firma, er hat sie aufgebaut und am laufen gehalten. #teamdov

Trinidad Gonzalez, Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 15 2015

Yo he trabajado desde 2008 y me gusta El systema que Dov tenia. De dar oportunidades para superar sé y aprender diferentes máquinas. Cuando Dov estaba siempre había trabajo y siempre pensaba en el bienestar de los trabajadores. Pensó en los trabajadores y en darles seguro médico y también en agarrar papeles y acciones a los trabajadores. Muchas gracias.

Linze Mason, District Manager, Southwest/Rockies Jan 06 2015

I have been a traveling employee that has worked for Dov Charney for over eight years.

I began working with American Apparel in 2006 as an assistant to a senior employee while we traveled store to store throughout the US. We would re-vamp and focus on store design at American Apparels firsts years of expansion and growth into retail. I immediately fell in love with the company and met Dov within a few months of working. Dov instantly intrigued me with his knowledge and passion for his company and motivated me to look out my job and the company through new eyes. I worked along side Dov for many months and I decided then I wanted to have American Apparel be my career choice because I knew my boss would be the type of employer who would do anything to ensure the success of his business and the happiness of his employees.

Over the years the job took me all over the world. I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan, Canada, Australia and the all the US. I have been in almost every store we have today! I began to work alone and it was Dov that saw my potential and dedication to the company and allowed me to maintain my career journey. Dov dedicated his time and guidance to ensure I had his full support and right training to begin to oversee an entire district.

The amazing part about Dov is he lives and breaths the company and is reliable and available whenever you need him for any questions or concerns. His involvement with his employees in the field is everything that you could need. He knows areas of his business that allows you to quickly get the the task at hand done and see an fast turn around for his store sales. Dov can identify with the frustration of running out of shopping bags, the wrong kind of hangers for certain garments or the importance of burnt out light bulbs. Some people might say he is too hands on with such little details, but his passion to have his stores successful and his employees who are day in and day out in the stores is refreshing. That quality about him is what makes American Apparel motivated.

I could go on and on with other areas and details Dov helps the stores and myself as a field employee, but the main drive I have with this company is knowing the heart beat of this company is Dov Charney and without it so many areas of the company and his employees are at a loss.

Keyholder, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

My work team are family 🙂

Sales Associate, Miami Dec 18 2014

Sewer, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Marta Leiva, Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Trabajando por la compania por 15 anos. El dov sipmpre se a portadp muy bien con nostros. Me custa mucho my trabajo.

Samir Masri, Fabric Avenue President, Los Angeles, California Jan 07 2015

As a longtime vendor of fabrics to American Apparel, I can say that Dov Charney is one of the most talented people I have ever met in the clothing business or any other field. The immediacy of his perception and decision-making are unique: the minute I discuss something with him and ask him his opinion, right away he has the right answer. His ideas about business are especially acute. When I show him a fabric, he knows right away what he can do with it.

Since Dov’s departure, I miss the personal touch– he used to pick up the phone personally and call me, even if it was something his creative team was driving, he would put them on conference and introduce them. In another company I would not expect this to be the chief’s job, but Dov was always involved in everything.

When I heard the news of Dov’s firing, I was upset. Dov has great things he could accomplish for the company. His importance to the company is not only because he’s the one who started it. For example, one time, I saw him reviewing photos of some models for American Apparel advertisements, and the quickness of his judgment– whether it was the expression on the model’s face, their pose or something else– reflected a unique and decisive quality that has everything to do with the way American Apparel operates and has been successful, and for that reason I support his reinstatement as CEO.

As a vendor of fabric used by American Apparel in their clothing I have known Dov Charney since [what year?] In my experience he is solid, straightforward, diligent, sincere. He is a man of his word, he knows what he’s doing, and I actually believe he’s a genius.

Ideas come to Dov’s mind, design comes to his mind, he knows what he wants to do, he’s focused, he wants to get it done and he wants to get it done yesterday. This is where the genius comes from: to collaborate his creativity with productivity.

And it is this productivity that has declined in American Apparel since his dismissal as CEO of the company. When Dov was in charge, he was on top of everything, he basically lived and worked in the company 24 hours a day. Right now, that kind of leadership at the core is what they lack, and it can be seen in their level of efficiency and productivity.

When Dov was dismissed, I spoke to him and told him it was a terrible mistake. His response was that I should just continue to support the company. But it has been his vision and his presence that I have come to count on, and I feel that I should speak out. No one else understands the entirety of the business the way he does, from design to production to retail to efficiency. Over the years I’ve seen many businesses, but none that have established an empire like American Apparel’s in such a short period of time. I think people who like to criticize Dov disregard what he has been able to do.

I don’t know a single company that did not suffer as a result of the recession of 2008. But Dov was able to regroup and get back on track. And I believe that the company was going on the right course, but with his firing, I believe they have pushed back the company in a reverse course, and I urge that the board reinstall him as CEO.

Jesse Hoover, Backstock Associate, Atlanta Feb 06 2015

Ayana Gordon, Sales Associate, New York Feb 06 2015

Molly Steele, Former Store Manager, Los Angeles, CA Jan 22 2015

I started working for American Apparel when I was 17 and still in Florida. Soon after I moved to Los Angeles, Dov personally made sure that I got the support I needed when I was promoted to Store Manager at 18, the youngest store manager in the company at that time. Dov empowered me and taught me so much during my time in the company. He was always both professional and a source of wisdom and guidance. The fact that Dov was always available to help me directly taught me the importance of knowing the face and owner of the company and how much of an impact that can have on the employees. Over the few years I worked for American Apparel, Dov became a strong mentor and a trusted friend. I’m so thankful for the experience I had working with him and under the ever-evolving framework within the brand.

Special Projects Manager, Montreal, QC Jan 31 2015

I first met Dov in Montreal when I was finishing my degree and working in cell phones. He saw some talent in me that I didn’t know I had and he gave me opportunities that I didn’t even know I wanted. When I accepted, he didn’t just hire me, he let me finish school and moved me to the West Coast. He let me live with him until I felt settled in LA and mentored me every step on the way. He introduced me to the most incredible group of people at American Apparel, each hand picked and an extension of the brand. He gave me every opportunity to help him develop the business while I developed some business acumen, and when I chose to walk from the company, he stood behind me and supported me in my next venture. When his business was booming and I needed a job reference, he still took the call and his time to sing my praises. He is unique and eccentric but the company is built from his DNA. American Apparel won’t survive without its heart and it doesn’t deserve to be striped of its visionary and driven into the ground. It is sad to see what he worked so hard to build be systematically dismantled. I hope that the shareholders of the company will help to right the wrong before the new management tries to turn it into the Gap.

Much love Dov.
-Smoked Meat Shtettle Boy

Key Holder, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Dov is the company heart.

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Larry Jacobs, Senior Accounting Excutive, Headquarters-LA Jan 25 2015

Dov is American Apparel, no Dov, no AA

Erin Elizabeth Izumi, Sales Associate, San Diego, California Feb 12 2015

I believe that Dov is the only person who can keep his own legacy of American Apparel going and moving forward, he began this business from the very very bottom and he deserves a fighting chance! American Apparel will never be the same without him as our founder and ceo that he once was. To me, American Apparel will lose its brand value and lose the whole mission statement behind the fashion name. I support Dov, I will always be #teamdov

Erin Elizabeth Izumi

Former Traveling Consultant / Creative Employee, Los Angeles, CA Jan 18 2015

I proudly stand by Dov Charney. It is truly sickening how American Apparel – his life’s work has been taken from him in such a cowardly way. Dov is a creative genius and if not for his vision and profound work ethic American Apparel would never exist.

On a personal level Dov has been a mentor and huge supporter of me and many others like myself. Unfortunately Dov has fallen victim to media hype and false accusations. Dov is extremely kind hearted, honest and at times silly. He is entirely undeserving of the horrible treatment he has recently endured.

If nothing else, for the sake of American Apparel give Dov his company back.

Store Manager, Stuttgart, Germany Dec 19 2014

Dov Charney is not only the Founder of American Apparel he is the Brand I knows the best how to lead this unique Company. Everybody makes mistakes and everybody deserve a second Chance. Even if he´s driving me crazy sometimes it always gives me new engine to move forward. Dov Charney was not only a Name behind the CEO position, he was the company and always there to here your concerns or Ideas.

Lucille Corbit, Visual Merchandiser, Seattle, WA Feb 09 2015

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014


Galileo Rodriguez, Distribution, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Key Holder, Paris Dec 19 2014

Keyholder, Miami Beach, FL Dec 18 2014

Manuel, Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

yo voto por Dov

Sales Associate, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

I support Dov Charney, let him come back. thanks!

Yesenia Valle, Leather Dept, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

Yo apoyo al presidente

Jesus Calvillo, Machine Operator, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Jocelyn Guardado , Hosiery Assigner, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Hola me llamo Jocelyn Guardado
Soy madre soltera: tengo a mi hija de 5 años llamada Alicia.

Tengo un año trabajando aqui pero estoy muy agradecida por el systema de oportunidad de Dov.

Empecé como operadora de auxiliar y después Team Service.
Estuve un tiempo como cordinatora de producción y ahora soy asignadora de nuestro Hosiery departamento.

Estoy muy agradecida por está oportunidad que se me a dado para mi y mi hija. Esto fui solamente gracias a Dov y me jefe John.

Estoy alegré que puedo ser alguien en la compania que Dov creo y que tengo la oportunidad de provenir para mi hija.

Gracias Dov.
Yo soy Equipo Dov.

Sales Associate, Miami, Florida, United States Dec 18 2014

Bruno Del Luna, Supervisor, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Store Manager, Claremont Dec 18 2014

I have been with the company for 7 years and have had many encounters with Dov. I felt like he lived, breathed American Apparel and just being able to see how passionate he was first hand was just amazing. He was always so nice and heard all my ideas and issues I had and he did everything and anything he could to help me with whatever I needed. I admire everything about Dov and I wish for him to continue his dream that he built from the ground up and still contribute his intelligence and vision for American Apparel for as long as he lives.

Tracy, Merchandiser, Canada Jul 07 2015

The press release that went out yesterday shows the lack of passion, innovation, creativity and LOYALTY that the current management and board have.

To openly say that they are not sure they can come up with needed funding in the next 12 months essentially means they are throwing in the towel. Really? This is how you keep your customers, your employees, your share holders believing in your company?

Can someone please get someone qualified in that building?!

They thought they could kick the man-child out of the building and MAN it but all they have done is fire anyone with the needed experience and expertise to at least continue the momentum Dov created and replaced them with a bunch of losers with no talent and no capabilities of success.

It’s not that I want to see Dov back going crazier than ever. It’s that I want the company that I and so many of us believed in for so long to stay in business because we will always need it.

How sad would it be to show up to a new city and realize you forgot to pack your favorite F497 and not be able to uber to the closest AA for a new one?

How much would it suck to be on your way to meet your Tinder date and realize your feet stink and not be able to run into an AA to get a fresh pair of socks?

How weird would it be to have American Apparel be a thing of the past?

BRING HIM BACK. He’s the only person we can trust to make sure the company stays alive. Paula, Cynthia, Benno, Standard General could care less if this thing goes under and that is really sad and scary. Dov would NEVER allow the company to go bankrupt…EVER. Let’s keep this beautiful thing going with the only person who would kill himself over it. BRING DOV BACK.

Store Manager, Camarillo, CA Jan 21 2015

I Want To Share My Appreciation To Dov For Allowing Me To Grow In The Company, Working For Dov From 2005-2010, I Want To Say Thank You, I Learned A lot Working For American Apparel, In Those 5 Years I Understood How To Run A Business And Its Not Easy, I’m Still Learning.
He Was Always Their To Answer Any Concerns And Support You In Any Way He Could To Make Sure That You Succeeded In Your Job, I Called Dov After 4 Years From Leaving The Company Due To Personal Reasons, I Wanted To Let Him Know How Much He Has Impacted Me And If It Weren’t For Dov I Don’t Know Where I Would Be Probably A Police Officer, I Would Have Never Found My True Passion For Business, Impacting Customers In A Positive Way And Learning From Someone That Has Inspired Me Everyday To Be The Best At My Job I Can’t Stop To Think And Thank You Dov Charney. Thanks Again.

District Inventory Manager , Canada Mar 04 2015

I often think back to the last time i worked closely with Dov, the summer of 2013 when he had camped out at the distribution center and was virtually running the place himself. I was there for three weeks and i remember watching him the first few days and thinking “this is crazy the man doesn’t sleep”. Dov as a person and his work ethic is not based in anyway around making money or sitting in a huge house on the top of a hill, I remember thinking “this is the CEO of my company, someone who most people at my level in other companies never even come into contact with and he’s folding t-shirts with me on the floor of a warehouse at 3am in the morning”. The overriding thing you take away from this man is that he has ultimate respect for the people who show the same drive and compassion he does, it doesn’t matter who you are. Never have i called him or text him and not received a response, the level of attention he dedicated to all aspects of the business was incredible. This help foster our vertical integration, there was no-one i was afraid to call and our opinions could have huge effect, When i left La Mirada that summer Dov was having a meeting with several people in his office, he saw me with my case in the lobby and stopped his meeting to say thank you to me and the staff i had brought with me. That is the mark of the man, he instilled a loyalty and confidence in everyone at AA that meant we fed of each other and our combined ideas helped create some of the most intelligent and forward thinking solutions i have ever seen in the retail sector.

I can already feel this slipping away, we are becoming a company where orders are sent from above and non-compliance results in discipline, we used to be able to use this as a forum for discussion. I have grown with this company not because i have a number on a piece of paper but because people like Dov believed in me and my character. Yes it was chaotic at times but our core values are built around him and his vision. I no way do I, nor any of the incredibly creative people i deal with on a day to day basis, find inspiration and drive from someone we have never met and aren’t likely to.

Steve Asnani, President, CHITRA INC, New York Feb 10 2015

I have dealt with Dov. He knows what he is doing. Very hard working.
Sometimes he would even call me at 2.30 in the night to check some prices. He is totally focused in his work and nice human being as well as decision maker. As a supplier, I would like to work with people like Dov who is sharp.

Franck Cohen, Head Of Operations, France Jun 17 2015

I found a great ad in a magazine in 2003 about all the steps involved in the process of making of a t-shirt.
This ad was so fresh and different from all that you could see in fashion that I needed to know more and find out who was behind
It was Dov Charney
I sent him an email telling him that if he wanted to expand in France then I would be up for it.
He sent back an email with a few questions, I answered and few weeks after he flew me to L.A for a meeting.
We opened 6 stores in Paris alone that are still great performers for most of them or excellent performers for some of them
All of that happened because the boss of a company who at the time was making 200 M$ answered a mail from a complete unknown

Who today would do that?

Dov is this kind of person, a visionary and a VERY hard working person willing to take this company higher , providing many jobs to people everywhere young or old

My deep and sincere respect for him



Sales Associate, Cologne, Germany Jan 02 2015


Ming Mei He, Labor Chain Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 16 2015

Ive been working for the company since 2010. Ive been very happy working for American Apparel. I like it here.

Operator, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Assistant Manager, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

支持 DOV!请求让他回公司!

Daniel Raz, Jewelry Designer, Miami Beach Feb 18 2015

Joey H., VP of Sales and Merchandising, NY, NY Jan 30 2015

Dov IS American Apparel! he is one of the most dedicated people I have ever seen – working and caring every minute of every day about his company that he built up. The only reason I ever worked with AA is because of Dov, nothing or no one else!

Product Development, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

What people love about American Apparel is its out of the box, American dream mentality – which is solely a result of Dov’s literal blood sweat and tears. I think the decision to remove Dov completely from the company’s creative process is an egregious error and ultimately a fatal move for the brand.

Katrina Grenon, Keyholder, Calgary, Alberta Feb 28 2015

Key Holder, Los Angeles Jan 08 2015

I support your return. And so does your company

Project Manager – NY District, New York Dec 21 2014

Sandra, Design Director, Palm Springs Jul 08 2015

As a designer and entrepreneur I admire what Dov Charney has created and I know what it took to build his company. I see this current situation as a very bold hostile takeover by corporate hacks who simply wish to line their own pockets asap while destroying a viable company and ending many good jobs. They don’t care. I stand by Mr Charney and hope he successfully wins his company back.

Warehouse, Montreal,PQ, Canada Dec 17 2014

I feel fortunate to have had worked with Dov Charney who, apart of a boss, I consider a friend. During many years I witness, not only, the growth and changes of the company but also his understanding, knowledge of the business. A person with great commitment, intuition and creativity, specially,a inspiring ability. Personally can not Imagine American Apparel without DOV CHARNEY.

Jihan Kim, Former Executive, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

I have known Dov for over 15 years now and he gave me my first job straight out of college. In the 5 years since I worked with him to help build American Apparel, his dream, his life and his everything I got to know him very well as a Boss, man and especially his friend. Dov Charney lives for only one thing and that is the company he started 25 years ago, the only thing on his mind 24/7 is to how to improve it. No one is perfect but Dov does not deserve to have his everything taken away from him, it took him 25 years a third of this life to get Amercian Apparel to where it is today. American Apparel is Dov and without Dov it will cease to exist this is how I got familiar with Dov 15 years ago an article in the New Yorker ,no one can come close to having the drive, passion and vision Dov has for this company.

In-Store Visual Merchandiser, Denver, Colorado Jan 08 2015

Dov is an incredibly passionate and devoted CEO. The thought of American Apparel without him is devastating.

Touria Tougui, Previous Manager of NL1, Quebec Dec 17 2014

Inventory, Beijing Dec 18 2014

support u guy

Retail, California Feb 28 2015

Please bring back Dov. He is great employee and has an amazing work ethic!

Thalia Rodriguez, Store Manager, Florida Dec 18 2014

Through all my 4 years with American Apparel, I’ve always looked up to Dov Charney as a role model. I’ve never met someone more hard working and dedicated than him, and never have I been part of a company where a CEO is so in tune with his company and employees.

I first met Dov in 2012, when I was a key holder at the Lincoln Road location. I attended a brief meeting with Dov that included a store manager from Miami and my district manager at the time. During the meeting we spoke about many ideas we each had for the company. I am always thinking of new ideas that we can put into play, so this meeting was a great way for me to vent all those ideas. Being from a big store like Mi1 with many employees, I never thought that my ideas would matter or that my hard work would be noticed, but that night they were. I couldn’t even believe I was sitting in front of the man that turned selling t-shirts out of his college dorm into a company with over 200 stores world wide! I used to drive my dad’s car and pick him up from work right after I left work. When my district manager asked me if I could attend a very important meeting with Dov, I remember calling my mom, explaining to her the situation (she was also in shock) and then begging her to pick up my dad for me. She wasn’t too happy and was kind of mad that she had to cancel her plans, but it was all worth it.

Now, 2 years later, I am so proud of what that meeting made of me. A few months after that meeting, I was flown out to L.A. to help Dov with a special website project. During my time working with Dov in L.A. ,I helped out with re-organizing the format presentation of the website/ deciding what would be the items that we would feature most, I helped decide what would be the best fabric for new products and audited some low performing stores. My favorite part about the trip was getting to know where our products came and seeing the day to day routine of Dov.

My most memorable experience working with Dov was in New York. That’s where I learned that he wasn’t an average CEO. You will never see Dov in a suit and tie, and that really says a lot about him. On one of my many audits with Dov of the stores in New York, what really impressed me was when he got on his hands and knees to clean up gum from the floor or when he taught me how you really clean windows without leaving streaks. He’s not the type to just bark commands, and I think that’s what makes him such a great leader. It’s very motivating to see that he is so humble after all his success, we would walk into stores and he wouldn’t mind helping customers, or having to get dirty. He cares so much about his company and his employees and that’s what makes him so special, that’s what makes all of our proud to work at American Apparel. Working at American Apparel having Dov as our CEO, we were always given the opportunities to express our ideas, we are not one in a million.

I thank him for all that he has taught me, for teaching me that to get things done, you have to start by doing them yourself and not letting anything stand in your way. Dov started from the very bottom and worked his way up, and I see my way heading up the same path. I started off as a sales associate and now I am store manager of the flagship store in Miami, and I know that’s not where my journey ends.

Dov continues to be my mentor and I know I can always count on him. He has taught me that to succeed you don’t necessarily have to have a degree, you just have to be dedicated. Without the plentiful opportunities Dov has given me I would not be the young professional I am this day.

Benjamin Robert, (Former) Wholesale Representative, Los Angeles Jan 28 2015

Dov is to American Apparel, What Walt was to Disney.

At times unorthodox, but all throughout history, artistic behavior is never understood.

Dov is a visionary, charismatic, incorrigible, and extremely eccentric, but he is a man of passion and purpose.

He’s the rockstar of cotton and without him, American Apparels future as a branded company is vapid.

Sales Associate, Beijing Dec 20 2014

I hope we will help a little to support Dov Charney come back to the company.

Key Holder, Paris, France Jan 24 2015

I started to work for American Apparel company when Dov was the leader, I love the brand, I love the concept and I fight for the same causes. I support Dov.

Model, Los Angeles, CA Jan 07 2015

Beatriz Lopez, Labor Change Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Tengo 9 anos trabando aqui, me a gustado. Todo a estado muy bien.

Keyholder, Washington, DC Feb 11 2015

We are experiencing some heartbreaking shit, y’all.

Former Customer Service Rep, Los Angeles, CA Feb 27 2015

Dov is a visionary who has made American Apparel what it is. Without Dov American Apparel becomes another bull shit company.

Store Manager, Las Vegas, NV Feb 09 2015

Dov LOVES his employees. Just because he is not a suit and tie CEO does not mean he does not know what he is doing. He truly cares for American Apparel and has built this empire. Let’s fight to give it back to him!

Sales Associate, Miami Beach Dec 18 2014

Daniela Novoa, District Manager, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Dec 17 2014

I have worked for the company for more than 4 years during which time Dov Charney has taught me how to develop and manage the business in my district successfully. Dov has taught me a great deal about district managing from sales to marketing to visual merchandising. His presence has been constant and much appreciated. He is always available for consultation and the exploration of new ideas to improve business efficiency and sales. It is with his encouragement and support that we have built this amazing company. I support Dov as an integral element to American Apparel, a company he created from the floor up with his vision and management.

Marie Fournier, Customer, Vancouver, BC Jan 30 2015

What the hell has happened to American Apparel since Mr Dov Charney left? It has lost it’s soul, it has no spirit. Mark my words, the company will go under because you took away the heart that makes this company tick. You got rid of him to satisfy shareholders but how satisfied will they be when it goes under? Bring Dov back before the company completely fails.

Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

District Inventory Manager, Boston Jan 25 2015

Export Label, La Mirada, CA Feb 10 2015

The promise of the God of Israel are yours.
YHVH Be with you.

Visual Merchandiser, Vancouver, BC Dec 17 2014

Assistant Store Manager, Colorado Jan 25 2015

Bundling, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Operations Control, La Mirada, CA Mar 09 2015

Assistant Manager, Paris Jan 24 2015

Manager, Los Angeles, CA Jan 04 2015

Dov is a very nice person, he was there for me, and I would be here for him.

Employee, Los Angeles Feb 12 2015

The leather and shoe departments have been shut down. The sewers used to receive $4 lunch coupons to help pay for lunch, but the new CEOs have put an end to that. All of the industrial workers have seen their hours drastically cut without warning or any promise that there will be a possibility of more hours in the future, which means all of these skilled workers that the company spent money training are looking for other jobs. The company has also stopped paying their bills to vendors for supplies. This week, there were only a few teams on the sixth floor even sewing at all….. In the entire company. Now I would like to ask the executives of this company how they managed in seven months to take the largest manufacturing operation in all of North America and whittle it down to about thirty sewers working part time? This is hurting the most vulnerable social class. Many of these sewers have families and will be forced to look for other sewing jobs in an industry where sweat shop labor is the status quo even in the US. You’ve made a real mess. Now are you sure you’ll be able to dig yourself of it? Considering the company is liquidating all inventory, refused to pay outstanding debts to suppliers, losing skilled workers, and creating a very hostile work environment for all, how do you expect to succeed?

Backstock Associate, King of Prussia Feb 16 2015

MOD, Montreal, QC Feb 17 2015

Montreal stands with Dov.

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Legalize Dov! He fought for our rights we are fighting for his!!!!!
Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov! Legalize Dov!

Store Manager, UK Jan 29 2015

It’s HIS company, and should progress with him as its leader.

Bundling, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Kelsey Street, Former Back Stock Coordinator, Victoria, BC Jan 25 2015

Backstock, Palo Alto, CA Dec 18 2014

Marketing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

My love for this company started in 2006. I was still in high school and apparently was too young to work at a store. I started lurking the brand on the website almost everyday. I would go to the store in Vancouver every weekend to just look at in-store graphics, check out their new items, and just feel the fabrics. I was too poor to buy anything at that time, but my mom bought me the nylon school bag as a gift. I almost died.

In college, my friend’s friend scouted me to work at American Apparel and I almost died again. After working at the store for two years, I moved to Montreal to help out with the flea market and that’s where I met Dov Charney. I had an interview with him. I was nervous, but I really wanted to introduce myself to him in person, because I wanted him to feel the vision and passion I have for the company. I was sweating my ass off. I kind of screwed up at the interview. I couldn’t answer his questions like I wanted to somehow. Maybe because I was so intimidated by all the pretty girls at the interview. I thought he would never contact me ever again after. I was ready to live in Montreal forever with my boyfriend…… Next day, I get a call from Dov, he says “”Pack your stuff. You are going to Los Angeles tomorrow.”” I broke up with my boyfriend right after the call. American Apparel over EVERYTHING. That was what Dov and I had in common I think.

Last year in California, I saw the craziest human being in my life. Dov Charney in La Mirada. It was insane. He did not sleep. He never ate. He took showers though (maybe not.) He was running around the distribution center 24/7 in his Orchid Billionaire Pants. That month just showed me what passion really meant. He did/does not care about anything, not even himself, but American Apparel.

I am still not entirely sure what’s going on, but things are different without him now. I feel like the company is missing the heart. We need it back. We need the crazy man who truly sees what the brand really is and what it really needs. It’s like looking at an Iphone 6. It’s not… real. Something’s missing. It’s missing itself.

Marketing, San Francisco, CA Jan 08 2015

There are no facts, only interpretations. Quoted from a pocketbook I once read. I am here to say that the greatest teachers on earth have made a lot of enemies, I have had a lot of great people in my life and the moment they weevil-wobble, its like everyone is in a power-grab to destroy their hard work. My Journalism Professor, the late, the great Mrs Linda Mook, may she Rest In Peace safe in heaven dead, had left so many stories behind. Dov is the only person I have met with similar extraordinary teaching qualities. The kind of person you wanted to follow around like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, all judging and everything in real-time, you did not want to miss a second. I already wrote my support for him on and reddit, read it and discern for yourselves. I am the guy who deleted the blogs and came up with the way to manage the PR of said bad publicity. He gave me the chance I needed in life to prove to myself I could fix anything or destroy the situationist boat that I came to truly love. I will never be the same with out it. Many people cut there teeth there. I am a lifer or once was. I fired 6 months before his last troubles as a way to protect me from the troubles ahead. I want my French Jacket back Dov, but thats all and if you left in the factory. Text me where I’m going to send a bus of kids to the flea market to scatter and run the guards on a wild goose chase and free the samples from Mr Chang.

Oh Captian, my Captain. I live in the same time as you, 1986. Your best line and there are many;  I’ll never forget I wrote it down as fast as you said it: “”You are either a precursor to time or a reflector of time but you cannot be both.” We all want you back DOV. AA will go under like ESPIRIT without you. Let it melt down on itself, the beauty in watching an old Victorian house burn in San Francisco is captivating and quickly leaves a plot open for new developments. “When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong, says Buckminister Fuller. “Real wealth is ideas plus energy.” And you have more controlled Ideas than any one I have ever met in my life. Most of my collaborators are geniuses. You are a sure-fire genius with a scandalous sense of humor.

We are in the times that are crazy. This is the time of disappearance in philosophy. The internet has caught up with the French theorists and described it to be correct.  At a time when you are most relevant in actual Art history, found in the bounds of MIT Press Semiotext(e), as a signifier of Conceptual Art; at the forefront of art, advertising and manufacturing. Chris Kraus explores American Apparel and your achievements expand from the underground to the last black Andy Warhol” in her essay inside Where Art Belongs. Most of my collaborators are genius but fail before they begin. You let so many succeed. Take us with you on a new ride. The future needs to change, and American Apparel is now part of the past. Because you are not able to touch the sky in the public sector, and you know it. We all know it in business. The day of an IPO is the day that felt like a LAGGER you don’t need.

Chris Loney, Store Manager, Kingston, Ontario, Canada Dec 20 2014

I was completely shocked at the news of Dov’s firing. I’ve worked for American Apparel for the past 5 years, and with Dov Charney as CEO I felt like I was part of something unique. Dov’s passion, vision and integrity all played a huge role in molding this company, and inspired me to work hard and feel good about coming to work every day and giving my all.

Without Dov as CEO for the past couple of months, things have significantly changed. There is no real direction. Things are not as streamlined. Listening to Dov on the weekly conference calls, talking directly to store managers, you could tell how much he cared about every single person on the call. You could tell how much he cared about every single store. He can tell anyone the store layout of any location worldwide, and can describe employees from around the world because he was so involved. Never have I worked for a company where I could personally talk to the CEO. I’ve never wanted to leave the company during my time here because of how much of an inspirational leader he is. His leadership, determination and integrity are very much missed on a daily basis.

Backstock Manager, Paris Jan 09 2015

Victor M Serrano, Shoe Department , Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

yo lo apollo porque siempre nos dio mas de 40 horas y la nueva duena nos a quitado dos dias de trabajo primero nos quito el viernes y luego nos quito el jueves no es justo solo estamos trabajando tres dias como vamos a sobrevivir con esas horas de trabajo queremos ah dov charney de regreso

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 17 2014

支持Dov回归! 现在的公司感觉好混乱,我都不知道为什么他会被开2次!什么情况这个公司!

Eileen Pascasio, Keyholder, San Diego, CA Feb 12 2015

Sales Assistant, London Jan 29 2015

Keyholder, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

Dov Charney is the key for the company, we don’t have him to leave the company, especially in a unfair termination. It doesn’t make sense to any of us that he got fired for cause. Those excuses are not reasonable to fire a founder and CEO.

District Merchandiser, Florida Feb 20 2015

I’ve never seen someone with so much passion for the company, Dov Charney its an inspiration, hard worker, and he is the heart of American Apparel.

I personally believe he deserves a second chance to come back, no one would be able to work as hard and with so much passion as he does.

Ruth Ortiz, Leather Dept, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Wenceslao Torres, Maintenance, Los Angeles, CA Jan 23 2015

Researcher, San Francisco, CA Jan 11 2015

Dov Charney is a conceptual artist and an inspiration to the future business leaders and conceptual artists of the Americas, and the world. A leader in every aspect, with a keen eye for design and a sharp wit for a story, Dov has stepped into the void, is doing what no other will dare to do, and for that we respect him. He is ahead of his time with a vision for a better future for the youth. He understands the kids of the contemporary world, AA is a reflection of today’s youth, a youth full of desire and an agenda booked year round.

My career at American Apparel began at the store on the Melrose strip. Within a few months transferring to the Factory I had the opportunity to train under the leaders of the company in all aspects of design, marketing, advertising, management, and fashion. This idea of vertical integration allowed for a curious kid like me to learn about worldly affairs and histories.

That is what is amazing about Dov Charney’s American Apparel, you could do what you wanted to do there as long as you worked hard and inquired. It is a business model that favors human beings over the machine. It is a symbol of progress.

The company has taught me valuable lessons that I would not have the same abilities nor awareness had I not worked at American Apparel. It is an accepting and welcoming community of young artists and thinkers, ultimately training me in leadership and design.

And it is his enthusiasm, his excitement that drives this radical machine
From the very Kelvin temperature of a light bulb to the textures of fabric, Dov Charney involves himself in every aspect of the company, like no other CEO currently does.

Thank you Dov. You have my full support.

We need you back.
American Apparel is nothing without you.
No one else can do what you do.

Melvin Mendoza, Outlet Distribution Manager, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Thank you very much because your leadership has been my inspiration each day. Hope to have back here soon!

Delivery Driver, Las Vegas, NV Dec 17 2014

Ever since I started working for American Apparel in 2009, you have shown me nothing but love kindness and respect. My work experience has been nothing but great. Under Dov’s leadership, and help from his wonderful staff, American Apparel will always be a top rated company. Thank you Dov for allowing me to work for you.

Model, LA, CA Jan 07 2015

I have known Dov for over 7 years. He is a visionary and a truly talented individual. He made American Apparel what it is today. The company is not the same without him. #TeamDov

Sewing, Los Angeles Dec 30 2014

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Please come back Dov. You give us opportunities

Jen Le, Allocation, HQ Jan 25 2015

Four plus years of experience working directly at AA HQ provided an experience like no other. The highly motivated and intelligent individuals I worked alongside built an environment that was always challenging and, in some terrific way, inspired competition and innovation. This vibrant camaraderie was a clear result of a CEO and founder who maintained the highest expectation of performance, and nothing less. The company’s creative direction and contribution to local manufacturing is something Dov built from the ground up, and it’s truly unfortunate that sensationalized stories are dominating the conversation directing the company’s future. Because they’re really just that—sensationalized stories.

Anabel Anaya, Sales employee, Commerce, CA Feb 16 2015

I believe Dov dedicated his life to build an amazing company, he is devoted to the company and not for the excess amount of money. He loves what he does and he shows passion amongst his work.

Merchandiser, Beijing Dec 20 2014

我在公司两年了,一直在等 DOV来中国巡店!听说他快来了,怎么突然就被解雇了!!!天理何在啊!我等了2年了白等了吗?!让我们的 Dov回公司!!!

Sewer, Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA Jan 30 2015

Marketing Dept, Los Angeles, CA Mar 13 2015

Today, Friday March 13th, two long time employees of American Apparel were fired unexpectedly.

This makes it the 3rd Friday that a handful of chosen ones have been ejected from the building, their positions, and our community.

This is the new way American Apparel ends our work week.

Most people in the building are fearful of what next week will bring. Not only may it bring new mediocre if not TERRIBLE upper management into our world – it may also bring us to saying goodbye to more of the faces who have carried the creative weight of this company for the better parts of a decade.

Thanks for nothing Paula.

Sales Associate, Beijing Jan 05 2015


Sales Associate, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Key Holder, Beijing Dec 17 2014

Cashier, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

American Apparel will be dead without Dov Charney.

Manager, Los Angeles, CA Jan 20 2015

As written to the NY Times & Wall St Journal upon news of Dov’s firing:
I am a manufacturing manager at American Apparel in downtown LA. While I am not part of the group that purportedly sent a letter to the Board yesterday, I had numerous opportunities to work closely with Dov Charney and “see him in action”.

Without doubt, Dov is an iconic figure in apparel manufacturing and retailing on a global basis. His passion, drive, energy, work-ethic, clarity of thinking and creativity are remarkable and rarely seen. I know Dov can be harsh, blunt and occasionally offensive, but his goal was always to motivate, to be great in everything we did, to turn good products and processes into great ones.

Dov demands a lot of his co-workers but demands even more of himself. No one works harder, longer hours or is more singularly focused.

Day to day our company needs his passion and creativity at all levels. There are some great and highly creative people at American Apparel, but only one Dov.

Sales Associate, Irvine Jan 08 2015

Stacy Flynn, District Manager, Western Canada Dec 18 2014

To begin, I am aware of the financial suffering American Apparel has sustained over the past year. This is not what I will argue. Instead I will make a case for why Dov Charney should be involved with the company in a creative and leadership role.

Dov may seem unconventional in his management style – akin to the style in which he coined the term “Sweatshop Free” and began a clothing manufacturing factory in Downtown Los Angeles in a time where no one thought it possible.

In my 4+ years with American Apparel I have worked harder and learned more about retail and business than I thought possible, and have been treated with leadership, respect and given support by my boss, Dov Charney. This is what keeps me on the hunt for new challenges.

It seems a mistake to dismiss the visionary and founder of a company that is so deeply rooted in human creativity and collaboration. Removing Dov from his company may increase the stock price for now – but assuredly will not improve the brand image, company culture, or even the same store sales.

We are not only working for American Apparel, we have proudly worked for Dov, and stand behind him now.

Kiara Sayer, District Visual Merchandising Manager, NY Dec 17 2014

Never has a person asked as much of me, or given me as many opportunities as Dov Charney has.
His mentorship and belief in my abilities has helped me grow as a professional and as an individual.
I have a profound admiration for him and his vision for our company, as do my friends and my family at American Apparel.

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Daniel Bonfil, Team Service, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

We would like to have your presence here. And we support you for the Reform.

Sales Associate, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

I believe in his come back

Chloe, Masseuse, Los Angeles Mar 03 2015

How can the tree grow without it’s original SEED?

Sales Associate, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 12 2015

Fisayo, Sales Associate, Halifax Jan 30 2015

Back Stock Coordinator, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

Former Keyholder, Las Vegas, NV Mar 24 2015

Inventory Manager, Edmonton Dec 17 2014

Dov Charney is American Apparel. He has built this company from the ground up and he does not deserve this. Dov is so involved in the company that he attends conference calls every week that are involving minor employees in the company, such as store managers. Dov puts his whole heart into this company and to see him leave would not be fair. The company is at stake because under control of Dov the company has grown into one of the biggest clothing brands across the world. We love Dov, and any American Apparel employee that doesn’t sign this petition shouldn’t be working for the company in the first place.

Key Holder, Washington DC Feb 11 2015

Michele, Manager, Los Angeles Jul 16 2015

Dov is the only one who can turn this sinking ship around! Board of Directors meeting is today. Get the current BOD out!!!

Supporter, Los Angeles Feb 18 2015

He’s a good man and very humble from what I see. He actually cares about his workers and would go around asking them “how are you doing”. He did a lot for his workers that nobody else would’ve done for them

Sales Associate, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Cleaning, Los Angeles Jan 12 2015

Isla Return, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Marketing, Korea Jan 26 2015

Photo Studio Manager, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Key Holder, Victoria, BC Jan 18 2015

This company will become a lesser version of itself if it continues down this road. It used to have vision, and sex appeal, now it looks like Target. We need Dov, the founder of this revolutionary company, back to help get us to a new high.

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Come back

Ricardo, Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Y tengo muchos años trabajando en el departamento de corte estoy muy agradecido con el señor Dov porque gracias a él yo tengo mi trabajo. este año no estuvo él con nosotros en la marcha y lo extrañamos porque él siempre fue el primero en frente de la marcha apoyándonos a nosotros y a nuestras familias. él todos los años siempre estuvo en las marchas y este año fue el primero que él no fue y en realidad me sentía triste porque fue el primer año de tantos que yo ha marchado con él y este año él no fue. yo lo apoyo al cien por ciento y ojalá nos volvamos a ver muy pronto lo queremos y los extrañamos yo voto por Dov.

Keyholder, Rancho Cucamonga Dec 18 2014

He made this company. He deserves to continue being a part of it.

Photographer / Creative (former), Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

I worked at American Apparel as a photographer and creative for almost 6 years, and have many fond memories of the place. Dov Charney, I am sad to say, was the only person who took the time to consistently give me constructive feedback on my work, good or bad, even though you would think he’d be too busy. His intentions were always to help me grow. I have no personal relationship with this man. He never made sexual attempts at me or models I worked with. His goal was to always improve, in turn making the company more successful. I learned more about business from Dov than I did getting a Bachelors Degree in business school. Yes his method is a little bit unconventional, but I have found that almost all passionate CEOs who have built empires like American Apparel are usually a little bit unconventional. I will always appreciate Dov for respecting me and viewing me as a smart and hard-working young woman, and taking the time to invest in whatever way he can in building my future.

Right before I resigned in July, Dov was fired. At that moment I knew that whatever else was going to come after his removal was going to be an unpleasant and unsuccessful environment. And after months watching from afar, I was right. I think the board made an utter mistake in firing Dov. If this board was truly trying to fix the company to make it as profitable as it should be, firings should have taken place in lower levels where there are unqualified individuals in charge of important areas, e-commerce for example, and those people are frankly killing the company whether Dov is there or not.

Sarkis Vartanian, Owner, Local Small Business, Los Angeles, CA Jan 13 2015

I met Dov few times.. few times at his building and once he came to my cafe… we spent about an hour talking about work etc. I know from following AA for the past 10 years that they were cutting edge and revolutionaries in their own right. They did things others didn’t dare… they put the brand on the market without the budgets of the larger competition. Under Dov, AA spoke to its followers… it expressed a sentiment people didn’t dare to speak about… AA lead the industry with simplicity. Investors in AA’s public stock, invested in Dov as the Brand. This may be scary to a Board of Directors and larger institutions, but as Microsoft and Apple, you invest in the leaders not the products.

Let Dov Lead… #LDL

Backstock Associate, Cherry Hill, NJ Feb 09 2015

Dov created a great company where everything is made in America, unlike most company’s in the US that have people make clothes for 3 cents, have to work in a terrible, toxic work environment, and are paid poorly. Dov may not have the best reputation but he truly created something great for the USA and our citizens that will live on. I’m a Backstock Co-ordinator and I hate knowing people steal every time I do a floor scan and see we’re missing items. It’s so terrible to steal from a company that has nothing but good intentions. Thank you Dov for creating a place that I love to work at, I love my coworkers, I love the clothes, I love America.

Marketing, Germany, Berlin, Germany Jan 05 2015

A man who put his entire life’s work in building up this company and establishing a manufacturing system, that finally set a tremendous sign against exploitation, is now being kicked out by the company’s own board? What has the fashion’s industry relentless greed of profit formed us into? Without Dov American Apparel will lose its authenticity, its charm, its uniqueness, its identity and values.
Dov is elementary for the future of this company.

#teamdov #support

Sales Associate, Beijing Dec 20 2014

support dov!!!

Backstock Associate, Evanston, Illinois Feb 27 2015

Support L.A.

Sales Associate, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

Sales Associate, Noho, NY Jan 27 2015

Gabriel Pangilinan, Keyholder, Irvine, CA Jan 19 2015

Consultant, Los Angeles, CA USA Dec 18 2014

I don’t know who has more passion than Dov to lead the company.

I have been observing the company …
American Apparel is The united organization of happy employees.
American Apparel products are crystals of our happiness and appreciation. Since June 2014, it has been changed.

Wholesale Customer Service, Los Angeles Dec 29 2014

Can’t run a ship, without it’s Captain

Manager, Los Angeles/Brooklyn Feb 27 2015

Although I am not an employee anymore, Dov helped me when I was moving from LA to New York with a job. I will support him in his time of need.

Label Change, Los Angeles Jan 16 2015

Designer, Los Angeles Dec 18 2014

There is no merit to removing the visionary and CEO of this company. And it will not thrive nor maintain it’s relevance in the industry.

DKCrew, Los Angeles CA Jan 02 2015

Back Stock, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

I love the company with Dov in.

CSR, Los Angeles, CA Dec 18 2014

Assistant Manager, Miami Beach Dec 17 2014

Sales Associate, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Said Salek, Fabric Supplier, Los Angeles, California Jan 26 2015

I have worked with Dov for over 10 years. He has been consistent with his dedication and hard work for his company. He has always put the welfare of his employees as priority. His passion and creative vision has been and is imperative to the growth of this brand.

Michael Grande Hopkins, Manager, Boca Raton Apr 19 2015

Backstock Associate, Amsterdam Dec 19 2014

Store Manager, Paris, France Jan 03 2015

Dov is American Apparel. He is unique and I don’t know if the company can keep on being what it is without him.

I’ve worked for several big companies in the past, and I’ve never seen a CEO that involved or that close to the field before. Ever.

I’ve met Dov only once, on a very unconventional occasion.
He is one special man.
He asked me about my opinion on several things. He seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say about the company, our products, our strategy, our customers, fashion, women.
I felt respected as an employee, as a woman who’s experience or thoughts were valued.

He is one special man.
A man that made our company one special company. A company that taught me what it was to be proud, proud to be part of something, proud of what I’m doing everyday. A company that creates clothes that are trendy and comfortable and that makes me feel good about myself.

I came to work at American Apparel because I loved sales and fashion, but couldn’t seem to find a company where people were as passionate as me.
I found exactly what I was looking for and I didn’t think that it existed.

Thanks to Dov, I feel like I’m part of something, and I doubt that anyone else can keep on making me feel the same.

I’m gonna keep on doing my job as good as I can, for the company, because it’s what he wants us to do but our family has lost a father.

Backstock Coordinator, Montreal Dec 17 2014

I have been working for American Apparel for nearly four years. It is wonderful to have a boss who cares so much about his company and to see him work harder than anybody else. The retail setting at American Apparel is completely different from other companies– there is so much flexibility for employees to be creative and have their ideas implemented in the stores. I am grateful that I can be independent at work, but at the same time learn a lot from my team and management to grow. Dov Charney’s professionalism throughout recent ordeals has been admirable. I’m glad to see him back working with us and look forward to seeing him in Montreal soon.

Sales Associate, Shanghai Dec 27 2014

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 19 2014

Assistant Manager, Irvine Spectrum Dec 17 2014

Ray Gabbay, President, RC Intel Fabrics, Los Angeles, CA Feb 05 2015


Senior Manager, Israel Jan 26 2015

דב היא המפתח להצלחה שלנובישראל .
הוא מנהיג גדולולהבין את ההבדלים של השוק שלנו .
אנחנוהחנות היחידה בישראל אך הודות לדוב שאנו חולקים את החזון שלוועל התלהבות את העבודה שלנו .
תודה דב

Visual Merchandiser, Beijing Dec 22 2014

I love Dov Charney! I love the company he created! Not the company without him!

Spokesmodel, Los Angeles Dec 23 2014

Supervisor, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jul 18 2015

我支持Dov! 因为他对我们每一个工人都很好, 很关心我们。以前我们有很多工作,现在减少很多工作了,我希望他能早日回来,支持我们, 给我们更多的工作, 我在期待中!

We support Dov! He treats every single one of us workers very well, he cares about us. Because of him, we had a lot of work, but now our work has been heavily reduced, I hope he can return soon, to supoort us, give us more work, I’ll be waiting!

Sales Associate, Beijing Dec 20 2014

I want Dov come back to the company immediately.

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Guillermo Sontay, Supervisor, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Massage, Los Angeles Jan 12 2015

Maria Ramirez, District Manager, Florida Dec 18 2014

Store Manager, Salt Lake City, Utah Jan 05 2015

I don’t think American Apparel would be the company it is today without the creative guidance of Dov Charney. I think he should have as much creative say in what goes on in this company for the duration it is in business. Dov4Lyfe <3 <3 <3

Former Customer Service Rep, Los Angeles Feb 17 2015

Without Dov the board of directors would not exist. It is disrespectful to fire the founder of his own dream. Thank you Dov for being a business leader and for all that you do for your employees! You are ahead of your time. The massages, $4 lunches, vertical integration, bike rentals should be part of every company. THANK YOU for the best work environment I have ever had!

Minerva Ortega, Data Entry, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

District Visual Merchandising Manager, UK Dec 31 2014

AADF Manager, Hawthorne, CA Jan 08 2015

I support Dov in his vision for American apparel. It is truly his life’s work and is all he cares about.

Production Planning, Los Angeles Dec 18 2014

I have worked in garment industry for past 20 years. I am proud to say, Dov Charney is number one,the best when it comes to fashion sense, talent,creativity and passionate. I have yet met a person who will come close. American Apparel is Dov Charney and Dov Charney is American Apparel.
I have no doubt, Dov Charney is the only one who can rebuild AA. No one but Dov Charney will be able to carry on and manage AA’s root principal and philosophy.

Lorenzo Gomez, Fabric Control, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

David, Advisor, Los Angeles Jan 28 2015

I worked with Dov when AA was a wholesale company,ready to enter the retail side. Dov was passionate,hard working and dedicated to his vision. I had the pleasure of living with him in that dynamic time. I was able to watch him create something out of nothing. Dov was always ready to take on new ventures and really cared for his workers as well as there well being.
AA without Dov is a body without a soul.He is AA, he is the soul of the company. It’s very easy to point fingers at the guy on top. He’s a good man and a great asset to AA.

Elsa Parada, Sowing, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Back Stock Coordinator, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

我觉得公司的确是犯了个大错误,我希望我现在写的不会让我被开除。 Dov我支持你哈!

Recycle Department, Los Angeles, California Jan 26 2015

Back Stock Coordinator, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014

Aslan Chalom , Former District Facilities Manager, Brooklyn, NY Jan 14 2015

Seems that Charney is the only one who wants to run this company with a conscience.

Maria Lujan Doblador, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Senor Dov, American Apparel no es lo mismo sin el
usted proove trabajo para todos porque usted y yo tenemos trabajo

nadie hace lo que usted hace lo quiero y deceo que usted regrese pronto

Sisiria Kwong , Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jul 18 2015

我在这个公司工作超过11年了,看到公司今日这个状况,我和我的同事都很痛心,回想多年来,Dov主持公司,不断壮大,给了我们稳定的工作,给我们中国人工作的机会,我很感恩。原来我在另外一个做泳衣的公司,一此偶然的机会,我听到广播,关于 Dov的事迹,他的其中一个普通的工人因为家里父亲去逝,他得回国去办后事,Dov不但给他了1个月的假期,并且给了他$300美元。我就知道他给体贴工人,刚好公司在招人,我原来公司的工资是$5.75,American Apparel的工资是$8,我就带着我的妹妹们一起进到了American Apparel,当时公司的华人很少,才27个人。 Dov知道华人来应召,他很喜欢看到华人来,我们就一直愉快的在这个公司工作着。有时候我们遇到不公平的事,我们可以直接跟他反应,然后他亲自派人来为我们解决问题。




I have worked at this company for over 11 years, seeing the company’s current situation, mine and my colleagues’ hearts hurt. Thinking of all these years, with Dov leading the company, it steadily grew and gave us guaranteed work, gave us Chinese employees the opportunity to work, and for that I am grateful. Originally I was at another swimsuit company, I came across a chance and heard a broadcast about Dov’s deeds. One of his regular worker’s father had passed, he had to return to his home to take care of things, Dov not only gave him one month’s leave, he also gave him $300USD. I knew he was considerate of his workers, and coincidentally the company was recruiting, I was making $5.75 at my old company, and American Apparel’s hourly wage was $8. I brought my younger sisters immediately to American Apparel. At the time the company had very few Chinese workers, around 27. When Dov knew Chinese people had come to the open call, he really liked seeing Chinese joining, and we’ve been very happily working at the company since. When I’ve seen unfair things happening at the company, we could directly discuss them with Dov, and he would personally send people to help us resolve issues.

On our birthdays, Dov would give us a birthday card and gift cards for us to buy clothes, at Mid-Autumn festival there would be moon cakes, at Chinese New Years there would be red envelopes, at Christmas there would be presents and there were years where he’d give as a bag to take as many clothes for Christmas that we could fit in the bag. We’d even receive name-brand Japanese toiletry sets.

I want to tell you that Dov treated us very well, I’m very touched and I have first-hand experience of his goodness. I hope Dov can return and lead our company, and help us reinstate stable work.

Sales Associate, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

Gloria Ramirez, Distribution, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

District Visual Manager, Paris Dec 19 2014

Former Store Manager, Montreal Dec 17 2014

Love you Dov!!!!!!!

Sales Associate, Canada Feb 17 2015

Alyssa, Sales Associate, Toronto Aug 06 2015

Working for American Apparel in the retail division is really hard right now.

I can’t get customers what they need because we are out of stock of their favorite basics or even the newer items they really want to own.

Not only that but many of my co workers have been let go and our hours are getting cut too.

We are all wondering when we are going to lose our jobs and when the company will close its doors altogether.

Our district manager is doing her best to keep us positive but we can see the worry behind the smile.

When Dov was here, there was absolutely no worry. All there was was pride for what we were accomplishing.

We miss Dov and we miss job security.

Inventory, Japan Mar 04 2015

I never met Dov, but the reason why I join this team is because of his work, his wierd creativenesss, the way he lead the team even its through mail or pictures, the way he love his work and loyalty on his styles.
I don’t have problem with the new CEO Paula, but without Dov our company is not American Apparel, he is our role model in this career, we need him.

Key Holder, London Dec 19 2014

Hayley Wood, Retail Operations, Los Angeles, CA Jan 13 2015

Dov Charney changed the fashion industry with his vision of American Apparel. The scrutiny he has received is nothing new, he has been a victim of unnecessary criticism for years. He is a creative genius. Intelligent, compassionate and an animal lover. His mind for business is superlative and not only has he been an inspiration for many but he has also given so many the tools for survival. Dov Charney has given jobs to thousands of people. Thousands! He has taught and educated hundreds of thousands. That alone is incomparable Sure, he is an eccentric and his way of operating may not follow societal normalcies. But is that alone a reason to use him as an example ? To destroy a reputation of not only himself but the legacy the company was founded on is in a word, disgusting. American Apparel is not a sexy t-shit brand, It’s a lifestyle brand, and that lifestyle was founded on Dov Charney’s vision. I know I do not have all the facts and I am almost certain that few do. What I do feel for certain is that what is happening publicly with American Apparel and Dov Charney is a shame. The integrity of American Apparel will lose it luster with out Dov. I will use my voice to support him in any way possible and I hope others will for him as well.

Cleaning, Los Angeles Jan 12 2015

Visual Merchandiser, New York, NY Feb 12 2015

District Visual Merchandiser, Korea Feb 24 2015

Merchandiser, Beijing Dec 18 2014

我希望Dov能回到公司,他在的时候衣服都比较好看! 我们会祝福她,加油Dov, 不要气类!

Manuel Hernandez, Cutting Supervisor, Los Angeles, California Jan 27 2015

si me gustaria que regresara porque tuvieramos mas trabajo si lo soportaria

Student, Los Angeles Feb 19 2015

Merchandiser, Las Vegas Feb 18 2015

Sales, Los Angeles Dec 24 2014

Business Development, NY/Miami Jan 25 2015

Working for Dov and American Apparel was inspiring and formative to my professional and personal development. I definitely belief the company was built by effort of many that support and appreciate Dov deeply.

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Nativo Lopez, Private Consultant, Los Angeles, California Mar 02 2015

Dov Charney is an unparalleled business leader in building a home for workers who in turn build the company he leads. It is not for nothing that the workers love Dov. I have witnessed this first hand for over 14 years as a community organizer with Hermandad Mexicana. American Apparel is Dov Charney and Dov Charney is American Apparel. He needs to return to the helm of the company urgently before the new corporate owners run it into the ground. The power to do this resides with the workers. All power to the workers at American Apparel.

Christophe Chobeaux, European & UK Marketing Director, Paris Dec 18 2014

Dov Charney has created the most remarkable fashion brand of the last 15 years.

He hired, trained, inspired, motivated and promoted hundreds of people shaping this company around his vision. He built a manufacturing made in USA business, developed an artistic direction and created marketing strategy to make the most innovative brand in the clothing industry.

During this period, American Apparel successfully managed employment for thousands workers and with its activism, supported many minorities.

High-quality products at affordable pricing, manufactured with fare wages is an ideal. This is an ideal that consumer embrace. This is an ideal that many brands try to achieve looking up at Dov Charney’s work.

Dov Charney has worked like no one to make American Apparel’s profitable with a new business model in this industry.

American Apparel was, is and will be the brand of a new “couscious consumer” generation and all fashion lovers.

Design, art direction, marketing, wholesale, retail stores, online stores, new department such as third part… All of this need a person that fully understand the aspects of the vertical integration business. Dov Charney’s skills and knowledge in the fair clothing industy era are priceless. This is why I am convinced that Dov Charney is determinant for the future of the company.

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Amparo Hernandez, Returns, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Me a gustado como a estado todo por 6 anos. Dov siempre a sido muy bien con su empleados.

Returns, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Inventory, New York, NY Jan 27 2015

Lov tha Dov

Yolanda, Former Key holder, Beijing, China Jan 24 2015


Store manager, Los Angeles/New England Jan 07 2015

Brilliant mind. Essential to the creative integrity of the brand.

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jul 18 2015

支持老板!Dov跟我们员工一条心,他在乎我们的工作,我们的福利。现在的CEO Paula我们根本没见过,她也不在乎我们,我们希望Dov能回来!

Support our Boss! Dov and us workers share the same heart. He cares about our wors, our benefits. The current CEO, Paula, we haven’t even met. She doesn’t care about us. We hope Dov can return!

Mickey Feng, Former Shanghai District Manager, Shanghai Jan 24 2015

我非常支持Dov, 我觉得AA的东西非常好,在Dov的带领下,AA是挺好的,是正宗的Made in LA. 所以我不希望AA变成像其他品牌那样快消,真的那么杂。我还是希望AA能坚持以前的模式,继续运行下去。

Sales Associate, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

我是Dov Charney的支持者!

Sales Associate, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Manager, Los Angeles Dec 19 2014

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

Please come back to the company

Hosiery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

We would want you to come back.

Managing Director, London, United Kingdom Jan 08 2015

Dov is American Apparel.

Nowadays the Companies are nothing (regardless how good their product and branding) without their unique organizational culture and charismatic leader.

Being moral is not doing to the Founder and Leader what the directorate has done.
Spending millions from company’s capital just to kick Dov Out, this is not in favor of American Apparel.

Without Dov, i don’t see the American Apparel Brand surviving for long.

Keyholder, Atlanta, GA Feb 11 2015

American Apparel is Dov. Dov is American Apparel. Without Dov the equation is incomplete and I believe our company faces a bleak future without him. #TeamDov

Assistant Backstock Coordinator, Orlando, Florida Feb 17 2015

Sales Associate, Los Angeles, CA Feb 17 2015

Sales Associate, Laval, Quebec Feb 17 2015

C Diamond, Backstock Associate, Sales Associate, Backstock Manager, Model, Tallahassee, FL Aug 14 2015

When I think of Dov Charney I think of his strong character comprised of such virtues as rationality, productivity, industriousness, frugality, honesty, sincerity, transparency, creativity, ingenuity, imagination/visioning, consideration, strategic intelligence, tactfulness, independence, courage, determination, enthusiasm, passion, tenacity, graciousness, compassion, kindness, wit, dignity, and confidence.

With his rationality he gained immense knowledge of entrepreneurship, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, world cultures, world trade, retail, production, manufacturing, distribution, aesthetics, art, design, advertising, merchandising, leadership, and more. Combined with his productivity, he founded American Apparel and expanded the company faster than any other retail company in history, grew it into the largest clothing manufacturer in North America, and made fashion history with his company’s clothing designs and advertising that other companies are still appropriating and profiting off of today.

The man is great at starting up companies, growing them, forming and executing a vision, spotting and starting trends, sales, innovating, inspiring people to do their best, creating a prolific company culture, and much more. If I was a start-up in the retail business or a tenured company aimed at youths to young adults, I would want him on my team.

He is a major asset to anyone he works with, it was an honor to work with him, and there is no one who can run American Apparel as good as him.

C Diamond

Cutting, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Sales Associate, Japan Mar 05 2015

Dov created American Apparel with the all cool policies including made in the USA, sweat-shop free, natural beauty, and individuality. His work was incredibly creative and inspirational which is the reason why employees choose to work at AA and attract many people.
These days, we are confused because the company is moving forward to the direction we all don’t want to. We feel the company can’t survive for long if it continue to work like this.

Without Dov, American Apparel no longer American Apparel. Please bring him back.

Cashier, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014


Sales Associate, Amsterdam Dec 19 2014

Past Keyholder, Claremont, CA Jan 19 2015

I wore Niki’s #legalizedov shirt!

Ex. Backstock Coordinator, Montreal Mar 22 2015

Assistant, Paramount Jan 19 2015

I support and would like the company to remain the same.

Online Sales Representative, Headquarters, LA Jan 08 2015

POP Manager, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Kourosh Dayan, Owner of Fabritex, Los Angeles, CA Jan 26 2015

As a fabric vendor for American Apparel, I have known Dov Charney since 2008. In my experience he is solid, straightforward, diligent, and sincere. He is a man of his word, he knows what he’s doing, and I actually believe he is a genius.

Ideas come to Dov’s mind and design comes to his mind. He knows what he wants to do, he’s focused, he wants to get it done and he wants it done yesterday. This is where the genius comes from: his uncommon blend of creativity and productivity.

Since his dismissal as CEO, it is this productivity that has declined at American Apparel. When Dov was in charge, he was on top of everything and basically lived and worked at the company. Right now, that kind of leadership at the core is what is lacking and it can be seen in their level of efficiency and productivity.

It is his vision and his presence that we count on. No one else understands the entirety of the business the way he does, from design to production to retail to efficiency. Over the years I’ve seen many businesses, but none that have established an empire like American Apparel has in such a short period of time. I think people who like to criticize Dov disregard what he has been able to do.

I don’t know a single company that did not suffer as a result of the recession of 2008, but Dov was able to regroup and get things back on track. I believe that the company was headed on the right track. With his firing, I believe they have completely reversed course, and I strongly urge that the board bring him back.

Sales Associate, Montreal Jan 28 2015

Dante Vigil, Director, Los Angeles Feb 01 2015

We love Dov

Administrative Assistant, Los Angeles, CA Jan 14 2015

He worked hard for it, why take it away.

Visual Merchandiser, Paris Jan 09 2015

That’s American Apparel.

Backstock Manager, London Dec 19 2014

Model, Los Angeles, CA Jan 30 2015

I modelled for the company years ago for various things like trade shows and catalogs. During that time, I met and worked with Dov and his colleagues many times. I have wonderful memories and I’m proud to have modelled for this company.

Aja Albertson , Visual Merchandiser, Washington DC Aug 12 2015

We love Dov! I learned so much from working with Dov and what a pleasure and so much fun!! I would love to see his vision continue to evolve!

Store Manager, Amsterdam Dec 20 2014

Key Holder, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

We hope Dov will make it back to the company.

Isla, House Keeping, Los angeles, CA Feb 09 2015

Support Mr. Dov Charney

Nikita Chan, Sales, Pasadena, CA Jan 24 2015

I met Dov before, he is a very nice and friendly person. I absolutely loved AA when it was his company. Right now when I walk into AA, with all the red sales advertising, it just feels so cheap. It’s not the AA I know. American apparel is Dov’s children, and he is the best with this company. Please let Dov come back and stop destroying the company.

Visuals, New York, NY Jan 13 2015

Cleaning, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Sales Associate, New York CIty Jan 27 2015

Store Manager, Orlando, FL Dec 17 2014

Sales Associate, Austin, Tx Feb 15 2015

Key Holder, Los Angeles Feb 03 2015

Assistant Manager, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

我已经来公司2年多了,我喜欢 Dov在公司的时候的产品,我了解Dov在公司的影响力。他不仅是这个公司的创始人,也是公司的核心领导,失去他的领导,公司会变得无头绪和混乱。希望董事会重新考虑是否应该解雇他,解雇的理由对我们来说,对公司来说根本不是理由!

Sales Associate, Los Angeles, CA Feb 02 2015

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014

Dov不是american apparel的核心人物吗,董事会的人都是怎么想的呢?

Alfonso Luna, Fabric, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Anne Liu, Former Store Manager, Beijing, China Jan 27 2015

Dov,是American Apparel的灵魂,为什么他会被解雇,为Dov祈祷,加油!

Brady Wolf, Retail Associate, Kelowna, B.C. Feb 11 2015

Visual Merchandiser, Denver Jan 05 2015

Although the last few years under Dov Charney have been volatile to say the least, one cannot deny that the man is a visionary. He was a pioneer of the movement towards domestic production of goods in a time where big-box retailers producing in foreign countries ruled the garment industry with an iron fist. One can attribute the recent popularity surge of USA-made/small batch goods to people like Dov. His tireless and lifelong dedication to this extremely important (and completely under-reported on by the media) issue has allowed more and more people to pay attention to exactly where and under what conditions the products they’re purchasing are being produced.

Rachel, Retail, New York Sep 02 2015

I started working here almost 3 years ago. I wanted to work here so badly! I am a photography student and I appreciated the imprint that American Apparel left in the art/fashion world.

Now I see that the company is using superficial looking models and photographing them in poor taste. Pity. I miss the real girls in the photos…I identified with them.

I no longer feel proud of this company’s artistic output. What a shame.

Working in stores right now sucks too. Its no longer the special environment it once was. We used to see Dov at least once a year and that created excitement for my co workers and I. Now we are lucky if we even see our district manager…and that’s not that exciting.

I really hope someway somehow Dov comes back or I hope to work with him again at an American Apparel version 2.0.

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 16 2015

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Sales, Los Angeles, CA Jan 25 2015

I can’t really see American Apparel without him—-he’s such an essential part to the brand. He really is the brand.

The thing about Dov is how much he really cares about the causes and messages that started the company. It’s not something that he has to do, it’s not BS—it’s genuine. He really cares.

In a world of fast fashion, that’s a unique thing to have and so important.

Sweatshop Free for life!

Texas District Manager, Texas Jan 26 2015

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Come back. We miss you and your comedian personality

Product Developer, Los Angeles, CA Dec 29 2014

Dov is truly one of my most influential mentors and without a doubt can contribute many of my successes to the teachings that man has given me.

It deeply saddens me to see the given circumstances – Having an American Apparel without its founder will completely rob the generations to come of a corporate experience that you will never find anywhere else.

Good or bad – however you want to see it, Dov gave all of us a way to challenge our existence to mean something more than just ourselves.

And to be a part of that experience, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.

Online Sales Coordinator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 22 2015

The company hasn’t been the same since Dov has been forced to leave. He always came into our department and asked us for input on what the issues are and what things we think will help resolve them. If we did a good job, he made sure to tell us that he appreciated our hard work.

I have never met anyone so dedicated towards a vision other than him and the company as a whole is missing a huge part of its essence with him absent.

It is sad to see someone who had a dream of this company and put in the hard work to achieve his dream be pushed to the side.

Bring Dov back!

Kathy M. Williams, Owner, Indigo Apparel, Virginia Sep 03 2015

DOV Charney IS American Apparel!

Sarah Harvey, Sales Associate, San diego Feb 19 2015

Visual Merchandiser, Los Angeles Jan 08 2015

This company will never be what it was without Dov

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 12 2015

Leather Department, Los Angeles, CA Jan 20 2015

Sofia De Lara, District Manager, Mexico Jan 08 2015

I have been working for American Apparel since 2005, when the first store opened in Mexico City– during this time, I have gone from working in the store as a Sales Associate to my current position as District Manager, while also representing the company as a model in many ads.

Dov Charney has always treated me with love and respect– he has trusted me and allowed me to handle various aspects of the business, including administration, merchandising, marketing, leadership and special events. He sent me to the US and Canada to help with and observe other AA stores, and this has been important in terms of sharing knowledge with other AA employees and contributing to the formation of an overall plan for the Mexican operation.

My appearance in the company’s ads created a lot of publicity in Mexico for the stores that I worked in: people would come just to see me, and sales would go up. The ads also created further opportunities for me to model at fashion shows and in magazines, so American Apparel has had a very positive effect on my life.

Since Dov’s dismissal, I have felt a distinct lack of direction, with no one taking leadership, a slow-down in production and the approval process, and an increase in small, but important problems such as mistakes on the Mexican website. The online store is dying– I have no sense of a vision for publicity, and an overall feeling that no one cares.

My greatest fear is that without Dov Charney, American Apparel is simply not the same company that everyone associates with the name. Dov has always had a vision and direction for the company, as well as the ability to make it happen. It is my belief that he should be reinstated to the CEO position as soon as possible.

Caffa, CEO A.V., Berlin Feb 10 2015

GO Dov!!! 

Store Manager, Los Angeles, CA Dec 18 2014

Dov is the founder of this company as well as the heart and soul of it. If he’s gone, I truly believe the board members will outsource production to third world countires.

Wolf Price, Social Documentary Filmmaker, Palo Alto, CA Jan 20 2015

My personal experiences with Dov have been incredibly positive since the first time I called him and since the first time we met in person for a pitch meeting. Of all the people who I fervently try to engage about my social work in Nepal, Dov was one of the most impacted people I have met, he was emotionally moved by my vision and progress and he was especially generous in approving a pivotal fundraising and marketing project to design a t shirt that supports my project in Nepal. Him and the creative team met with me many times and were always so friendly and supportive.

Associate, Amsterdam Dec 19 2014

Keyholder, Irvine, CA Jan 19 2015

Maks Akter, Traveling Merchandiser, Los Angeles Dec 18 2014

I am a first generation Bengali-American woman, and a Traveling Merchandiser for American Apparel. I started over four years ago and have been a fan of the company since the beginning.

Ever since Dov Charney has been ousted as CEO, there have been many changes at the headquarters which cause issues to arise in production, allocations, and maintaining an organized creative direction for the company which have negatively affected us at the retail level.

Dov Charney founded an empire built around passion, innovation, creativity, sustainability, and a new vision for ethical practices in the clothing industry. He transformed American Apparel into a creative institution that nurtures, teaches, and cultivates its employees into leaders.
Once such an empire like that is built, the ideal way to help maintain and expand it is with the man that started it, and that is Dov Charney.

Arcelia Cruz, Distribution, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014

能不能不要让公司这么不稳定啊, 好好的CEO干嘛把他赶出公司, 这样太影响公司发展了。

Key Holder, Paris Jan 23 2015

Packing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Leanne Hebert-Nguyen, Product Developer and Senior Creative, New York/Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

I have worked for American Apparel for over 8 years. Essentially speaking, Dov Charney is key to the functioning of the company. Since his being forced out, everything has become more difficult in terms of getting things done. Every department relies up on him. As a creative executive, I believe it makes sense to report to him and not some manager, since he has been present in the business my entire time here. If I had questions about retail or graphics, or any aspect of my department, I could rely upon him. This is not just me– I have colleagues who have been working for the company for 7 years who have all been trained to work this way, and we were not dissatisfied.

In recent months, there has been a lot of confusion: suddenly, the interim CEO didn’t even know who I was. He came to me asking how I wanted to be evaluated, and this made me feel devalued. Without Dov’s oversight, all the departments begin fighting over who has more power. Further, from my experience working in the stores, I can see how much speed and efficiency has been lost in his absence. Dov is the creator and voice of the American Apparel brand, and when you let go of that, you dilute the vision and coherence of its products and identity. Here, employees have the freedom of learning and the ability to advance. Dov wants his employees to learn the same way he learns. There is a beauty to it– he makes people understand what retail and what creativity are.

Country Manager, Canada Jan 26 2015

Dov is a great leader, a visionary and an amazing person too. He inspired thousands of people to share his vision to build an innovative, ethical and successful clothing company. He is very well respected in the industry and is known for having started several fashion trends. He knows the ins and outs of the business and pays personal visits to all his stores. Dov calls the stores himself to get the team excited and motivated. Dov cares more about the cause and the people in his company than about his personal gain, an admirable quality.

On a personal level, Dov has been a mentor to me and has contributed in a large way to the achievement of my professional potential.

Besides being a great leader, Dov is also a creative genius. His talent for design and photography are outstanding.

Store Manager, Cologne, Germany Jan 02 2015

As we all know he started his business with selling t-shirts out the trunk of his car showing everyone that persistency, diligence, dedication, hard work and a clear vision can help you achieve anything. It is exactly this vision that allows anyone who is willing to give their best on a daily basis to grow within the company.
It is not normal that a CEO is involved in daily business as much as Dov is, he knows what’s happening on the other side of the world and stays in contact with even the smallest employees.
The most important point why Dov should come back is his social conscious, he is the one who holds everything together.


District Merchandiser, Las Vegas, NV Mar 02 2015

Leather Dept, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

Michael Derman, Backstock Associate, Vancouver, BC Feb 19 2015

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Please come back. We support you

KeyHolder, Paris Jan 09 2015

Sales, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Key Holder, London Jan 27 2015


Angela Galvez, Leather Dept, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

We require more overtime.

Director, Los Angeles, CA Jul 28 2015

Dov breaded entrepreneurs and hard working loyal workers. I know because I came to the company through the CFO’s office and clearly found out who was not qualified to be the CFO. Dov never interviewed me but he found me very early on and we struck it off. Dov and I worked for the betterment of shareholders and employees at all times.

It was me with Dov’s backing who made the CFO accept a Business Transportation Assistance Program contract with LA Metro that lowered the monthly transportation cost by over 15 dollars a week for employees with a nominal weekly pre tax payroll deduction. Over 1300 employees signed on to this program that LAMetro had tried to offer to AA consistently for 5 years. Only because of Dov’s willingness to give me the green light to implement this program was it ever done. Dov loves his employees. He once came out to Los Angeles before Christmas just to be with his employees.

He stuck up for me with his CFO who hated me countless times as I was going through the company identifying rampant inefficiencies, internal control deficiencies and cost savings.

At all time Dov was loyal to his shareholders and employees and did nothing that damaged American Apparel Shareholder Value.

The only hope for this company is for Dov to come back and bring back his management that have been fired or quit.

The current board has brought the company to its knees financially and there is no hope left for them.

Dov is the only hope as he has rescued the company before.

Masseuse, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Sales Associate, Irvine, CA Jan 19 2015

Jonathan Paskowitz, President, Lightning Bolt, Venice, CA Feb 01 2015

I’ve known Dov Charney for years. The company is an expression of Dov. If American Apparel loses Dov it will be losing the heart and soul of the brand. Not to mention the master mind who built the damn thing.


BS (Backstock) Manager, London Feb 04 2015

Sales Manager, Stockholm Jan 23 2015

Hector Mendoza, Service, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Label Change, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Yo quiero que Dov regresar. Lo extrano, es un buneo persona y fondo la fabrica. Quieremos aver un otro ves en la fabrica.

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jul 18 2015

Dov对我们工人的待遇非常好,很有亲切感,经常下来厂里跟我们互动,我们很爱他。现在的那个CEO Paula,那的样子我们都没见过,我们也没见过她来厂里看我们或我们的工作。我们现在的工作量减少了,就是因为Dov不在,新的老板没有能力提供给我们工作。希望Dov能够回到我们的公司,和我们一起战斗!

Dov treated us workers very well, we felt close to him, he would frequently visit the factory floors and do our exercises with us, we love him. The current CEO, Paula, we have never even seen her face, she has never come to the factory floors to see us nor our work. Our work has been severely reduced, because Dov isn’t here, the new boss doesn’t have the power to give us work. I hope Dov can return to our company and fight with us!

DKCrew-Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA Jan 07 2015

Backstock Keyholder, Irvine, CA Jan 19 2015

Sales Associate, Berkeley Dec 18 2014

The company is going down the drain. I fear, that without Dov, the company will be non-existent in less than five years. We need to get back to the basics, where Dov first founded us off of, and push to get customers interested in American made clothing.

Richard Krehl, Packer, Shipping, Whittier, CA Mar 08 2015

I write this on behalf of a person I have come to know and respect. Dov Charney. A man who cares about people. Cared enough to find out each and every employee that worked for him, “So tell me your story” And he would listen.

I do know this, when he was there that place popped! We had a drive! Now it seems that they walk around for a pay check. And it is just a shame to see something that someone made from nothing, being abused, and totally mismanaged.

Kimberly Ho, District Manager, Montreal Dec 17 2014

Dov Charney has directed me for the last 7 years but the last six months since his suspension have been difficult to say the least.

Myself and countless others depend on his guidance and influence in all aspects of the business to help us help our stores succeed.

Dov is a visionary and the brains of this entire operation…without him American Apparel will never be the same. It is solely his aspirations and his perseverance that have gotten this company to where it stands today.

Everything that Dov embodies and represents is the reason why I have dedicated the last 7 years to working here. Many retail employees also work here because they are inspired and motivated by the eccentric man they sometimes have the opportunity of meeting in their stores.

I urge the board to reconsider the decision they have made to terminate Dov’s employment, as their actions have been detrimental to the growth and success of American Apparel.

District Manager, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Dov, I have learned more from you than I ever thought I ever thought I was capable of learning. You have groomed me into the Leader I am today.

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Come back, we support you and appreciate your support

Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Backstock Associate, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Dec 17 2014

Dov defines American Apparel, he embodies the very spirit of the company and everything it represents.

Inspection, Los Angeles Dec 30 2014

Sales, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Dov and his team have always given me an opportunity to work with American Apparel during the good time and the hard times.

Thank you!

Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Yael Quint, District Manager, Ontario Jan 08 2015

As a former district manager I am shocked and appalled by the recent action to remove Dov Charney as CEO. I am currently residing in New York working in the luxury retail market thanks to my experience that Dov provided me with. I have endless gratitude and respect for him and will continue to support him.

Back Stock Coordinator, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

I love the time when Dov was in the company. Now the company seems DEAD!

Sales Associate, Edmonton Dec 18 2014

Yolanda Anso, Returns, Los Angeles Jan 16 2015

6 allos con la compania, me custa mi trabajo, me gustaria que regrese Dov.

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Keyholder, Berkeley, CA Dec 18 2014

What’s AA without Dov?? 🙁

Former District & Visuals Manager, Los Angeles Feb 05 2015

I started off as an associate and then was promoted by Mr. Dov Charney to a District manager for the next five years. I learned more from him in six years than any other job or business related class in college. After the first time meeting Dov, I saw that to be successful you had to be a sponge and soak in every small aspect of the store and business operations. I almost started to study business metrics like a stockbroker looks at numbers. He taught me to be a successful leader you can’t ask anyone to do anything you wouldn’t hence the gum stories. It’s about business but I remember when my mom passed Dov was the first call I got which I still respect to this very day, and that’s why Dov is AA and should be reinstated- character!

Superviser Labels – Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

District Manager, Vancouver Dec 17 2014

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014

Mr. Charney是我的偶像,american apparel没有他就没有生气。

Mechanic, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Sales, Beijing Dec 18 2014

Retail Store Manager, Milwaukee, WI Dec 28 2014

Spring Hernandez, Senior District Manager, Los Angeles Dec 21 2014

I’m an Los Angeles based employee that’s worked for the company 10 plus years, opening and managing American Apparels stores. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work closely with Dov and not only witness but participate in building this unique, relevant, and powerful brand.

It’s almost unbelievable how much this company has been able to accomplish and grow in only a decade. The driving force behind the company’s success has always been Dov. His leadership and involvement spread across every aspect of the company. From the progressive business model, to high standards of quality and design, all things creative, acquiring cutting edge technology for manufacturing/retail/corporate, creating and implementing best practices in operations, the list goes on and on.

Developing his team and company has been his life’s work. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. I support Dov 100%. His vision, passion and dedication for this company are unsurpassed.

Iris Alonzo, Creative Director, Los Angeles, CA Feb 06 2015


Thank you for creating American Apparel.

Over the past 30 years (11 of which I’ve been along for) you have built a vibrant, innovative and open company that 10,000 diverse people are presently a part of.

Though you’re not physically here with us at the moment, the factory is a constant reminder of the kind of man you are. Only an extraordinary person would build something this ambitious and special. Every day that I walk through the floors, Im so thankful that it exists. You made it possible and nothing can change that.

Remember – the people that know you love and support you.

Vision. Passion. Integrity. Authenticity. Can-do Spirit.
That’s Dov Charney. That’s American Apparel.


Tsuki Wang, Former Back Stock Manager, Beijing Jan 24 2015


Johnny, Keyholder, Toronto, Ontario Aug 04 2015

Dov needs to come back. I find that the people who are running it now are driving our company into the ground. The company is becoming more business oriented, only worrying about reducing costs which I can’t see a positive outcome for the future. Lower stock in products and firing/”laying” off employees. I’m not too sure about the outlook of this company in the future. Work used to be fun and now it is all about doing it a certain way or you will be terminated.

Independent Contractor, Studio City, CA Jan 08 2015



Sales, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014


Sales Associate, Beijing Jan 24 2015

We want Dov back!

Jonathan D., Sewing Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Apr 30 2015

The only one reason I decided to support Dov, it’s just because I have friends and relatives and I worked in AA for more than 2 years, I honestly have to say that Dov is the one qualified for this fixing from this tremendous distress in American Apparel. This company is going down fast and the one (Paula) who is driving this huge boat is sinking it before pushing the start button. I’m in and we need our real CEO ===> DOV.

Francisco Chavez, Elevator Operator, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Former Keyholder/Model, Amsterdam Jan 27 2015

Dov Charney is the foundation of this company. What is American Apparel without him?

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 12 2015

Multi-Store Manager, Miami / NYC Jan 20 2015

Dov Charney reinvented sex appeal when the US was going through a really bullshit stage. I had lived in foreign countries where billboard ads showcased half-naked women sprawled across them to promote the latest movie, but nowhere in the US could you find such straight-up attention to the fact that sex is fucking fun and a natural part of youth culture. His liberation has become his own demise. I have known many women that were not his type by any means, proclaim he mishandled them in some capacity. Most of these women, in my opinion, were looking for money. Everyone knew he was a winning lottery ticket and sadly in our stupid American ways, a moving target for a lawsuit. I can’t say that I’ve spent every waking moment with him and therefore have no idea if these claims are true, but as someone who spent a great deal of time working with him between 2004-2005, he did nothing of the sort, and actually took great care in making sure that I wasn’t carrying on an illicit relationship with another coworker that would be to my detriment. The man is a genius, far too ahead of his time, and ultimately being punished for being a free-thinking radical that just wanted to make clothing at a decent wage and bring manufacturing back to where he could best have control over it. If we had an idea for leggings, 48 hours later, they were in his Miami shop in multiple colorways, ready to be purchased. If I ran out of black scarves, I could tell him and next day there was a delivery. That is part of what it means to manufacture locally, and Dov understood that very early on. For all the haters out there, I have only ever seen a sometimes beat-down man who just wants to express himself, and never forcefully. He was a team player, he listened to our opinions, rewarded us with money when we were smart, and ultimately inspired those who cared about learning from him. I hope he goes on to great success. He deserves it, and by the many people who have contributed to this site, I am not alone in that sentiment. I will defend him until I experience otherwise, but this man made my life something different. He taught me a lot about business and getting ahead in a legit way, and about life. I hope one day he gets to do this again.

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Robert Sparks, Jewelry Designer, Los Angeles Mar 13 2015

I also have a MADE IN DOWNTOWN LA policy thanks to the example and vision of Mr. Charney. I had he honor of meeting Mr. Charney at Downtown volunteer events – he is a gentleman and true visionary. Why are we suppressing the very quality’s that made AMERICA and AMERICAN APPAREL great!

District Visual Merchandiser, West Coast, Canada Dec 17 2014

Key Holder, Tennessee Feb 17 2015

Britney, Model, Los Angeles, CA Feb 05 2015

Visual Merchandiser/Auditor, US/Brazil Dec 17 2014

Fusing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Ace Ross , Special Projects, Los Angeles, CA Jan 29 2015

He built the company, it’s an unfair coup d’etat by the very few he trusted. Undeniably a great leader.

Assistant Store Manager, Salt Lake City, Utah Jan 08 2015

because Dov and American Apparel have long supported social change (U.S. made products by U.S. workers, LGBT/queer rights, just immigration reform, to name just a few) long before it was the cool–or even right–thing to do. #TeamDov lov dov

Keyholder, Beijing Dec 18 2014


Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Sales Associate, Amsterdam Jan 08 2015

What’s a company without it’s creator?

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014


Back Stock, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

I hope this works.

Packing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Jacob Lessard, Stockroom (Back Stock), Montreal Feb 01 2015

Dov Charney is an extremely committed person who has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to building American Apparel. Seldom have I met anybody who works as hard as Dov, around the clock, in every time zone. I’m inspired by his progressive ideologies, particularly regarding fair labor.

Cashier, New York, New York Jan 27 2015

I came back to the company because I loved Dov’s vision for it. To come back and to know that he was gone was absolutely heartbreaking. How can someone have something they created be taken away from them? It’s absurd.

Key Holder, London Jan 29 2015

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Former Store Manager, Beijing Jan 24 2015

我在AA的北京店工作7年,虽然没见过 Dov本人,但我也算是通过各种渠道算是了解他和公司。这个公司在中国很特别,是因为有个很特别的CEO,我相信如果他离开了,以后慢慢的就变味了,喜欢这个品牌的人也必定会减少很多。 别的不多说,希望他能回AA,毕竟为他工作了那么长时间。

Visual Supply & Dkim Crew, Los Angeles, CA Feb 11 2015

Philip Klaparda, Real Estate, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

When I think of Dov, I think of unrelenting dedication and passion. During the 11 years I’ve known him, he’s been on a hard fought quest to build a successful company while always valuing his hard working, dedicated employees. Despite many detractors, he’s taken the harder road by manufacturing in the U.S. with the belief that by doing so he could pay fair wages, keep quality high, and still make a profit. I have the utmost respect for him. There is one thing I know about Dov, he’s a survivor and no matter what is thrown at him, he will persevere.

Visual Merchandiser, Pennsylvania Feb 16 2015

Matthew Pyles, Sales Associate, Irvine, CA Jan 19 2015

Mark Tucker, Sewing Lead-Swimwear/Lingerie, USA Jul 10 2015

The air went out of the American Apparel Headquarters Building when Dov Charney left, and took his passion for his company with him. The potential for American Apparel went with him as well. Dov is a tough man in a tough business, and is still well adored by the majority of long time employees. Without the words ‘Operated by Dov Charney’, the Operations/Company are run inferior. The brand belongs to Dov, and those Professionals who have left the company since, due to lack of support by the current management.

Rick Roth, President, Screenprinting – Mirror Image, Consulting –, Former CEO – SweatX, Pawtucket, RI Jan 29 2015

As a driving force for the anti-sweatshop movement, Dov Charney needs to continue to be involved with American Apparel. Despite he himself being attacked by many people who do not understand the garment industry, Dov has been the real deal, with a huge factory full of well treated employees.

I have visited the factory on numerous occasions and seen that the employees are treated with respect. I also have seen the energy that Dov has brought to the company.

Morris Charney, Former Director of the Canadian Division of American Apparel, Practicing Architect and City Planner, Montreal, QC Jan 27 2015

My history with American Apparel goes back to the very beginning when Dov was still a student and the business was being operated out of the basement of our home. I consulted with the company for more than 20 years and provided all the initial financing. As an architect I designed numerous stores, helped to select sites for them, continued to be available to store managers in regard to maintenance issues in all the countries in which stores were located and provided original artwork [at no cost] which was used in ads or on garments; that is up until the time I was terminated [June/2013] without warning, without any notice, no severance of any kind, no thank you letter, even my health insurance was canceled. All this, I believe because I am Dov’s father and the board was trying to punish Dov in the worst way possible.

Why would anyone sitting on the board for whatever length of time think that they would know better than Dov how to run the company or that they could find someone who could run the company as well or better than him? No one on the board had started a comparable company with minimum financing and grown it to the point that it had 10,000 employees in 20 countries and sales that had reached at times $500 million in a year? Everyone, including the members of the board were willing to admit that the brand was well-known and accepted all over the world and, in itself, was worth a lot of money [and that was due to Dov]. The people on the board were chosen by Dov because they had expressed admiration of his accomplishments, not because they were outstanding entrepreneurs who had actually built a company the size of American Apparel. By taking the initiative of removing him from a position of leadership they have shown incredible chutzpah [in addition to a lack of gratitude] because, in effect, they are judging him saying that they know how to do things better or can find someone to do it better. He’s proven himself, they haven’t. Referring to the debt that the company has incurred has everything to do with the difficulties in getting financing from the very beginning and the speed with which Dov chose to grow the company. In particular, it was his youth and the fact that Canadian banks can be really conservative [e.g. financing was cut off using his sale of gay magazines at stores as an excuse]. He had to turn to private financing where he was paying 18% interest. That’s where the profits have been going for some time now. The company is now carrying a lot of accumulated debt because of those reasons, not because of mismanagement or the lack of sales.

American Apparel became what it is because of Dov and all his idiosyncrasies. Most creative endeavors involve the uniqueness or craziness of the author/the artist/the scientist. To accept the American Apparel trademark and sing its praises while condemning Dov’s behavior shows a total misunderstanding of how things are created. One should not be too judgmental even in regard to the sexual harassment suits or Dov’s liberal attitude regarding social matters in an office environment. At least he is open about it. Deception is a much worse sin. I believe that the youth of today [who are after all the major clientele of American Apparel] are a lot less bothered by the type of sexual harassment [as defined by California laws] than the generation to which the board members belong…..who like to moralize about impropriety but can be full of deception when it comes to sexual behavior. The upper management of American Apparel has always been mostly female and Dov showed a lot of respect for their abilities which is the very opposite of the impression created by all the malicious falsehoods spread in the media. Everyone should be aware of the extent that celebrities are pursued by young admiring women; why would it be any different for Dov? The newspaper articles and social media picked-up on all the falsehoods spread by the board itself. Nothing arouses interest like sleaze. Those who have been following sexual harassment cases against celebrities in California understand what Dov has been caught up in. It doesn’t take much to claim that the workplace environment is contaminated be it because of the language [use of expletives] or the photos/visuals [scantily clad models]. What is the company or its brand without Dov’s idiosyncrasies? Even all the bad publicity at his expense may have been beneficial.

The case of my termination at American Apparel is an excellent example of the type of falsehoods which were spread in order to justify Dov’s termination. After a lengthily and expensive investigation following his initial dismissal [costing several millions], the board determined that he was [after all] dismissed “with cause”. One of those causes [as mentioned in press releases] had to do with the misappropriation of funds in regard to Dov’s parents. What a painful and disrespectful “cause” [falsehoods] to have publicized. The truth is just the opposite. I have just gone through a most detailed six-month financial tax audit covering the years [2011 – 2013]. The audit happened to have started soon after the day of my dismissal from American Apparel [no doubt just a coincidence]. The falsehoods were all over the papers! The audit included both personal and business transactions. The conclusion of the auditors in regard to American Apparel is that I provided significant interim financing during those years [$1 million worth] by allowing company employees to use my personal credit cards and this was done without charging interest or receiving any other financial benefits. All professional fees paid to me during those years were incurred either for doing legitimate work as a professional architect or as the sole Canadian director of the company [paid an amount not unlike what the US board members were paid]. How’s that for a dose of reality/the truth vs. spreading malicious falsehoods.

How could the board have treated Dov so disrespectfully? His immediate effective dismissal involving his being locked out of his office and not even able to take his e-mails reminds me totally of someone who is accused of a criminal offense and the feds swooping in and making a big scene [in time for the late-night news] removing the offender in handcuffs and putting him into a police car etc. He is being prejudged. It shows incredible disloyalty and disrespect from members of the board most of whom were appointed by Dov himself. They should be ashamed of themselves. I am convinced, judging the way they have handled this matter so far, that they are capable of destroying the company in short order, a company which Dov has devoted the better part of his life to build. We now have a second betrayal which has taken place with Standard General. Dov turned to them after being dismissed back in June, trusting them with all his shares so as to be able to return to American Apparel. Instead they are acting like investment vultures, ready to break up the company and sell off its assets. American Apparel requires a creative environment in order to carry on its design activity. The new regulations which have been set out regarding employee fraternization will do nothing to enhance that kind of environment.

Freelance Writer/Journalism Student, Ohio Feb 13 2015

A few years ago I requested an interview with Charney for a very small non profit street paper in my city. Not many CEOs would’ve granted an interview to a small, nonprofit newspaper (albeit these days thats now a redundant qualifier), but Charney agreed. He only granted the interview after asking me a few questions about my work ethic and philosophy. Questions designed to find out what intrinsically motivated me and what kind of work ethic to which I was dedicated. I was taken aback, because it appeared he decided to grant the interview based on my principles. Really? Not how many twitter followers I had? Doesn’t he care about how page views we get? What about screening the questions? Wont he make me do that?

He never applied value to these metrics when deciding to grant the interview. Considering the fact that I was only a journalism student at the time – an aspiring writer and journalist – I had unsurprisingly been surrounded by people who applied very high value – to an almost sad extent I eventually came to find out – who were all trying to instill the same values in myself. So – as anyone in the industry can imagine – to achieve an interview based on character was wild.

I thank this man to myself every day for his contribution to the very important shake up that happened in my values that day, and for the way it shaped the kind of journalist, creator, and writer I strived to be from that day forward. He showed me people in power do value character. Its not a lost currency. It pays to be hard working. It pays to be loyal to a standard of principle. It pays to be decent.

I thank this man for saving me from one of the biggest emotional disabilities my generation has fallen into: chronic cynicism.

As I did more research into Charney’s past, spoke to his workers close friends and loved ones, I started to see that, while this person has gone through an emotional wringer with a long line of personal betrayals by people he once presumed to be friends, he still trusts people.

Perhaps cautiously, but I watched as this man still: protected his workers, stood up for friends, accepted new people into his life like family, listened to people without instant judgment, struck up conversations with strangers, overtipped, and gave his heart out generously to people.

This was a man with serious battle wounds when it came to social relationships with other people, and yet he still remained open to new people. This is a demonstration of spirit and sense of life you don’t easily forget.

Through these acts, the reason he granted the interview, his commitment to workers, and his unyielding faith in people, Charney has instilled in me a deep sense of optimism with which I use to navigate my world and the people in it.

Photographer, Portland, Oregon Feb 01 2015

Dov is American Apparel

Traveling Manager , San Francisco, CA Dec 22 2014

I am inspired by Dov’s leadership and dedication to American Apparel. His hard work has inspired me and given me the opportunity to help build such a wonderful company providing products that I am proud to stand behind. I’m going on my eleventh year at American Apparel and I am grateful for Dov’s leadership and feel that his passion is what has driven the company so far.

Creative Assistant, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Creative Jan 08 2015

Dov is a visionary of the same ilk as Ossie Clark or Barbara Hulanicki, but his scope and approach is international. American Apparel is a sympathetic engine of legit street culture, a bonafide benevolent halfway house for a legion of genuinely cool disenfranchised kids, a revolution in fair wages — indeed, it’s fair to say that none of these hallmarks have any traction, authenticity, or longevity without Charney in a commanding role at the company.

CEO, Bal Harbour, Florida Jan 27 2015

Amercian Apparel without Dov is no longer AA.

Sales Associate, Vancouver, Canada Jan 18 2015

Sewing, Los Angeles Dec 30 2014

Mario Ghomi, Property Owner Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA Jan 21 2015

By being a pioneer and believing in Echo Park neighborhood and by opening a store at our neighboring property and advertising on our billboards over period of ten years, Dov brought prosperity and big changes to EchoPark. He was the FIRST to give this neighborhood a chance to thrive. People like Dove that take business risks and are successful must be praised for their leadership and yes, he is a LEADER.

Dov, Thank You!

From King Center at Alvarado & Sunset Blvd.

Retail Strategist, New York City, NY, USA Dec 17 2014

American Apparel, its Board, and All Involved Parties,

As a former American Apparel employee, I’m infuriated by recent actions removing Dov Charney from his position as CEO. The Board of American Apparel’s shortsighted decision-making is directly in conflict with the public company’s best interests.
Dov Charney, founder and former CEO, is the ‘secret sauce’ to which any praise given to American Apparel must be directed toward. His ingenious flair, intuitive aesthetic sentiment, and creative cunning are the glue which binds the brand with America’s collective conscious.

It’s not that American Apparel cannot ‘function’ in his absence, it’s that his absence removes from American Apparel the crucial ingredient with which you find yourself relevant: a multi-million dollar brand with global recognition and mass appeal with fashion’s trickiest target demographic.

Without Dov Charney, you’ve not just assumed the reigns of a fledgling powerhouse, but you’ve extracted a vital pillar which keeps the brand afloat.

Dov Charney is American Apparel’s most valuable asset. Working closely together, I’ve witnessed his pre-emptive forecasting for trends years in advance. I’ve witnessed him uncover entire sub-markets through vintage deadstock — the same deadstock handfuls of stockists were attempting to write-off as liabilities. He is not some parvenu unacclimated to the needs of global enterprise. He is not some foolish founder blocking fortune. He is the very blood running through all veins of American Apparel.
Once gone, he cannot be replaced. There is no person apt to meet his level of expertise, effort, and energy. You cannot make this mistake.

Privately, I’ll admonish the political decision-making for what it is: a power grab. Clearly a decision to terminate a CEO without warning must be taken carefully.

It is with Dov Charney that American Apparel has better days ahead.

I aggressively urge the board of American Apparel to allow a restructuring which re-instates Dov Charney as CEO of American Apparel.

Anything less is a disservice to the brand, the shareholders, and the general public.

Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA Jan 20 2015

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Store Manager, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Dec 29 2014

Amazing passion

Ilana Shaw, Merchandiser, Los Angeles Dec 21 2014

I have worked closely with Dov, he played an important role in training me. Dov Charney is essential to American Apparel. He was the catalyst and nurtured it from basic wholesale to the international clothing line it is today. There is no American Apparel without him. This company cannot stand without Dov.

American Apparel is unaddressed anarchy without Dov Charney. It affected the winter product line, manufacturing, and corporate communication already. It will only continue to negatively impact the company from here on out.

Cultural stigma aside, Dov Charney successfully curated a corporation with qualified women filling the majority of top positions. There is no glass ceiling at American Apparel and that is a direct result of how Dov built his company and saw all his employees.

Nicole Lavoie, Store Manager, Irvine, CA Jan 07 2015

Firstly, I am not afraid to put my information as public on this site because it might show others it’s okay to do so too. You’re expressing an opinion. There’s nothing wrong with that. Wall Street can do a lot of things but they can’t tell you what opinion to have or that you no longer have First Amendment rights.

I hadn’t even spoken to Dov before I found out he was ousted from American Apparel. That Wednesday night I called him, crying (no shame) and asked that it wasn’t true. When he was brought back as consultant I spent a lot of time working with him. I cannot ever repay him for how much I’ve learned from him. He is a genius and the hardest, most passionate businessman and (former) CEO you could ever imagine. He never turns his phone off. He works 365 days a year. Funny enough – he hates his coffee hot and PREFERS Nescafe (and when I laugh at him for it he always makes sure I pronounce it correctly). What other CEO has conference calls with his managers to work out any problems? What other CEO can name retail employees they’ve worked with? None I’ve heard of. He knows this company and what needs to be done from the top down. From the bottom of my heart, Dov, I sincerely thank you for everything. #teamdov

With all due respect to Paula, there is nobody that could do Dov’s job. I’ve spent a lot of time with him professionally and there is nobody that works as hard as he does and wants the company to be successful. It won’t be successful if it isn’t in Dov’s hands. He lives, breathes, eats this company. He works 19 hours a day, everyday, 365 days a year. He’s truly a creative genius and the company needs him if it’s going to continue to be the American Apparel Dov Charney spent 25 years creating.

Alice Dai, Former Back Stock Manager, Beijing Jan 27 2015

Dov, 加油,你的理念一直存在!

Store Manager, Paris Jan 02 2015

Joe F, Consultant, Beijing, China Jan 26 2015

Dov Charney is the soul of American Apparel. Without him, American Apparel would probably fade out among those franchise fashion brands pretty soon. The reason people love this brand and the stores are opening everywhere it’s because Dov’s passion to keep American Apparel a proud and unique image from the west coast. This very personal input has made American Apparel as what it is, and if the company cannot stand the difficult side of him leading the brand, then they shall get ready to say goodbye to many other things.

Operating, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Assistant, Los Angeles, CA Jan 27 2015

Dov Charney treats his employees with the highest respect and care. He pays fair wages to his employees and his clothing is made within the United States so he is not outsourcing and using ethical practices.

Wholesale, Los Angeles Jan 28 2015

Dov is a visionary! Bring him back– he IS American Apparel!

Administrative Assistant, Torrance, CA Feb 04 2015

Sewing, Los Angeles Dec 30 2014

Keyholder, London Jan 31 2015

Sales Associate, Ann Arbor, MI Feb 17 2015

Lina Joy, Former Manager, New York Jan 25 2015

Thank you Dov

Manuel Arellano, Machine operator, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Jehan Heraux, President Hamarex Capital, Los Angeles, CA Jan 14 2015

I know Dov since he was fighting to advance profitably this company. I have seen this company go from 3 partners 0 Zero employee to what it represents now. This company cannot survive without the skills of Dov Charney. He may be a bit Original but this is what makes his success. Dov knows the management secrets of this field he practically created.The longer he stays out of the day to day affairs of this company hte more detrimental will his absence. be. Fight back Dov, take the reigns back and go private. This is the best way.

Supervisor, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Maria Luisa Salgado, Machine Operator, Los Angeles Feb 05 2015

Estoy apoyando a Dov porque, lo admiro lo respeto y lo quiero, el es un gran Visionario, logro hacer una compañia grandisima, donde todos los trabajadores teniamos muchos beneficios,buen sueldo y un trato justo, Estoy participando en una campaña para apoyarlo a que recupere su compañia American Apparel se que unidos lo lograremos, este prox. sabado 7 feb. tendremos una reunion alas 2 pm. llama para mas detalles 323 5942712 Atte. Ma. Luisa

Coey Kerr, Accounting & Administration, Montréal Feb 01 2015

Thank you Dov. I learned a lot.

Key Holder, Silverspring, MD Feb 13 2015

Transfers, Los Angeles, CA Dec 22 2014

Backstock Keyholder, Irvine, CA Jan 19 2015

Joey Ng, Retail Director, Australia / Advertising Director Dec 17 2014

I am an employee of American Apparel. I am also a woman who has worked and lived with Dov Charney, the Founder and former CEO of American Apparel.

I used to circumvent telling a first date that I worked at American Apparel, not because I was embarrassed of my association with the company, but because I knew I would have to start answering a number of questions. Most of them were not designed to get to know me, my job, or my accomplishments but to quell common curiosities about my boss.

“Does he really walk around the office all day in his underwear?”
“Is he as much of a creep as everyone says he is?”
“Have you ever fucked him?”

Answer: No.

I can only speak for myself, but I can say that I have never once felt marginalised, exploited, or unsafe as a young woman under Dov Charney’s supervision.

American Apparel, a company so thoroughly imbued with his spirit, is the only workplace in my career thus far where I have felt none the smaller because of my gender.

Taking a glance at those who make up upper management at American Apparel, I see mostly women at the helm of our wholesale, retail, and creative departments, and throughout those branches, all the way down to the manufacturing and store floors.

Here at American Apparel, being empowered to ascend is based on your talent, hard work, and boldness – not your gender. There’s no old boys’ club here; no glass ceiling to break.

The day after the AGM , I walked down the hall outside our Retail Office at ‘The Factory’, American Apparel’s Headquarters, in Los Angeles and overheard a co-worker say over the phone,

“He’s given me every opportunity in my adult life.”

This is true for a lot of us, whether you are a female, male, or trans-gendered employee at American Apparel.

I started at the company in June of 2008 and over the past 6 years, I have gone from being a part-time sales associate in Toronto to Country Manager for our Australian subsidiary as well as supervising all of our print advertising.

Dov Charney, not only my boss but my mentor, teaches his employees, “You only get what you inspect with respect.” That’s the ethos when it comes to working at American Apparel.

I have witnessed him on countless occasions where he would literally be on the ground, scraping gum off of a sales floor with a set of car keys. Or precariously balanced on a toilet seat with an air compressor nozzle in his hand, aimed into a dust-riddled ceiling vent that needed cleaning.

He can recall every flight pattern we use to ship from our distribution center in Los Angeles to 20 countries all over the world, even when, and how long each leg of the haul takes.

If a product photo is overexposed, he’ll edit it himself and ask the team to replicate the levels. He can put on a t-shirt and feel where it’s an 1/8” off. Schmata is his second skin.

He answers every text, he takes your calls. Yes, from everyone. At any time – seriously.

I mention these traits of Dov to show that this is a CEO who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to caring for his business. To lead by example, to constantly learn and to know the details first-hand. To listen to feedback from his people (regardless of rank) and you, the customer.

To see an entrepreneur dedicate every waking moment to his life’s work is truly motivating.

“Passion, vision, contrarian thinking for the clothing industry.” These are the words emblazoned in our hallways and also the hallmarks of Dov Charney’s being.

If it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something then Dov Charney as an “American Apparel expert” takes the cake ten times over.

Many are quick to call the inappropriateness of some of Dov’s eccentricities that from the perspective of those of us who spend hours of every day by his side, is in fact – quite harmless. This is not to say that I do not understand the gravity of some of the allegations others have put forth, but that is not my arena to judge.

I am saying, however, that I am grateful for a workplace – an environment which Dov fostered – where I can be authentic and not discredited. It is important to exemplify that professionalism does not only have one face.

To be honest, I’ve had relationships with co-workers, I rarely wear a bra, and sometimes I make off-color jokes on Twitter. At a company like American Apparel, I’m not afraid that any unconventional actions of mine will mean to others that I’m not excellent at what I do for a living.

There is no work/life balance here. That’s not what I’m trying to achieve. And I don’t think it’s the aim of my generation either.

We want big careers, we want fulfilling lives, and we want to be true to ourselves however we choose to define our days.

Back in my college years, there was a common phrase we threw around: “From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.”

This phrase rings true here at American Apparel, where there is this feeling of being misunderstood by those who have not been employed at the company. But at the same time, there is also this deep bond amongst ourselves thanks to a truly unique experience each one of us have been given – the opportunity to work with the one and the only Dov Charney.

We blur the lines. We are a family. We stick up for our own.

#TeamDov. Now that’s American Apparel.

Sweeper, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Antonia Arreola, Returns, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Para mi Dov es buena persona, a sido un buen patron. Seria bien si puede recresar

Student, Toronto, ON, Canada Dec 17 2014

I worked for the company for many years and I am confident in saying that no one could run the business and passionately as he did.

Customer Service, Montebello Dec 18 2014

What’s a company without the face of its Creator?

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

Customer Service Wholesale, Los Angeles, CA Dec 29 2014

Ivan Amador, Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 15 2015

I have only worked here a year but Dov has been good to us in the time he was here. Thank you.

Gloria Guzman, Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

Don’t change

Assistant Manager, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

Emanuel Couloumy, Sale Associate, Miami, FL Jan 27 2015

Bara Alexandre, Stockman, Paris Jan 24 2015

We love Dov

Manager, Los Angeles, CA Dec 18 2014

Hosiery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Great guy. Please bring back

Frances Harder, President/Founder Fashion Business Incorporated, LA, CA Jan 27 2015

These are the facts. Dov Charney founded and created American Apparel with his own vision. His hard work and tenacity also provided thousands of new jobs, built a recognized brand and a team that in the beginning, helped to build a company that is today recognized globally. Dov is the face of AA and as such should be allowed to continue in some way to assist with the reformation of the company.

15 years ago the Fashion Business Incorporated assisted AA to obtain a grant from the city of LA to help purchase equipment of the downtown factory. We were there for Dov then and we still believe in him.

Eli Kerr, Former Employee (Canadian Operations), Montreal, Quebec Feb 01 2015

Dov is a visionary, and is one of the hardest working and most passionate people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Though I have not interacted with him for some years now, the opportunities and experience he gave me as a young kid have been formative and have left a lasting impression on my current pursuits and approach to my work.

Dov taught me much about commerce, design, work ethic and how to make something happen. He is the core of this company, it is his life’s work. It would be foolish not to reinstate him you will not find someone else who eats sleeps and breathes this creation 24 hours a day.

He inspires his team, builds a company around people, and disrupted the status quo of marketing and fashion retail by delivering an ethical and exciting product with a company built around an unmatched creative energy and hustle. Dov is the Robert Evans of the tee-shirt business, the kid will stay in the picture.

Will Quiroz, Assistant Coordinator, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

The environment is awesome. There is no need for change.

Miiauna Felix-Serrano, Sales Associate, Atlanta, GA Feb 11 2015

Hipolito Vargas, Sewer, Los Angeles, CA Feb 17 2015

Lo apoyo porque es uno de los mejores patrones que yo e conocido..

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Vendor, USA Jan 27 2015

Dov has been and continues to be the most “died in the wool” Made in USA retailer in the world. His devotion to American made and sweatshop-free production will be judged by history to be ahead of his time. It is hard to imagine how AA will keep from becoming just-another-retailer without Dov’s influence. With all his foibles and flaws, however hyper-sensationalized by the media, his is the most generous, honest, and dedicated CEO that we have ever dealt with.

Shipping and Receiving, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Come back to HQ

Fresh Air Freight, La Mirada, CA Jan 13 2015

Dov is irreplaceable. These people they have “running” the DC here are worthless. We miss Dov!!!

Director of Merchandising, HQ, Los Angeles Dec 18 2014

Dov Charney is a retail & manufacturing genius that lives and breathes American Apparel. He is a vital and key opponent to our organization and brand. Never before have I met someone with the knowledge, devotion and passion for retail and its business as much as Dov Charney. He is a true leader, visionary, entrepreneur and role model to all of us.

Dov Charney has built this company from zero to an international well-established fashion brand. Dov is American Apparel and American Apparel is Dov. This brand runs through his veins and he will continue to use all his resources, skills, time and energy to only further expand and improve the companies’ performance.
Without his guidance I do not believe in a positive outcome for our company and its stability within the high street competition of Today’s market.

Dov is also the reason as to why most of us are with this company. He has mentored and trained us up to a level that has allowed us to gain access to high-level position within the retail industry. The amount of experiences and expertise I’ve been able to gain by Dov’s faith and support in me is tremendous. I am proud to have been able to participate in helping Dov and American Apparel into what it is today. Together we were on a mission, a mission that has now been put to a stop, a mission that could easily be reinforced again by the support and ability to work with the person we all respect so much.

This is why it would only be in the benefit to all stakeholders, including American Apparel employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers and its board to reinstate Dov Charney as a part of this organization.

Sabrina Zayec, Sales Associate, Ann Arbor Feb 16 2015

Backstock Associate, Los Angeles, CA Dec 19 2014

President, Downtown, Los Angeles Jan 12 2015

Dov is a genius behind the brand and has impacted many peoples lives in a positive way and deserves better.

As a client our company had a great experience dealing and personalty knowing him.

Jodi Maclean, Former Store Manager, Montreal Dec 17 2014

I had the pleasure of working for American Apparel for two years, from 2008 to 2010. Dov Charney’s compassion was most admirable. For Dov, it was not all about the money; it was also about the people and the product he was producing. His mind and spirit were totally invested for all the right reasons and not many owners/creators are willing to get their hands dirty like Dov Charney. He worked long hours, attended warehouse sales, helped with shipments, and even got in on the action in stores. These type of people are far and few to come by.

Most companies conform to what society wants but not American Apparel, that’s what makes them so unique. Dov’s joy for life radiates through the vibrant colors as you walk into an American Apparel store. I am to this day very grateful for the chance to be part of the American Apparel family. Cheers to Dov’s creative genius!

Hayley Brooks, District Manager, Ontario Jan 24 2015

Dov Charney provides all of his employees with an agency to participate in Business Development that is unparalleled in competing retailers. We are encouraged to speak up and propose ideas for product development, suggest measures for greater efficiency in allocation, etc. and we genuinely feel as though our concerns and ideas are heard.

This transparency is made possible through Dov’s innovative, ethical and inclusive business model – a business model that does not compromise the welfare of its workers. He is the heartbeat of this visionary company.

Backstock Manager, London Jan 30 2015

New York Standards, New York, New York USA Dec 17 2014

The most amazing MAN in the world. I’ve had the pleasure of working for him for the past 3 years and he’s brilliant and I wouldn’t want to change it for the world.

Fangfang Li, Office Admin, San Diego, CA Jan 30 2015

American Apparel is the brainchild of Dov Charney, he is the spirit behind the brand, without him this company will never be the same!! It is so sad to see the board would choose to kick out THE person who truly cares for this company the most just so they think they will make more profit. We love American Apparel because of Dov’s creativity and his passion for his company. Dov is the success story of the American dream and his history with his company has inspired so many of his fans out there. He is the role model and true story that there is nothing you can’t do if you dream big and work hard. Dov is American Apparel and we need him back!!

Sales Associate, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Sylvia Safdie, Visual Artist, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Feb 01 2015

When I think about American Apparel I think of dyers, sewers, cutters, machine operators, supervisors, designers, design assistants, pattern makers, office managers, store managers, marketing directors, retail strategists, sales people, visual managers, window designers, cleaners, computer specialists, graphic department, models, photographers, advertising department, leather department, shoe department, shoe makers, leather department, handbag department, children department, hosiery department, wholesale department, retail department, retail distributors, accountants… American Apparel is a result of teams and people who have a common vision working together. It’s a result of people being encouraged to express themselves and work to their full potentials. Sometimes, they do not agree with each other and they argue, sometimes they inspire each other – what they have in common is that they all have a huge commitment to the vision of the company.

To create a company that produces its merchandise in America which is sweatshop free and vertically integrated at a time when companies cut corners and send their merchandise to third world countries to be produced often with inhuman appalling conditions and child labor is a tremendous accomplishment. It’s a landmark in the garment manufacturing in the United States. American Apparel has gone through struggles. The 2008 recession, immigration crises, distribution crises and the reality of the garment industry which is extremely competitive has been some of its challenges. What company does not go through its struggles and challenges?

As a visual artist who has taught for many years I am aware of the creative process. American Apparel has given its workers the opportunity and possibility of learning and growth in a creative environment. Many works have started at the bottom and have grown and developed with the company contributing to its creative potential. Other workers move on to other opportunities where what they learned in American Apparel plays a role in their new positions. Many of the workers at the stores are students who are able to work and get experience while they study. American Apparel is a dynamic creative company – what we need for a healthy work force and a healthy community.

The vision behind the company and its founder is Dov Charney. He is my son. Obviously my point of view will be viewed as prejudice. I am therefore speaking right now for the workers who depend on Dov for leadership. The company under the new management is in jeopardy. If Dov is not reinstated into the company I am certain that American apparel will not survive and that all those people who have worked so hard to make it what it is will lose their dreams. American Apparel is a model of the possibility of manufacturing in the United State in sweatshop free conditions – it needs to be saved.

Natalie Murphy, Claims Adjuster, Hartford, CT Jan 30 2015

Make Dov CEO again!!!

Assistant Coordinator, Irvine, CA, USA Dec 17 2014

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Great guy, great attitude. Come back

Sales Associate, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014


LA District Visuals, Los Angeles, CA Dec 18 2014

Sales Associate, Vancouver Jan 18 2015

Fit Model & Product Developer, Los Angeles, CA Jan 03 2015

There is no one else I rather run with to lead the company.

Michelle, Sales, Beijing, China Jan 24 2015

Support for Dov Char ne y

Rosario Silva, Leather, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Store Manager, San Francisco Dec 18 2014

Dov has always been an inspiration to me. I have learned a lot from him and this company through the years. Working with him has been a huge motivation to be in management with American Apparel.

Key Holder, Beijing Dec 18 2014

支持Dov. 公司犯了一个很大的错误。ameircan apparel前景让人担忧。

Dara Krausankas, HQ Visual Merchandiser, Los Angeles, CA Feb 01 2015

Dov Charney has consistently been one of the most influential mentors throughout my professional career over the last seven years at American Apparel.

Under his hands on, multi-faceted approach I have been given an opportunity to not only grow in the field of visual merchandising, my major focus while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, but also learn the ins-and-outs of the business across the board.

Though some may view Dov’s behavior to be extreme and sometimes off-beat, it was that passion that was important in keeping the brand alive and ever-evolving.

Graphic Designer, Photo Retoucher, Los Angeles, CA Jan 26 2015

Spent 10 years working for Dov. Things were getting strange right before he was let go in April 2014 so I left the company shortly before that. It’s the best job I’ve had so far. I went to school during my time at AA. Dov allowed that opportunity. I learned a lot on the job as well. He is often misunderstood. His desire to be involved with the grand gestures as well as the minute details is both his strength and perhaps his downfall. One person can only do so much. But, no one will doubt his passion for the brand, the philosophy behind it and his support for the people who helped him deliver his vision. Those of us who believed in that would be there long hours, working from home or on the road because he too worked around the clock. We believed in that ethos because he made us part of his vision. Aside from some management issues in my department in recent years, the graphic design team we had from 2004-2009 was amazing. We were firing on all cylinders. Dov pushed everyone and some couldn’t handle it. He got the best work out of those who thrived in that environment just as any good CEO would. If given the opportunity, I would work for Dov again in any business venture including a return to AA.

Gabriel Alarcon, Director of Maintenance, Los Angeles, CA Dec 17 2014

As the Director of Maintenance, I have worked at the American Apparel factory for 13 years. In my experience with Dov Charney, his actions have always been 100% in service to the company’s needs. He has always been the only person I can go to if I need anything to get done.

Dov is an extremely passionate person. American Apparel is his life and his wife, and through the years working with him, his example has been an inspiration of how I could always do my own best in service to the company.

In the time since his dismissal, I feel we have been like a boat in the middle of the sea with no captain and no direction. This is more than frustrating. I understand that the Board wanted to do something that would be different in their eyes, but they don’t even know what they have done, and the company feels like a place where there is no control and no soul.

Without Dov, I have faced a number of problems in my department. Everything has slowed down significantly, and communication has suffered. For one example, in the room where the computer servers are located, people from Security came and changed all the locks without informing me, and I was unable to get in and perform necessary maintenance. Security did not understand the importance of the Maintenance department’s being able to access and service the room that is the heart of the company! If something were to happen there, the whole company would go down. If Dov had been here, of course it would be taken care of instantly– instead, I did not even know who I could ask, and neither John Luttrell’s office nor Marty Bailey’s office were helpful.

So, I don’t know who to call, or who can provide answers when we have an issue, and the overall feeling is that nobody talks to us. Nobody talks to me in regard to what’s going on at the company and what my department needs to do. There is no person saying, “Hey, I’m going to make you part of the company.” That was Dov Charney. Whoever is in charge right now is not making people part of American Apparel– instead we just work here.

(This entry was originally written September and was re-submitted when the website was established on December 17, 2014).

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 20 2015

We want him to come back. We miss his presence in the company

Recycling Department, Los Angeles, CA Jan 27 2015

Although his actions and decisions are questionable, his commitment and leadership in this company is undeniable.

Sewing Supervisor, Los Angeles, CA Feb 22 2015

Julie Grosso, Educator, Las Vegas, NV Jan 19 2015

I support Dov for several commendable reasons. Foremost, he is a man that lived the American Dream as an immigrant who took a dream and made it a multimillion reality. The people that want to take this from him are Opportunists. I am aware of Dov’s “in the news” media. Secondly, I a parent of one of Dov’s past employees, who dedicated herself to the American Apparel Company through retailing, merchandising and modeling was treated with respect by Dov. My daughter’s professionalism, dedication and self respect gained her success and still the respect of Dov today. She was not an opportunist (as mentioned above) to gain his wealth or position. Dov to her knowledge is the only CEO that personally came into his stores and inspired employees, asked for input from employees and supported their ideas. Point being to clearly state, company success is achieved through trial and error, persistence and keeping it afloat, NOT by the condemnation of someone’s personal life. ie, “harassment lawsuits” from legal aged money grabbers. Dov, I wish you the best; live life commendably.

Isla, Los Angeles, CA Mar 01 2015

Twiggy Wu, Former District Merchandiser, Beijing, China Jan 24 2015


Sales Associate, Cologne, Germany Jan 02 2015

#support #teamdov

Regional Manager, Edmonton, AB Dec 17 2014

Wholesale Sales Coordinator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 21 2015



Leather Dept, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Distribution, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Sales, Beijing Dec 18 2014

Dov got fired for what?!

Gabe Davenport, Fabric Wholesaler, Los Angeles, CA Jan 21 2015

I am the Sales Manager for a wholesaIe company and have been a supplier to American Apparel for a course of 6 years (Since March 2019). I’ve had the pleasure to do business with numerous employees of American Apparel and working with Dov Charney stood out to me the most.

When I do business with him I always noticed that he carried a certain stamina and brought in a particular energy that would lighten up the room. I can describe his charisma almost as an electricity that would give you this pumped of feeling of motivation and joy. Doing business with him always brought a smile to my face and left me thirsty for more.

Manager, California Feb 20 2015

Keyholder, United Kingdom Jan 22 2015

This is HIS company. Give him another chance and bring him back.

Cutting, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Cashier, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

Dov Charney是唯一一个能让这个公司发光的人,把他解雇是一个最大的错误。

Art Kachatryan, Sign Installer, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Mr Charney I worked with you in New York whilst installing signs and graphics in New York stores.

You are an inspiration to everybody a great organizer and a leader, I learned that whilst I was working with you in New York, you made things happen.

We love working with you and we want you back

Roni Chu, Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Control Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Alanna Drasin, Model, New York City/ Los Angeles Jan 08 2015

Working with Dov gave me the insight to pursue my career in fashion and his encouragement led the way for professionalism. His ability to multitask and think about the business on both micro and macro levels has truly motivated me to approach opportunities and challenges of the business world in a strategic way.

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jul 18 2015

自从Dov离开公司以后,我们公司的情况越来越糟糕。因此, 我们支持Dov回公司!因为他是公司的创始人,他对这公司是有感情的,我们老员工对他也有感情,我们认为他会把公司做得越来越好。

Since Dov left the company, the situation of our company is getting worse. So we support Dov coming back to the company! He is the founder of this company, he cares about the company and we the tenured employees care for him as well. We believe that Dov will make the company better and better!

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Store Manager, Arizona Feb 09 2015

Passion is key!

Ronnie Novian, C.E.O, Universal Garment Supplies, Los Angeles Feb 10 2015

Who else had the vision, guts, and the energy to do what he did for all of the garment industry. He is a true AMERICAN SUCCESS STORY.
When everybody ran to produce in China or Central America to save a few pennies and be able to compete, he did, what everyone else thought it’s impossible.
More power to him. We should cherish people like Dov. There aren’t too many left.

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014


Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Thank you for everything.

Retail Consultant, Global Jan 15 2015

Bring back D O V!

Store Manager, Miami, FL Dec 17 2014


Supervisor, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

We wish Dov charnel to return back to the company.

Customer Service Represenatative, Los Angeles, CA Jan 22 2015

Dov was very encouraging. If you were doing something right, he gave you more than a pat on the back, he asked you what you truly want. If he couldn’t give you what you wanted, he would at least meet you halfway. He was passionate about his company, and that is something no one could ever possibly take away from him. His drive and his ambition is what made the company exactly what it is today. It’s unfortunate that we no longer have that spirit surrounding the factory like we used to before. I love that he cared so much about his employees! If he didn’t know you by name, he sure could recognize you by your face and treated you like you’re family. We will NEVER have that ever again without him!

Key Holder, Paris Jan 24 2015

Visual Merchandiser, Minneapolis, MN Dec 28 2014

Dov’s vision is what made American Apparel what it is. It won’t be the same without him. I stand by and support him fully.

Sales Associate, Toronto, Ontario Apr 03 2015

Cashier, Beijing Dec 18 2014

我虽然都没有见过Dov, 但我希望他回公司,因为他给了公司动力!

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Diana, Sell Associate, Montreal Feb 18 2015

Ex-Assistant Manager, Montreal Jan 29 2015

I used to work for American Apparel a few years ago. The work that I did for Dov led to countless opportunities. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. He has my full support.

Alirio Samayoa, Distribution, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Hill Cabrero, Maintenance Control, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Creative Project Manager, Los Angeles, CA Dec 19 2014

Dov created an environment where individual creativity is respected and nurtured. He has a beautiful way of curating and sculpting our ideas together in such a unique way that cannot be duplicated. His devotion, motivation, passion and understanding of the brand rubs off on us greatly and gives us the drive to be successful. He truly sees the best in his employees and has enabled us to grow to our highest potential. I am not alone when I say how grateful to him I am for the opportunities I’ve been given.

Dov is the beating heart of this brand and operation. There isn’t a person in the world who could ever replace him. His strength and will to fight for what he loves and believes in is enormously inspiring.

District Manager, NY Dec 17 2014

Production, Los Angeles Dec 18 2014

I support Dov Charney because of his creativity and business ideas
He is a good leader and a great fashion director

I don’t think no one can ever build and hold a company down as good as Dov

Marketing, Beverly Hills Jan 19 2015

Dov is the backbone of AA…. his drive and vision are what made that company great. It will be hard to shop there without his influence. I am excited to see what the future brings to him.

Jorge Landaverde, Team Service, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Sales Associate, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

POP (Former), Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

What is a company without its Visionary? Nothing. The core, the essence of American Apparel, has been taken away, and what has become a brand people know, will soon become just a brand, and not a culture like the creator had intentionally built and people had originally appreciated for what it was.

I had the opportunity to work along side this visionary for about 9 years! I learned a lot from him, and I am stunned at the boards decision. This company is his heart and soul and not many got to see the tender side of this amazing and passionate human being who has inspired many along his journey!

Morris Charney, Montreal, QC May 13 2015


The truth of what is happening is not all about sexual harassment. That important subject is being used to cover up sins of betrayal and greed as usurpers try to steal a company that Dov labored to build up over a few decades. In response to Dov’s lawsuits Standard General who have taken over at the company claim that it is all frivolous and without merit. Please allow me to reveal from my own experience and observation the extent to which they behave like predators. Even now that the first quarter results have come in a false comparison is made to the accumulated debt of a company that grew to have sales of $600 million; no one currently at American Apparel can hold a candle to Dov’s proven entrepreneurial ability.

A terrible social injustice is being done. I was the oldest [the first] employee of American Apparel. I am Dov’s father and the company started in my basement in Montreal, Canada when Dov was still a young student. It took all my savings and my pension to keep it afloat from the time production/distribution moved to South Carolina and then Los Angeles. I was the architect for many stores and assisted looking after the maintenance of them after the company’s stores expanded to 20 countries. My parents were immigrants to North America. My mother [Dov’s paternal grandmother] worked as a sewer in a knitting factory when she first immigrated. Dov had a good grounding in social issues. Even though I was the sole director of the Canadian company, I was terminated last June [at the same time as Dov] without notice, without severance, no pension, no health insurance.

Provincial tax auditors showed up soon after to do a 3 year tax audit given all the bad publicity being spun by the company directors in order to get Dov fired and to hurt his reputation. One of the many falsehoods being spread by the renegade board was an accusation that Dov had misused funds by benefitting his parents. The tax audit eventually revealed just the opposite. American Apparel employees were using my personal credit cards because of cash flow problems and ran up charges of over $1 million in 3 years. I was doing interim financing at no charge and at great personal risk.

Media spin was getting out of hand. Out of desperation Dov turned to a hedge fund, Standard General, for assistance. They landed up betraying him and aligning themselves with the same renegade board members that were out to get him fired in the first place. Standard General is acting like typical vulture capitalists. They make money stripping down a company and selling off its parts. They start by firing long standing employees and consultants; doesn’t matter if they are managers, designers, sewers or models. They sell off inventory. I saw a 90% sale not long ago at some of the local stores. Leases are terminated. New management and more directors are brought in; all chosen by Standard General all of them are well paid. The stock starts to drop precipitously. Dov’s life long investment and my own lose complete value. New money brought in by Standard General is protected. They are considered secured debtors, shareholders aren’t. Standard General [manager Soohyung Kim] has been involved in a similar manner with Radio Shack. He is supposed to lead them out of bankruptcy. In the process, huge layoffs occurred, stores are being auctioned off, shareholders are getting nothing and all of Standard General’s investment is secured/protected.

Dov never asked Standard General to “save the American Apparel company”. Mr. Kim was supposed to help him get back in control using the shares Dov already owned. It now appears that Mr Kim has stolen the company joining with the renegade board. That injustice will affect all the workers just as I or Dov have been affected. It is unjust to the founder of the company who built it up to what it is, created a brand that is known internationally especially by young people, unjust to all those who participated in its creation, the employees and the shareholders. We have all been duped; it is an outrage.

Hairstylist, Los Angeles, CA Jan 07 2015

Dov is, American Apparel.

Haruka Shimazoe, Sales, JAPAN Mar 16 2015

Former District Merchandiser, Los Angeles Feb 02 2015

Assistant Manager, Irvine, CA Jan 19 2015

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Come back please. Now

Visuals, Shanghai Dec 27 2014

支持Dov Charney!!!

Sales Associate, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Jaime Orozco, Leather Dept, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

Nathan Gallagher, Backstock Associate, Seattle, WA Feb 10 2015

Yay, go Dov.

Sales Associate, Shanghai Dec 27 2014

Sales Associate, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Visual Merchandiser, Irvine, CA Jan 19 2015

Clara Infante, Past Employee – Store Manager, Miami, FL Jan 21 2015

American Apparel without Dov Charney might as well be the Gap

Lin Zhu, Merchandiser (Former), Beijing, China Jan 30 2015

我无法想象American Apparel没有Dov会变成什么样子,至少我觉得他对整个品牌的定位和设想是很棒的,这点别的人是无法做到的。也许他在公司运营方面有一些不足,但是经过这次危机,他一定会找到更好的方式来管理这个公司,没有人比他更知道要怎么做!

让Dov回来,不要让这么好的品牌消失,没有Dov就没有American Apparel!

I can’t believe what American Apparel will become to without Dov. At least I believe his vision and creativity are great, at this point no one can do it as he does. Perhaps he had some weakness on management before. But after this crisis, I trust him will find a better way to manage the company. No one else knows better than him what to do with the company!

Please let Dov come back. Please do not let this such a good brand get to vanish, because there is no American Apparel without Dov.

Manager, Vancouver Feb 21 2015

Sales Associate, Annapolis, MD Feb 16 2015

IT, Los Angeles, California Jan 31 2015

The few encounters I have had with Dov Charney have been brief and insightful. He is the hardest working person in the company, always busy and never stops. He has immense pride in his work and his company as only the founder could having built it from the ground up. He believes in his people and despite the relatively short temper has a great respect for his employees. I believe as do so many others that the man who started this T-shirt company from the back of his car and grew it until it employed thousands of americans should have the opportunity to run his business.

Marco Manzo, Supervisor, Los Angeles, CA Jan 21 2015

Sales Assistant, London Jan 29 2015

Los Angeles, CA Apr 05 2015

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my emails by signing this.

We currently have another very big issue at hand. I have been sending emails asking you all to please follow this link:

2% of our workers are being laid off for the benefit of upper management. Please sign this petition and support the workers’ cause.

The more we can bring everyone together the more powerful we are.

Visual Merchandiser, London, UK Jan 29 2015

Visual Merchandiser, Beijing Dec 17 2014

Assistant Manager, Los Angeles Feb 02 2015

Sales Executive, Eastern W. Co., Los Angeles, CA Feb 10 2015

Dov is a visionary which is needed for the success of American apparel.

Inventory, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014

我是BJ3店最后一个支持者,虽然我不是什么manager,但我想代表我们全店人员来支持Dov Charney,他是AA创始人,公司不就应该是他的吗?懂事会为什么有这么大的权利无缘无故开人!我也是觉得AA很酷的牌子我才来公司的,现在感觉一点都不酷了。太可惜了!我支持Dov Charney!!!

Cutting, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

me l lamo maría y soy del departamento de costura en la compañía localizada en la 7 y la alameda. yo quiero decirle a toda la gente que piensa mal de todas que no es una mala persona yo no sé en la situación que él esté comprometida con toda la gente que ahora está encargada de la compañía pero lo único que yo sé es que él siempre fue una gran persona con todos sus operadores de costura especialmente conmigo y mi familia gracias a él soy legal en este país gracias a él mi esposo y mis hijos pueden estar aquí en este país tranquilos viviendo como toda las familias que tienen documentos gracias a él yo tengo mis papeles en regla y puedo viajar a mi país y visitar a mis familiares y yo estoy muy agradecida por todo el apoyo que él me ha dado a mí y a mi familia porque en realidad él ayudado a mucha gente que ha trabajado aquí y ojalá que todos se metan a esta página y voten por él porque él tiene que regresar a la compañía. la compañía no es nada sin él. yo voto por el señor Dov GRACIAS

Silveria Vargas, Sewing, Los Angeles CA Jan 15 2015

Mi nombre es Silveria Vargas,

Y yo estoy muy agradesida con Dov. Yo tengo trabajando para American Apparel desde 1995. Yo soy una de las operadoras que enpeso desde el principio de la compania.

Dov siempre nos trato muy bien. Yo estoy super agradesida por todo el apoyo que el nos a brindado con Imigracion.

Gracias a Dov yo pude hacerme Recidente de este Pais.
Y gracias a eso yo pude reunir a toda mi familia otrabes.
yo tenia a mi Hijo en Guatemala y tenia nuchos años sin verlo, Y ya le pude areglar papeles a el tambien.

Me siento muy agradesida por todo el apoyo y las bendisiones que nos a brindado Dov.

Yo siempre le he querido desir a Dov Muchas gracias por todo el Apoyo, Pero como no se Ingles nunca le pude decir.

Dov si usted lo esta leyendo, Le quiero decir que mi familia y yo lo vamos a apoyar siempre, Todos lo queremos mucho y muchisimas gracias por todo lo que a hecho por nosotros y por mis compañeros de trabajo.

Lo quiere la familia Vargas.


Managing Director, UK Aug 04 2015

The company will not survive without Dov. In organizations the most important thing in my opinion, is the company’s culture, without it, no matter what is the Product, companies will collapse.

Yes there are things to change and consider, but Dov needs to lead.
If I were Dov, I would even appoint someone strong next to me to contra me when needed.

Suppliers around the world will have to layoff hundreds of people, if AA would go down.

Bruce Dobb, Partner, Los Angeles, CA Jan 28 2015

Concerned Capital is a Social Benefit Corporation that started work for Dov and his company in 2002. We Secure government incentives for firms that hire low and moderate income workers. American Apparel is the largest LA employer of low income workers and pays the best. Dov is a social activist and member of the STOP Sweatshop movement. Through his company’s actions, Dov has single handily increased the wages and benefits for all of garments workers in LA. Social Justice is serious business for Dov Charney.

Oak; Senior Management, New York Jan 21 2015

Dov created more than a brand with American Apparel, it was a cultural movement. He has the vision to see potential where no one else does.

Backstock, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Chris Blaich, Regional Manager, Retail Facilities, New York, NY Jan 25 2015

I worked at American Apparel in NYC for nearly 8 years, from 2003-2011, watching it grow from two retail stores into over 200 by the time we parted ways. While not turning this into a history of my own career, the one thing I will say is, without question, Dov Charney cannot and should not be be separated from American Apparel. He is the creative blood behind every stitch, every color of every fabric, every store and every product produced. He deserves more after growing and sustaining the largest DOMESTIC clothing factory in the country, after marching with his garment workers for immigrant rights and after giving a sh*t for so long, not just about the bottom line, but about the people that made it all possible.

He taught me more than I can capture in this brief post, but I am happy to know the man and to have been a part of the company’s history. I sincerely hope he becomes integral to its future.

With Love,
Chris Blaich

Tyler Syfan, PO3 Store Manager, Portland, OR Feb 09 2015

Jose Molina, Fabric Control, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Supervisor, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Great man, great attitude

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Elle Quesad, Sales Associate, Los Angeles Feb 02 2015

Backstock, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Canada Supplies, Montreal Dec 17 2014

I met Dov 10 years ago at the Cote-des-neiges store in Montreal. I am proud to say that I was working for him while he was building and reinventing American Apparel. Dov is American Apparel

Graphic Designer, Los Angeles, CA Dec 18 2014

Quality Control, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Yo a trabado por 10 años. Siempre a visto la compania con mucho trabajo y ahora que no esta Dov se nota mucho el cambo en trabajo y pasion por la compania.

Ideliza Espinoza, Sewing Supplies, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Sales Associate, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

I love Dov!

Donovan Jones, Backstock Key Holder, Dallas, TX Feb 21 2015

Packing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Backstock, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Bundling, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

Backstock, Beijing, China Jan 23 2015

Quality Control, Los Angeles Dec 30 2014

Store Manager, UK Jan 23 2015

Dov Charney IS American Apparel

Sales Associate, Shanghai Dec 27 2014

Sales, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 12 2015

Creative Director, Philadelphia, PA Feb 22 2015

Please bring back Dov. You cant take the founder and creative soul out of a company and expect it to thrive. The first move under the new CEO was a panty video with gay men and trans men twerking in thongs…Oh GOD…save AA PLEASE.

She also states that AA serves millenials, which is true, I am one of them, then states her interests in expanding to 30 somethings? She has NO IDEA what she is doing with AA. Then she fired the Creative Director? Man AA will be GAP in no time…

Visual Supply, Downtown LA Feb 11 2015

I’ve been fortunate enough to be inspired first hand by Dov’s passion, work ethic, drive, and genuine love for this company. Working with him on numerous projects, I felt fortunate to be in his presence and witness his unrivaled passion and obsession and need for success for this brand.
An empire built with his own hands, American Apparel is what it is today with much of the credit due to Dov. It’s disheartening to try to continue to steering the ship without its intended leader.
Dov is American Apparel. We are not American Apparel without him.

Packing, Los Angeles, CA Jan 09 2015

EU Inventory Operations Manager, London Dec 19 2014

Daniel Smith, District Manager, UK Jan 05 2015

Carlos Gurachaj, Distribution, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Back Stock Coordinator, Beijing China Dec 20 2014

虽然我没见过Dov, 但他就像公司的父亲一样,公司就是他的孩子,这个大家都知道。

Wholesale Customer Service, Los Angeles, CA Dec 29 2014

There’s no American Apparel without Dov!! <3

Visual Manager, New York, New York Dec 23 2014

There is no American Apparel without Dov.

Cashier, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014

European Visuals Manager , Berlin, Germany Jan 29 2015

Daniella, Photography , Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

American Apparel reminds me of my childhood. It’s innovative and it has inspired me and many. And Dov is the man responsible.

Rudy Rupak, Former CTO, Goleta, CA Jan 26 2015


Ever since I watched you peddle t-shirts outside the Montreal Forum after each concert, and the passion and craziness that you put into doing I told myself that you are the kind of person that I would go to battle for. Well four years later, I found myself moving to LA to be your CTO and what an amazing adventure it was to make a contribution towards making your vision real. Furthermore, I was moved by your passion for causes above profit. You dared to pay people a “living wage” way before that word was a talking point with politicians, even if it hurt your cash flow tremendously. You were vociferously vocal with gay rights back when people were getting arrested for being gay, and I will still remember you delivering a broken chair to the board room of a bank to prove a point about why their lack of interest in funding you in your early years was breaking the back of your workers. In fact, I don’t think my wife and I would be together today if you did not make me move to LA.

It is a bloody travesty to see you get manoeuvred out of the company that your passion built. It is horrible that some of the women with whom you bared your sole to and took care of turned against you so viciously. Well, Steve Jobs was once sent packing from his company and you know what, just as Apple could not be Apple without Steve’s passion, the same goes for American Apparel. They can throw the CEOs of “BigFuckingDeal” at AmApp all they want but they will not be able to replicate the essence that you brought to the company. Something tells me though that you will be back, just as Steve Jobs was back. Till then I know you are going to have your own version of Pixar but for the apparel industry and should you decide to do so, you have my sword. We (Val and I) love you mean. Peace and grooviness.


Irene Aguiar, House keeper NY Apts. and NY3, New York Feb 21 2015

American Apparel needs Dov Charney to keep growing is not going to be the same without him.

Label Change, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Bianca Liu, Former Sales Associate, Beijing China Jan 24 2015


Keyholder, Cologne, Germany Feb 03 2015

American Apparel ist ohne Dov nicht mehr das was es einst war.

Dvin Apelian, Vendor Operations Manager, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

I am the operations manager for an American Apparel vendor company and I hereby express my full support for the return of Mr. Charney to lead American Apparel who was instrumental in creating jobs in LA by manufacturing in LA and giving business to support local companies when all other companies closed their doors on their employees

Mr. Charney you are the best, needless to say that you have our full support and we will back you up all the way

Design Consultant, Los Angeles, CA Jan 25 2015

I have known Dov Charney and worked with him for the past 15 years. He has opened so many doors and supported so many ideas. He knows what he is doing and AA needs him back!! Since his departure the company’s identity has suffered. The company needs his enthusiasm, drive and his vision! BRING HIM BACK!

Sales Development, San Francisco, CA Feb 02 2015

Dov is American Apparel.

Cutting, Los Angeles Jan 09 2015

Keyholder, Beijing, China Dec 18 2014

Store Manager, Los Angeles, CA Aug 24 2015

Paula Schneider is not a leader. She does not understand the culture and philosophy of American Apparel and her decisions have hurt the Company a great deal. Dov’s drive and passion are what made American Apparel. He is the one who will lead the company to thrive!

Share Holder, Texas Jul 28 2015


You need to comeback in a way that saves shareholders too. I know, you still are the largest shareholder and will think for all of us. This senseless fighting and war needs to stop. You and Standard General need to work together and build a stronger and bigger brand. This constant infighting is making everybody weak.

Sales Associate, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Traveling Store Consultant, Domestic and International Dec 19 2014

Store Manager, Beijing Dec 18 2014

American Apparel没有Dov就失去了意义。

Production Coordinator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

Hardest working person in this company..and any company. He pushed to get things done and he motivated anyone and everyone around him.

ISLA Returns, Los Angeles, CA Jan 16 2015

Le gusta mucha mi trabajo. Yo estaba trabajando por la compania por 5 anos. Quiero que mi trabajo progresa soy muy contenta. Ojala que Dov regresa.

Sales Associate, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Former Store Manager, Tokyo, Japan Mar 12 2015

District Manager, NY, NY Dec 17 2014

Store Manager, Montreal Dec 17 2014

I have been working in the two downtown Montreal locations of American Apparel for almost 2 years, and believe that my personal and professional growth is directly attributable to the company and community that Dov Charney has fostered. Mr. Charney has an ability to place trust in young talent and allow them to grow as strong assets in the community that he has built. Wherever he was, whatever he was doing, he ran a huge corporation as if it was a grassroots operation – he made us all felt heard.

The policies and philosophies that have been put into place are rooted in Dov Charney’s personal beliefs. Without him leading us as CEO these philosophies seem like empty words and promises. Without the passion that he exudes I feel a lack of confidence and reassurance that these policies will be followed in the long term.

It is difficult to see a definite future for the company that I, and so many others I know, respect, and admire has devoted a good amount of our time to without the leadership of Dov Charney. His illustrious career has been a driving force for our team and is so deeply intertwined with the set policies and philosophical beliefs of our company.

Sales Associate, Irvine, CA, USA Dec 17 2014

Sales Associate, Amsterdam Dec 21 2014

I always found Dov Charney an inspiration. When a person founded a company and it has grown in a way that American Apparel has, the future of that company sure would be different when the founder is no longer here to lead the company I find it a sad thing that when you bould this on your own you are all of the sudden just kicked out. Dov Charney build this amazing company and should be involved in HIS company the whole way through.

Tong Li, China RFID Trainer, St. John’s, NL Jan 24 2015

As for me, Dov is a visionary decision-maker. While I was in the MBA program, I started to pay attention to the company’s business model. How could a newly start-up compete in the highly competitive apparel industry with only 0.3% of market share in the U.S. What about other giants? GAP:More than 10%. I woudn’t know the answer until I started work for AA. Under Dov’s visionary, AA became the first adopter of the RFID system in the apparel industry so that AA would operate more efficiently in its e-business model. With the help of the system, retailing stores around the world could identify its customer needs in a timely manner so that customer of AA would get what they want even faster than ever. I believe this is the future of retailing industry. This is only a small part that showcase Dov’s visionary. The company was built under Dov’s blueprint which makes him the core value of AA’s products and brand. Dear investor: the only reason for American Apparel to stay competitive in the market is not because it is “normal” (driving by profits), but because it is so “unique”. And the driver behind its uniqueness is Dov’s orientation.

M Hell, Owner, Los Angeles Feb 02 2015

Its obvious that American Apparel has slipped behind the competition with Dov out of the mix. The entire infrastructure has been compromised. We have done millions in business with the AA, however we’ve been forced to look elsewhere because of the recent happenings. Get him back because the company is losing without him on board.

Visual Merchandiser, Korea Jan 26 2015

We support Dov

Sales Associate, Los Angeles, CA Feb 02 2015

Ismail Bhai, Manager, Los Angeles, CA Feb 24 2015

I am the Manager for a wholesale company and have been a supplier to American Apparel Since 2010. I’ve had the pleasure to do business with American apparel and working with Dov Charney and i am always impressed with the knowledge, devotion and passion he has for his business.

Doing business with him is always a pleasure and looking forward to see him again soon with American Apparel.

Studio Assistant, Los Angeles Jan 08 2015

He’s created an aesthetic that is unmatched.

Shane Gould, President, CEO, Hilton Head, SC Feb 03 2015

I have know and worked with Dov since 1992 and must say through all of this, he still is a man with great vision and creativity. Great brands take many years of this and without his vision, AA would have never been able to blossom into what it is today. I am honored to say I know him as a friend and his company needs his attention to detail to continue to resonate with the youth culture it has since he cultivated the AA to the masses. Best of luck #teamdov . I would not be in the position I am today if it was not for Dov’s and his helping hand early on in my career. Thank you Dov. Shane

Fuel Clothing Company Inc.


Sales Associate, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014


Consultant, LA Jan 03 2015

Since Dov was fired in June, there have been an abnormally large amount of new executives with seven figure salaries “running” the manufacturing, dye houses, creative, store management, advertising, trend forecasting, knitting factories, etc. What’s actually been happening is that these executives have absolutely no experience or knowledge in any of these industries/fields and has as one Interim CEO once said to me, expects the company to “run on autopilot”. The truth is that Dov has been working to keep the from collapsing this entire time and his loyal employees are strong enough to “run on autopilot”, but for how long.

Every inflated executive and consultant salary and bonus cuts into the profits shareholders might attain. In just a short time, the headquarters has turned into something of a frat where executives hire friends and they all share in the pot of gold with absolutely no restrictions or reprimands. These people will run it to the ground.

Back in 1985, the board at Apple attempted to convince its founders to resign shortly after Apple went public. Steve Wozniack resigned but Steve Jobs refused, which lead to the board staging a coup to oust him. He left and bought a small company called Pixar. Meanwhile, Apple was run to the ground until a new board convinced Jobs to come back as a consultant, which resulted in iphones, ipods, tablets, and basically what we now know as Apple.

Armen Genjoyan, Vendor Employee, Los Angeles, CA Jan 20 2015

Человек который отлично разбирается в современной моде, производстве и рекламе. Без него AMERICAN APPAREL существовать не будет !

Product Dev Cali Sun & Fun, California Dec 17 2014

No one could care for the company, it’s employees, and future more than Dov Charney. It is his creation, his family, and will never be the same or reach the success we are all looking for without his guidance & passion.

Vendor, Los Angeles Jan 10 2015

I have known Dov for over 13 years. He is a visionary and a truly talented individual. He made American Apparel what it is today.

Store Manager, New York & Texas Jan 23 2015

I have worked for the company since 2008. I have seen this company grow and expand over the years successfully, all under the leadership of Dov. His vision and eccentric personality is very unique and powerful; this is what helped propel the company to what it has become today. He has shown me so much more then I could have ever imagined and helped me grown into the knowledgeable leader I am today. I have worked with other retailers and no other company has made me fell as proud to work for them as Dov has with American Apparel. You’re not just some number stuck in a box like everyone else when you work here. The weekly conference calls would give everyone a voice and direct interaction with him. He takes so much initiative with every single store and every aspect of the company. I am a woman and having worked with him one-on-one I cannot see any of the negative press he has had to battle against to be true. I am saddened to see people taking advantage of him, his kindness & willingness to listen to everyone. I can’t see American Apparel being the same company without Dov.

Keyholder, Silver Spring, MD Feb 13 2015

Manager, London Dec 19 2014

Machine Operator, Los Angeles Jan 23 2015

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 12 2015

Traveling Merchandiser, Los Angeles, CA Jan 03 2015

I am thankful for the experience Dov; helped me to grow and travel to places I have never seen before.

Machine Operator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 12 2015

Please come back

Nathaniel Chen, Backstock Associate, New york, NY Jan 27 2015

Dovs unique style has made this company what it was. With these major changes it lacks the flare, I used to love. Oh, Tuesday conference calls are now crap without his outrageously funny inputs. #teamdov all the fucking way.

Entrepreneur, West Hollywood, CA Mar 01 2015

Merchandiser, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Backstock Manager/Assistant Store Manager, Montreal, Quebec Dec 17 2014

The company can’t be the same without its core.

Sales Associate, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Rosalba Corona, Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 15 2015

Sales Associate, Shanghai, China Dec 27 2014

Hoisery, Los Angeles, CA Jan 08 2015

Please come back. Better for opportunities for us workers.

District Manager, Sydney, AU Feb 01 2015

Sewing, Los Angeles Jan 12 2015

Sales Associate, Santa Monica, CA Jan 07 2015

American Apparel is Dov, and Dov is American Apparel. He is the best at what he does, and the company won’t be the same without him!!

Martha Sosa, Distribution, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

More over time.

Mia Zhang, Former Sales/Cashier, Beijing, China Jan 30 2015

The founder of American Apparel Dov is the spirit of this brand, he is irreplaceable.

I used to work at American Apparel Beijing store as a sales and cashier. Although I’ve never met Dov in person, we, our employees in China could get what Dov wants to express to us about the brand image and energy! This is very meaningful to us; we can even feel that his dedication and HIS LOVE for this brand!

In this indirect interaction where you can feel the most nuance point is: Dov really is a charismatic person and he has the leadership that everyone wants to follow him. Very few people in the world could do that, which is nearly a religious worship.

In the days of working for American Apparel, I realized his persist of the brand image; caring for employees; and maverick personality have a great impact on our employees. We want to convey his ideas to the customers. we want to maintain a good brand image for HIM and American Apparel, we are willing to fight for his man and his career!

His hard work and love for the brand is not a stepmother CEO can replaced. Because he is the real mother, and he has work ethic! The most important thing is: He is a maverick, someone special! He can give the brand amazingly beautiful colors, this is not everyone can do.

I would like to ask the board to think through it. We do not want to become a cheap street brands. Please give American Apparel back to his mom!

American Apparel的创始人Dov是这个品牌的精神所在,是无可代替的。

我曾在American Apparel做过Sale和Cashier,虽然没有见过Dov, 但是我们员工都能感受到他要传达给我们的品牌态度及精神!这一点对我们来说意义非凡;我们更能感受到他为这个品牌在做的努力和他对这个品牌的爱!

在这种间接互动离你能感受到最微妙的一点是: Dov真的是一个有人格魅力且有煽动力的人,史上极少数人能做到这样,这是一种近似宗教式膜拜。

在American Apparel的工作的日子里,他对这个品牌风格定位的坚持(哪怕不和大众口味面临资金方面的问题);对员工的关爱;还有特立独行的个性都对我们员工有很大的影响,我们想把他的意愿传达给顾客,想为他和American Apparel维护好品牌形象,我们愿意为这个人和他的事去拼搏!


请你们三思,我们不想American Apparel变成烂大街货,把American Apparel还给亲妈吧!

Supervisor, Los Angeles, CA Jan 19 2015

We wish for the company to continue in its path.

Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jul 18 2015

我们支持Dov! 希望Dov回来公司主持大局。Paula Schneider很坏,没有能力做就不要破坏公司,就还给Dov来做。这个公司是Dov创建起来了,我觉得很难过,他被别人欺骗,把自己的公司被坏人抢走了。

We support Dov! We hope he will come back as the head of the company. Paula Schneider is terrible, if she doesn’t have the ability to manage the company, then do not destroy it, return it to Dov! This company was founded by Dov, I feel sympathetic towards him, he’s been cheated by others and had his company stolen by bad people.

Paul Acree, President, Paul Acree Textiles, Marina Del Rey, CA Jan 29 2015

As a fabric supplier, I have known and worked with Dov for a number of years. In the 40 years I have been in the apparel/fabric industry, I have never meet a more talented, driven, and focused leader. Without a doubt, Dov is the driving force behind American Apparel. His vision and passion for his product and employees make him a rarity in this day and age. Dov is a man that needs to be at the helm.

Sales Associate, Miami, Florida Dec 19 2014

Consultant, Los Angeles, CA Jan 28 2015

I’ve worked with Dov Charney for the past 14 years, on and off on many different projects. Charney’s fanatical demands for equal and fair treatment of employees, endless creativity for new product, and marketing, his progressive (some said impossible) labor ideas, visionary leadership, tireless work ethic, and his willingness to be involved at every level of the organization are the driving forces that combined to grow American Apparel. Without those forces, one questions if the AA brand just melds into the landscape of hundreds of other companies who’s singular message is corporate profit.

Vendor, Los Angeles Jan 19 2015

Dov Charney is American Apparel not only nobody else can understand this company nobody else can possibly run such a company to dedicate his or her life to it 24/7.

It needs a HERO, a visionary HERO who went against all odds and won.

DOV CHARNEY did it, and he deserves the highest civilian medal for bravery not criticism

Dov Charney does not just think about making money he could have made the same or even more if he manufactured in the Far East, but he did not, he created 10,000 jobs, health insurance and benefits for his employees, he gave youngsters, new graduates looking for jobs an opportunity to start a carrier.

Every ex AA employee found new job in no time, all this is because of Dov and nobody else.

Dov is a human being, who has feelings, not a heartless opportunist executive who has no idea what is going on in this company, who does not care about the employees, just trying to make big money on account of others.

As the saying goes
If You Can Not Do It CRITICIZE it
Which is exactly what they are doing, criticizing Dov.

Without Dov there is no Vibe in the company, it is no longer American Apparel, it is just another company.

We want Dov back to run the company not to be sold to a heartless corporation where people and employees are just numbers and nothing else.

Dov Charney, You are a legend, you have everybody’s support and we want you back, regardless.

Back Stock Coordinator, Beijing, China Dec 20 2014

We want Dov Charney to come back! PLEASE!

Maintenance Manager UK & Ireland, London Dec 19 2014

District Manager, UK Jan 11 2015

Assistant Manager, Beijing Dec 17 2014

Visual Merchandiser, Chicago Feb 15 2015

David Huber, Key Holder, San Francisco, CA Jun 21 2015

I sign this in support of Dov Charney.

He has created an exciting, creative and modern brand/company.

Since learning about the company in college to saying hello and meeting him at the Fisherman’s Wharf flea market sale in SF, I felt he was a strong and perfect leader for American Apparel. I feel comfortable around him and would do 300% for him.

Similar to what another person wrote I am supportive of the company’s creative and edgy spirit which was Dov’s. I do not want this to change! Dov’s creative and edgy vision for the company is why I wanted to work for American Apparel. It has been my best job.

Without Dov providing guidance and support- like he always did- the soul and life of the stores have suffered!! It is hard for me to not sound negative and feel dull but there is a void that must be refilled.

The employees support Dov. I support Dov.

Thank you for my position in such a unique and real brand. Dov, I look forward to having you as my boss again soon.

David G. Huber

Sophia Wu, Assistant to Dov, Los Angeles Dec 17 2014

This letter is in support of the reinstatement of Dov Charney as CEO of American Apparel.

I come from Beijing, China, where I started working for American Apparel as a Sales Associate in April 2010. After 2 years, in April 2012, I was promoted to China Operation Manager, and then moved to Los Angeles in April 2013 to work for the company, and directly with Dov Charney.

Because I worked so closely with Mr. Charney during the company’s most intense period of crisis, and have witnessed firsthand his willingness to sacrifice everything for the good of the company, I would like to relate in some detail what I know.

In 2005, I was living in Vancouver to attend the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Film School when American Apparel opened its first retail stores there. I fell in love with the brand– the products were simple and basic, mostly comfortable cottons, colorful and creative. It gave me the feeling that I looked chic and special because I was natural, confident and simply beautiful. My dream became to work for this company someday.

When I discovered that American Apparel has opened 2 stores in my hometown Beijing as well as another store in Shanghai, I decided to return to China, and I got my dream job in 2010. I can still remember how excited I was just to start working at an AA store.

Once there, I discovered a lack of communication between China and the US HQ: as the only one on the China side who could speak fluent English, I quickly became the key person to deal with the US. Every Tuesday, I took part in a global conference call, communicating directly with managers in the US to let them know our status and needs in China, and to receive the newest instructions and updates. Most importantly, I was able to speak directly to Mr. Charney– I had never imagined that as an international employee I would have the chance to talk with the CEO of the company I worked for. Gradually I was able to bring the standards of my stores to the same level as those in the US. Under my supervision, the Nali mall store in Beijing became one of the company’s top 3 stores in the world for sales.

The first time I met Mr. Charney was in 2011, while on vacation in the US. Mr. Charney didn’t know me, and so I was very surprised and grateful that he would invite a random Store Manager from China to stay at his big house in Los Angeles. I had not had very much interaction with him, and reading sensationalized stories in the media about his reputation for lasciviousness made me a little bit nervous. But I discovered that Mr. Charney is not like the man portrayed in such stories.

I’m female; I was living in the same house with him for some time. We chatted, we had dinner together, other employees were living in the house as well. He treated me like a kid, and once I got to know him, it felt very safe to stay there, like he was my big brother. Because he is very a successful businessman and a celebrity as well, I started to see where some girls could take advantage of his generosity. After this trip, Mr. Charney got me a work visa to US, because he wanted me be able to travel more easily between the US and China.

In August 2013, I came to Los Angeles to work directly with Mr. Charney as his assistant in the company’s new distribution center in La Mirada. Because of a decision made against Mr. Charney’s wishes by other company executives to move the distribution operation out of American Apparel’s downtown factory to a location 20 miles away, Millions of dollars had been wasted and the company had failed to establish a reliable new system for shipping products to retail stores and wholesale and web customers.

It was an extremely intense situation– Mr. Charney decided the only solution was for him to move into the distribution center and begin to learn firsthand the workings of the new IT programs, sorting machines and time schedules for each region. During a period of 3 months of not only working, but also sleeping nights there, he became a distribution expert. It may seem unbelievable that a CEO would sleep on a single mattress on the floor of a factory for 3 months, but he did.

He built a shower in the restroom. The hot water didn’t work well; he took cold showers for 3 months. Air quality was poor; the distribution center was then very dusty, with few windows and primarily air conditioners. To this day he continues to have a coughing problem as a result. During those 3 months, I didn’t see him go out even once for lunch or dinner: he ate chips and instant macaroni and cheese, frequently working so much that he forgot to eat at all. His entire life was inside that building, walking between the office and the shipping area, working until each problem had been solved and distribution was once again working properly.

If not for Mr. Charney’s efforts, American Apparel would have gone bankrupt. I was there the whole time and know more than anyone how hard he worked– 3 hours sleep everyday for 3 months! During the same period, I saw American Apparel’s then-CFO, John Luttrell, the man originally responsible for the distribution center, visit only one or two times.

After Mr. Charney got the distribution center working properly, sales were going up and the inventories were coming down. The company’s revenues and other metrics started to get back on track. Mr. Charney was looking forward to present good returns and a promising forecast at the board meeting on June 18th. Nothing could have been more shocking than for the Board to demand his dismissal that day. Whatever their supposed reasons, I don’t believe it’s persuasive or convincing to most people.

As the closest person to work with Mr. Charney over the past year, I can state with confidence that no other person would work as hard or could know the company in every single aspect, or be willing to sacrifice his health for it. It makes me incredibly too sad to see Mr. Charney treated in this way.

I believe in Mr. Charney, he is an indomitable spirit, and his life has been committed to the success of American Apparel. He possesses both the creativity and business skills to grow the company. Without him as a CEO, the company won’t be American Apparel any more.

I can’t really say how lucky I feel to have worked alongside Mr. Charney at American Apparel. And I am eager to tell the story I have witnessed, to correct the bad information and misunderstandings, and to tell the truth. Most of my colleagues feel the same way: we love American Apparel, we love our founder, we need him back as the CEO, and we will fight for him.

Brand Advocate, Los Angeles, CA Mar 24 2015

I have noticed simply within the last few days the American Apparel brand taking whole new direction for the worst. I have been a proud supporter of American Apparel for over 10 years, and have been proud to call myself an employee for the last year. Dov Charney not only made this company what everyone loves and knows it to be, but he maintained it for years and preserved it’s integrity. If Dov is not restored back to his position, I will no longer inform customers of the sweatshop free environments and fair wages made by factory workers and will lose all respect for a company I once strongly admired.

Alexandra Chavez, HQ Sewing Office Administrator, Los Angeles, CA Jan 22 2015

Working for Dov at HQ downtown Los Angeles for 4 years were the best work years of experience I’ve ever had! There are so many opportunities to grow in that company! The most wonderful experience I ever had was able to travel with Dov and his team to Las Vegas, Miami and New York for the temporary pop up flea markets! He gave me the opportunity to help him create a store from an empty warehouse space in each location! He gave me the opportunity to travel and see new places I’ve never been to while gaining all that amazing work experience!

There is NO American Apparel without its founder! Bring Dov back! If he wasn’t a little crazy, he wouldn’t be able to make things work! I’ve never known of another CEO who has personally visited all of his retail stores world wide and still managed to stay at his own HQ and take the time to meet and greet with his valued sewer employees! He gets them all excited and always provides exceptional benefits for each employee! I don’t know of any corporation who has their own clinic on grounds with a personal doctor and nurse who provide exceptional medical care no matter the occasion. From a simple check up, to a flu shot.


Sales, Vancouver, BC, Canada Jan 18 2015

Kirk Priess, Senior Solutions Architect, Los Angeles, CA Mar 13 2015

Visual Merchandiser, Barcelona Jan 16 2015

Po Kwong, Sewing, Alhambra, CA Jul 18 2015


Sewing, Los Angeles, CA Jul 21 2015

公司的同仁心情和我一样总希望自己的公司能创益给工人带来福利,也希望上司能关心,爱护员工,有一个人他做到了 ——那就是Dov。他是一个受人拥戴,光芒四射,非常有亲和力的老板。

来American Apparel已经有近12年头了,亲眼目睹和亲身感受到了怎么才算是个真正的好老板,那我简单的讲两个例子:

1) 我刚进来的时后,华人为数不多,老板及他的公司就跟我们说,要多一点中国人,要看到华人,于是不断地出现了华人,接着老板体贴我们的民情,我们每个人都不是很懂英文,然后Dov给我们配备了多个翻译,我们无论发生什么事情,有困难的时候,这些翻译都会帮助我们,然后把这些信息反馈给老板,从各个方面真正的帮助到我们——我们心存感激他。

2)在Dov的领导下,我们公司在不断扩大,成长,创效益,我们工人也得到利益,工作5天,甚至有时候还能加班,我们经常有人愿意加班。加班奖金按时发,他常常亲自带着他的团队下基层小组,跟我们工人一起举双手欢呼,给我们加油,打气,与工人汇成一片,我亲眼目睹了,真的非常感受那个场面;但是每年你们也知道,我们有淡季,在淡季的情况下,Dov依然还是鼓励我们,带着他的团队下小组,不停地鼓励大家,继续努力。他会履行他的诺言,说不久的将来,我们会有工作的,然后真的兑现了。不像现在,说会有,但我们看不到希望。 Dov说1-2个月就真的是1-2个月,我们工作就恢复运行正常,让我们工人看到了希望。我们会为公司,为自己努力挣钱。这是我们所有的人都看到的。Dov一次一次地来,我们都是一片欢呼声,他的心和我们的心是紧紧联系在一起的。真的,这就是我们的好老板。工人们非常地感动,这个场面至今还在我眼前。



With all my colleagues here today, our frame of mind is one and the same, we hope that our company can bring in profits and reinstate our workers’ wellbeing. We hope our superiors would care and cherish their workers, but there is only one person who has done so — that person is Dov. He is supportive and radiant, a boss who is very close to us and strong.

My name is Linda, I’ve been at American Apparel for close to 12 years, I’ve witnessed and personally experienced what it takes to be a truly great boss, and I’d like to highlight two very simple examples:

1) When I first started working, there weren’t many Chinese workers. Our boss and his company told us, we need more Chinese people, let’s see more Chinese workers. Steadily, the Chinese workforce grew, it showed us that our boss cared for our people. Every one of us couldn’t understand English, so Dov would help us translate. No matter what happened, even during difficult times, translations would be provided to help us, and we in return could give feedback back to him. He truly helped us from all angles — we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

2) Under Dov’s leadership, our company kept on expanding, growing, creating successes, and us workers would receive benefits such as 5 days of work and even overtime sometimes. We frequently had people who wanted to work overtime, and our overtime pay was paid timely. He often brought his team to the production floors, raised his arms and cheered us workers on, told us to keeping going, keep motivated, and work as one. I saw this with my own eyes and was very grateful for this scene. But as many of you know, every year we’d have an off-season and during the off-seasons, Dov still encouraged us. Along with his team, they never stopped motivating everyone to continue to strive. If Dov said it would only take a month or two, then a month or two later our work levels would return back to normal and this made us hopeful. For the company, and for ourselves we put a great effort into earning money. This is something everyone could witness. Every time Dov would come, we would cheer along, his heart and our hearts are connected together. Truly, he is our amazing boss. All of us workers are very touched that this experience had happened before our eyes.

Dov’s achievements span far greater than this! I’ve just given two examples. Seeing our current situation with limitless despair, we hope our true leader can return, we must have a better future, so we must vocalise our heartfelt wishes — WE SUPPORT DOV.

The company needs him! The workers need him even more!

Gilberto Galeana, Puller, Los Angeles, California Jan 26 2015

I didn’t really see a lot from Dov Charney but every time I heard people give their opinion about him they always had positive things to say about him and when I would ever get the chance to see him in person he was always respectful and polite and seem to have a good way of working and providing for this company.

Keyholder, London Jan 23 2015

Sales, China Jan 25 2015

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